Tuesday, January 9, 2024


Congratulation are in order for the Spawn of Vader, Liz Cheney, just awarded the frequently Annual DMF AssHat of the Year - "AMY WINEHOUSE LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD" - joining an elite list of people we wish would be swept away to a far away galaxy and used for alien medical experiments. 

Once the #3 in Republican House leadership and Nan Pelosi want-to-be, Liz caught a near fatal case of TDS and went to the dark side, choosing to star in the cast of a made for TV primetime democrat political propaganda extravaganza, as the Co-chair of The Select Committee's dramatic Kabuki Theater production of the J6 Hearings.

Before joining the Democrats’ Jan. 6 Committee, Cheney toured the media spreading the bogus Russian bounties story claiming Trump ignored Kremlin dollar signs on the heads of American troops in Afghanistan. Her support for endless aid to Ukraine stands far apart from the majority of Republicans.

And if losing her house seat in an embarrassingly large primary defeat wasn't enough, Cheney's blasting of Republicans and DJT at her own alma mater commencement exercises backfired spectacularly, as the Daughter of Vader was not received well at all. Throughout Cheney's remarks, more and more students opposing the choice of Cheney as speaker booed and turned their chairs away from the stage while she spoke.

Cheney dropped her responsibilities to constituents in Wyoming to help lead the Democrats’ partisan crusade exploiting the Capitol riot to tar political dissidents and capitalize on the stardom that comes with anti-Trump punditry. Despite half her state being under the jurisdiction of the federal government, Cheney left her seat on the House Natural Resources Committee navigating Wyoming’s myriad public lands issues to direct her energy toward her vendetta against DJT with summer show trials.

In the process, the Wyoming congresswoman smeared legitimate concerns of citizens about the integrity and safety of U.S. elections.

To great fanfare and publicity by a fawning media, Liz published her new memoir last month to cement her legacy in democrats' version of history as a political martyr whose career as a rising star on Capitol Hill fell at the whims of an American “dictator.”  Bless Her Heart. 

As I wrote the night of Lizzy's mid-term primary concession speech:
9pm - Liz walks in........flicks the light switch........which sends an echoing click through her empty room. The silence is so loud, her heels on the floor send ripples out across the hardwood, bouncing off the far wall and colliding back on themselves. She opens the fridge and pours a large tumbler of wine and sits down kicking her shoes off........then guzzles the whole glass. She gets up and sulks toward the shower, carrying the bottle with her....stopping to kick the wall and mumble something about Lincoln. Liz's obvious substance abuse problem (pepperoni) likely contributed to her defeat. 
Democrat and the sycophant media admiration for her is directly proportional to her disdain for DJT. Otherwise, to them, she's no better than your average hillbilly from the mountains.
So let us all raise a glass to the newest member of a small elite group (an honor many are deserving but few have received) worthy of our unfamous and well earned ridicule.

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