Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Shining a Light On the Media's Sycophantry

DT- Amy Chozick, a so-called “political reporter” for The New York Times published a new book Monday, “Chasing Hillary,” that recounts her experiences “chasing this luminous figure” since meeting her as a child, as reported by Kyle Smith of National Review.

In the book Chozick readily admits that she dreamed of she and Clinton trying on clothes together at a fashion retailer named Zara.
 She admitted that “it felt damn good” to “bask in the girl power” when Clinton won the Democrat nomination and that when she touched Clinton’s shoulder at a party she “felt the luscious satin of her chartreuse tunic beneath my palm." She also readily admits that she found Clinton’s email scandal uninteresting and irrelevantYes, of course, because who the hell cares if Clinton’s recklessness compromised the identity of a CIA informant who later wound up dead, right? RIGHT?

Chozick also admits that practically every other female leftist-media reporter felt the same way as her about their queen:

"Chozick says that perhaps 18 out of 20 reporters on the Hillary beat on a typical day were women, and she makes it clear that this wasn’t an accident: The crew were excited about the prospect of what they dubbed the “FWP,” for First Woman President. When awaiting an offer from the campaign to take a group photo with their idol, Chozick relates that the reporters excitedly chattered amongst themselves about the prospect in text messages. It doesn’t make the women look great."
Nor does it make them look great that when some pretty boy actor who supports Clinton showed up to talk to them, they started acting like horny monkeys:His ‘feral grey eyes’ caused the women ‘to abandon whatever story we were working on to flip our hair and ask useless questions.'” It also doesn’t help their image that after Clinton lost the election, they experienced a “breakdown” and had to comfort one another with shoulder patting. Yet Chozick had the audacity to write that “I still wanted, more than anything, for Hillary to see me as a fair reporter,” before admitting, “The less I interacted with Hillary, the greater her imperial hold on my brain became.

Behold the liberal mainstream media, ladies and gentlemen … These are same charlatans who argue daily “that the mainstream media should be the key verifiers of information, that alternative news outlets are somehow shoddy in their pursuit of the facts while outlets like the Times are the gold standard. 

These are likewise the same amoral, unethical swine who believe self-avowed commentators should be silenced because their perspectives lack legitimacy. And theirs DON’T? A far-left and utterly blind media, to be more specific, that still remains perplexed at why a majority of Americans view them as “fake news.” - Read More

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