Thursday, December 16, 2021

Why Is She Bothering Us Again?

Local Woman Reported Washing Stranger's Cars Without Permission

We have certainly been getting a faceful of Ma Clinton in recent weeks. This has been a pattern of hers since being sent packing back to Chappaqua by DJT: she spends long periods out of the public eye, buried deep in her box of breakfast Franzia. Suddenly, like a bad combination of creepy stalker and unfortunate body odor, she’s everywhere and you can’t seem to make her go away.

I’m beginning to worry about what her endgame may be.....that Granny Maojackets just might make another run at the White House in 2024. While I would prefer that she never get anywhere near a position of power again, a 2024 bid would probably be entertaining because her presence in the race would mean that the Democrats had reached nearly peak clown car disarray.

Democrats have found it impossible to quit Trump and no one in America has found that breakup to be more difficult than Hillary Clinton.

But I don’t think that Hillary really wants to run for president again. I do, however, think that she is terrified that Trump might be successful at it again. It has nothing to do with fears for Democracy or the future of the country either. She's has been defecating all over both for decades. She would make it all about her and see it as another personal rejection of her dark, empty soul. The wine would disapear faster and the “POPULAR VOTE!” mantra would be repeated more frequently.

Democrats are never going to stop smearing DJT, and Hillary can probably only feel a sense of purpose when she gets with an interviewer and rails against Orange Man Bad. Much to her shagreens, Donald Trump defines Hillary Clinton. On his terms. There aren’t enough fawning sycophant journos in the world to help her outrun that.

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