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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

NBC News Tries to Spin Offensive Pride Chant.

A few days ago at a drag march in NYC, participants got plenty of attention when they were heard chanting "we're coming for your children". And it still seems to the media a total mystery why queer and trans acceptance is dropping, even among Democrats.

Undeterred, NBC News jumps to the defense of gays groomers perverts and tries to help the Left out with the spin on that story:
The “coming for your children” chant has been used for years at Pride events, according to longtime march attendees and gay rights activists, who said it’s one of many provocative expressions used to regain control of slurs against LGBTQ people."
Do they think that actually makes it better? Saying stop making such a big deal about this, they’ve been saying it for years” is quite the defense.

At least the MSM is true to form and incredibly predictable:
 " of many provocative expressions used to regain control of slurs against LGBTQ people.
"Yeah. Right! How many times have we witnessed the left get caught, only to laugh at the opponents for their misrepresentation of the what they just witnessed and backed with the full weight of media. 

The media's now stuck somewhere in between "this never happens" and "yeah but it's nothing because it's been happening for years.

There has been no comment from the 'Lincoln Pedo Project' as of this writing. 

NBC News

Monday, November 18, 2019

Chick-fil-A Caves to Gay Mafia

Chick-fil-A has finally bowed to pressure from soft skull leftist, sympathetic media and hate-filled gangs of pink haired sissies after years of bad press and protests. Chick-fil-A will move away from  currently donating to more than 300 charitable organizations. The company will no longer donate to the Salvation Army, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Paul Anderson Youth Home, all of which sparked criticism in the past from the gay fascist due to the organizations’ traditional christian views on homosexuality.

Chick-fil-A surpassed $1B in sales in 2001 and eclipsed the $5B mark in 2013 and becoming the third-largest U.S. fast-food chain with $10.5B in sales. Only McDonald’s and Starbucks bring in more revenue among fast-food chains.

More than 100 gay and animal rights protesters showed up to opening day at Chick-fil-A’s first Toronto store in September. After protests and a boycott by a local group of gay protesters, the landlord behind a Chick-fil-A pop-up store at a mall in Reading, England, announced eight days into the lease it would not renew with the chain because the mall is meant to “offer an inclusive space where everyone is welcome."........everyone except Chick-fil-A.

The sexual deviant community took issue with the organizations in the past due to the FCA’s employment purity statement, which speaks out against sex outside marriage and "homosexual acts."

The Salvation Army has long been a target of radical gays accusing them of discrimination in the past. The organization has repeatedly denied those accusations, most recently on Monday afternoon after Chick-fil-A’s announcement:
"We’re saddened to learn that a corporate partner has felt it necessary to divert funding to other hunger, education and homelessness organizations.  We serve more than 23 million individuals a year, including those in the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, we believe we are the largest provider of poverty relief to the LGBTQ+ population."
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Monday, July 22, 2019

Texas Governor Saves Chicken Breast From Gay Hordes

Religious Freedom and Free Speech are of the most important founding principles of this nation and are protected under the First Amendment.  But as we all know, the entire first amendment is toxic to the left and in this case deemed hateful and dangerous to the sexual deviants of the State of Texas.

But last week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in a bold move to protect religious liberty from gay bigots, publicly signed into law Senate Bill 1978, nicknamed the "Save Chick-fil-A" bill, that prohibits all government entities in Texas from taking "adverse actions" against any company or individual because of religious beliefs.

The bill came about after the San Antonio City Council, under pressure from gay mafia types, decided last March against letting the Chicken franchise open a location in the city's airport. San Antonio City Council member Roberto Treviño said that granting a spot to the restaurant would send the wrong message to travelers arriving in San Antonio:
"The inclusion of Chick-fil-A as a national brand tenant is something that I cannot support [...] The heart of the LGBTQ community is in District 1, and the community has come together to voice its disapproval of this proposal because it includes a company with a legacy of anti-LGBTQ behavior."
By anti-LGBTQ behavior he's referring to are donations to dangerous hate-filled religious institutions like the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Well tough nuggets Treviño. You can gay all over Austin, but you don't own Texas yet!

Abbott used his signing ceremony to promote the brand, because that pisses off the queers. Surrounded by staffers and legislators holding Chick-fil-A drinks, and with a sandwich box on his desk, Abbott proclaimed Texas safe for hatin' on them gays:
"Today I signed the @ChickfilA law in Texas. And, had a great lunch. No business should be discriminated against simply because its owners gave to a church or to the Salvation Army or to any other religious organization.:
Local Catholic Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller said in a statement:
“Many people admire the company because they do close on Sundays, saying corporately they take that stance in order to provide their employees a day to rest with their families and worship if they choose,” 
“… Let the marketplace decide, and consumers will select which businesses to support – or not support – with their dollars, as they always do.”
Comments from the left over the weekend were predictably as childish & ignorant as always when they lose. Here's  just a sample...

Abbott probably doesn't realize how trivial he's being in his attempt to molest the LGBTQ community.

*Not only is Abbott a homophobe, he's also just plain rude. After the signing he wouldn't even stand up to shake hands with the other bigots.

I've heard rumors he won't stand for the national anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance, either. Pass it on.

So you took the time and energy and expense to pass a law that says, "Neener neener, you do TOO have to let a greasy, disgusting fried chicken restaurant that hates gay people be in your airports!!!" and you are proud of that and don't realize how fucking stupid that makes you look?

Thankfully there's nothing in the federal constitution that anyone could reasonably interpret as saying that Christians have special privilege in the US, or the religious right would be jumping all over that.

There's also nothing in the federal constitution that anyone could reasonably interpret as saying  you get special rights, protections and privileges for defining yourself by who or what you have sex with either. But here we are....

(KEPR- Austin)
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