Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Politifact: Hillary Clinton Is Not a Lizard Person

Where to begin? With the facts, I suppose.

We are talking about Politifact so I guess we should begin with the facts before we jump into the ridicule and brilliant analysis. The “fact checkers” at Politifact want you to know that the lying conservatives are trying to convince you that Hillary Clinton is a reptile, and that, contrary to your instinct to agree, she is not. Hillary Clinton is human.
Fact checking joke memes. Top end journalism.

I think we can debate whether Hillary Clinton is fully human–it all depends on whether you consider psychopaths as fully human or not–but I think we can state with confidence that nobody who is likely to read a Politifact “fact check” is also likely to believe that Hillary Clinton is a lizard person.

Given the Venn Diagram between the (nonexistent) people who believe that HRC is a Lizard Person and readers of Politifact, one has to wonder for whom the “fact check” disproving the claim is actually written. Or, for that matter, who the “facts checks” of Babylon Bee jokes done by both Politifact and Snopes are directed.

We all know the answer: these fact checks have nothing to do with “disproving” widely believed “misinformation” that must be squashed before a credulous public gets taken in. They are directed at Liberals who desperately need to believe that anybody who disagrees with them is a poltroon incapable of understanding that CNN did not, in fact, buy an industrial-sized washing machine to spin the news.

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