Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Step Right Up And See the Greatest Show On Earth: Bennie & The Pips J6 Committee Go Prime Time!

EARL Done This (Click to Bigify)

Step right this way to see Chairman 'Primetime Bennie' and his select committee's professionally produced theater, complete with very very select choice tasty tidbits of narrative supporting witness testimony, with video and still images projected on the big screen for your Inquisition viewing pleasure beginning tomorrow night.

So nuke you a TV dinner & grab a beer and join Bennie, Liz, Pencil Neck, Zoe, Cryin' Adam, lil' Jamie and the rest of the pips at their nasty best as they go all out for the coveted best dramatic performance spread out over the next 2 weeks. And we can all be confident their Emmy for 'Best Scripted Drama' is already being engraved.

As we saw with the Russia collusion hoax, democrats are quite comfortable with lying to the American public for long periods of time in their efforts to work through their Daddy Trump issues.

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