Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Maybe It’s The Lighting

We have, I fear, been neglecting for a long time the finer arts and their uplifting tendency here at DMF. So let’s correct that immediately and thereby better ourselves, with thanks to our cousins across the pond:
Jesse Darling picked up the prestigious art award and its £25,000 check (31K US$) at a ceremony in Eastbourne England..... He has spoken about being inspired by his view of the effects of austerity, Brexit, and the pandemic....... and the “hostile environment” immigration policy. “I wanted to make a work..... about Britain for the British public.” 
How kind. 

Now feast thine eyes upon it:

I know. I know. You’re positively trembling with aesthetic rapture.

According to the artist, and the Turner Prize judges, what we, the public need and indeed deserve, is a seemingly random arrangement of tape, net curtains, and metal crash barriers, thereby conveying “a familiar yet delirious world,” and an allegedly “hostile” British immigration policy. The chair of the judges, Tate Britain director Alex Farquharson, added that his art was “bold & engaging.

We’re told by Katie Razzall, the BBC’s culture editor, that the prize-winning art, or pretend-art, "tackles nationhood and British identity." I'll be interested what our resident subject of the Crown, Feargal the Cat, may have to say about that statement. 

Sharp-eyed readers may notice another possible reason for the artist’s gushing reception among our betters. The artist’s identity, or pretend-identity, being so terribly in right now, and by default deserving.

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