Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Creepy Ol' Lady From NY Threatens To Be Your President

Reeking of Moth Balls and Cheap Scotch, She Reminds Us She's Still Around

The Democrats have launched their impeachment inquiry circus for which there is no evidence and are now stuck in a position where they either have to impeach DJT for no particular reason, or admit that they tried to impeach him for no particular reason. Over at the party nomination sideshow area there is a bunch of totalitarian socialist carnival barkers yelling 'vote for me, because Trump!'

Meanwhile, there's a crazy lady in NY who has been called the Inevitable One in two, alas, failed presidential attempts. She has been referred to as the best prepared person ever to run for president. Recently she's popped out of obscurity and is suddenly everywhere. She’s been spotted at an art show in Italy sitting behind a mock Resolute Desk in a replica of the Oval Office pretending to be president while reading her infamous private server e-mails. I honestly can’t think of a sadder spectacle.  She’s been on all the low-rated liberal cable news channels, and made the daytime va-jay jay talk show circuit with her ugly kid Charlie Chelsea, all while reminding us of someone who got stood up for the prom and is still wearing her prom dress 30 years later.

But right now there are bookies actually putting money down she will run again. There are Democrats speaking of her candidacy in hushed tones. Her lecher of a husband who has been living in a feminist-imposed exile, is whispering in her ear and dreaming of his reemergence from under his bed in Chappaqua. She has been booking appearances on television and calling President Trump an “illegitimate president.” 

I say Hillary is doing more than mulling over her next run for the presidency. I think she readying herself for the call.  The call that will come when the dem's collapse is enviable. I think she's already planning her next bumper sticker.

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