Monday, June 6, 2022

46* Snubs D-Day Commemoration 2nd Year in a Row

Perhaps Because Dangerous Guns Were Involved or He Doesn't Want to Offend the German People

People across the world honored veterans of Operation Overlord on the 78th anniversary of a day thousands of men breached Hitler’s grip on Europe. A memorial service was held in Normandy, France Monday morning. Throughout the day, the 4,414 American soldiers who died fighting the German war machine on June 6, 1944 were honored.

But for a second straight year, Joe Biden did not mark the day through any kind of official proclamation or a simple statement. It's not like this White House doesn’t issue statements frequently. On May 31, they gave an official proclamation on National Ocean Month (?), a proclamation on National Home Ownership Month and a proclamation on Great Outdoors Month.

But the sacrifice of blood of a generation to fight a totalitarian cancer on humanity gets not a mention. What a useless Jackass!

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