Monday, March 8, 2021

Bubba & Shrub Return To Prominence in the WH

CNN's "Ms. Congeniality", Kaitlan Collins, reports the White House has confirmed 46* has returned two official Presidential portraits to the Grand Foyer after DJT moved them to a rarely used room, the Old Family Dining Room, a small space off the grand State Dining Room. He had them replaced with more popular Presidents William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt.

The George W. Bush portrait has replaced that of William McKinley, the nation's 25th president, who was assassinated in 1901, and the Bill Clinton portrait replaced one of Theodore Roosevelt, who succeeded McKinley.

The official Barky Obama portrait, yet to be unveiled, was rumored to be slated by DJT to hang near the official visitor's restrooms.

Willie Jeff C.

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