Friday, July 23, 2021

Please Don’t Just Scroll Past This...

Scroll past it with gusto. Scroll past it with fire in your heart. For every post of the thousands of posts you scroll past, the good, the bad, the memes, the cats, the politics and the art you can reblog or ignore and scroll on by but not this post. This post you have to scroll by with style.

For all your time on this site you’ve moved your mouse or touched your touchpad looking forward to the next image or scrap of text and you’ve so rarely noticed the motion of your hand, the swish of your finger. Not this time. This time you’ll feel it and you’ll understand the simple beauty of scrolling and though you’ll rarely think of it again, for one moment you’ll have been aware, truly aware of the act of motion. So don’t just scroll past this. SCROLL past it!

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