Monday, July 24, 2017

POTUS: It's Worse Than a Swamp......It's a Sewer

The President took to the Twitter this morning and updated his rallying call to “Drain the Swamp” to replace swamp with sewer, a more apropos description of rotten to the core, Imperial Washington that an outsider like Trump just couldn’t understand until he was in it. Now that he has been living there for nearly seven months, the POTUS has a better understanding of what he’s dealing with and he is absolutely correct – it’s a sewer teeming with snakes, rats, and turds.

Trump also took a shot at one of the biggest turds in the sewer, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. 
"After 1 year of investigation with Zero evidence being found, Chuck Schumer just stated that "Democrats should blame ourselves, not Russia." 
The sewer creatures are going to be very unhappy but Trump is spot-on and none of it could continue to go on without the cover of the fake news media. The careerists and ass-kissers in the pathetic excuse for the media enjoy a very cushy lifestyle serving as coddlers of the corrupt and prostitutes to the powerful.

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[Crazy Cousin Olivia]