Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Tired of Seeing the Same Thing on Every Site. You're Going to the Wrong Places!

Hey You. Mr.& Mrs. America. You tired of seeing the same crap over and over on almost every site you visit, like "Trumps a Crook" or "Biden Stops to Admire a Squirrel Turd" or "Lesbians Kick Around Balls For 90 Minutes - No Score" or excerpts from Rapper DJ Humpback's NYT Editorial on the Ukraine War and its Racist Effect on Climate Change and Future Sub-Saharan Africa NBA Players? That's because you read sites like Matt Drudge's "Sludge Report" or Clickbait Central 'CFP' (Consistently Fraudulent Promoter) who basically drags the Sludge Report for links. They all just copy each other. 

We don't do that. Not Here. Not at DMF/MFNS. No Sir! We try and dig deep and bring you news the other guys don't have the tits to report!

Like when we brought you the exclusive North Korea Spies on Obama's Martha's Vineyard Arrival . You see that on breitbart?  Hell no. Or what about the investigative report  "Health Conscience Bill Clinton Enjoys Yoga Classes" We talkin' the real water cooler discussion type news here. The kind that makes you almost appear handsome and sound more smarter.

Bet you no one in your office pool will be the first to mention this:

T-Rex World Championship Races 2023

Hundreds of runners took part in the T-Rex World Championship Races at Emerald Downs on Sunday in Auburn, Washington. In fact, so many showed up there had to be heat races to determine the Championship lineup.

Racers, including eventual winner Ocean Kim (5), leave the gates in the championship round 

One of the Exciting Photo-Finish Heat Races

& MJA@IOTWReport for the Linkage! ~

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