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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Good News For Fans of "The Far Side"

I ran across this over morning coffee....

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


On July 18 of 1969, the world was waiting anxiously for the Apollo 11 landing on the surface of the Moon. Because they were risking their lives, a speech had to be prepared for President Nixon to read in the event they were stranded on the moon with no way back. The President's speechwriter imagined the worst case scenario as he expertly wrote the following somber memo to President Nixon's Chief of Staff, H. R. Haldeman.

Its contents: a contingency plan, in the form of a speech to be read out to the nation and the world by Nixon should Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin become stranded on the Moon,  followed by some brief instructions relating to its broadcast.

Here's the full speech, written by future New York Times columnist William Safire.
The last sentence ... oh man!
To: H. R. Haldeman  
From: Bill Safire  
July 18, 1969.   
Fate has ordained that the men who went to the moon to explore in peace will stay on the moon to rest in peace. 
These brave men, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, know that there is no hope for their recovery. But they also know that there is hope for mankind in their sacrifice. 
These two men are laying down their lives in mankind's most noble goal: the search for truth and understanding. 
They will be mourned by their families and friends; they will be mourned by the nation; they will be mourned by the people of the world; they will be mourned by a Mother Earth that dared send two of her sons into the unknown. 
In their exploration, they stirred the people of the world to feel as one; in their sacrifice, they bind more tightly the brotherhood of man. 
In ancient days, men looked at the stars and saw their heroes in the constellations. In modern times, we do much the same, but our heroes are epic men of flesh and blood. 
Others will follow, and surely find their way home. Man's search will not be denied. But these men were the first, and they will remain the foremost in our hearts. 
For every human being who looks up at the moon in the nights to come will know that there is some corner of another world that is forever mankind.
PRIOR TO THE PRESIDENT'S STATEMENT: The President should telephone each of the widows-to-be. 
AFTER THE PRESIDENT'S STATEMENT, AT THE POINT WHEN NASA ENDS COMMUNICATIONS WITH THE MEN:  A clergyman should adopt the same procedure as a burial at sea, commending their souls to "the deepest of the deep," concluding with the Lord's Prayer.


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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

One Does Not Simply ‘Move On’ From A Coup

by G.Benton

Now that Robert Mueller’s report dropped a MOAB on the Russia Collusion narrative, some nice folk on the right are calling for ‘moving on’ and healing. Hard pass, thanks. When former Director of the CIA John Brennan, otherwise known as patient zero for the what can only be called a soft coup, now wishes to blame years of treasonous behavior on ‘bad intel’ and skate by – it’s definitely NOT time to move on. It’s time to make sure each and every co-conspirator is exposed and held accountable.

The problem is it is precisely the urge to ‘move on’ and ‘heal’ on the right that let the traitors believe they could seek to overturn an election, falsely impeach a duly elected president, and destroy anyone who got in the way. We must remember that this was an attempted coup, not a ‘hoax’ or a misunderstanding or ‘bad intel’. While we have heard the term ‘coup’ many times recently, and perhaps we’ve grown used to the idea. But this is something many of us never really imagined would be possible in the United States of America. And yet here we are.

Let me ask you a rhetorical question. Do you think we’ve heard the worst of what those behind this coup did? Considering that we already know from various testimony and documents that from the top of the Obama administration down to key players in the DOJ, State, FBI, and the media conspired to take down the Trump administration and destroy the lives of many around him (including his family), I’d say there’s a near 100 percent chance that we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. The public is easily distracted and life comes at us fast these days. If we become complacent and breathe a sigh of relief that this Mueller fiasco is over, and if we make the fatal mistake of moving on then the perpetrators (traitors) will learn nothing, retain power, and almost certainly return stronger one day.

Creatures such as Pelosi, Schumer, and others burrowed in deep blue districts do not fear for their political viability. They simply seek to manage the narrative and the news cycle with lies.That is how someone like Granny Pantsuit could still be guzzling chardonnay in the woods instead of wiling away her remaining years in prison. Too few citizens are actually even aware of what has happened. Too many were duped by such transparent, stupid lies. The idea that Donald Trump, a billionaire capitalist who has spoken for decades of wanting to reform America, would be a willing stooge of Vladimir Putin is the kind of stuff that wouldn’t make it past the first draft in a Hollywood script.

There are folks on the right who don’t want to believe these things could be happening in America. Bless their hearts, they project their own inherent goodness on the left – and that is a potentially fatal flaw that the left has exploited for decades. Then there are the miscreants known as Never Trumpers, who provide aid and comfort for those who wish to impose these new rules on the rest of us, either out of rank ignorance or malice. Let’s never forget – Never Trumpers have been wrong about everything. And Obama promised a fundamental transformation. Thankfully, he and his chosen gin-soaked successor were too incompetent to fully see their vision into reality. But they got close. Too close. And they did real damage that we’ll be repairing for a long, long time. 

Remember this: Had the Never Trump nitwits had their way, President Hillary would now have the courts with willing toadies who would legislate away the 1st and 2nd amendments – and with them the rest of our inconvenient rights. We know today that Fake News is indisputably the enemy of the people. Those who cry that Trump attacks the press can stop now. He’s been telling an inconvenient truth. We know that certain pundits on the right and almost everyone on the left actively gaslighted the American people in an effort to regain political power and undo the people’s choice in 2016. If that’s not the enemy of the people, I don’t know what is. 

 Every single one of these people needs to be held accountable in direct proportion to their actions. Some should be fired, some should be prosecuted. All should be forever stained by their willingness to usurp the will of the people and undermine our electoral process. We either have the rule of law and it applies to everyone, or we don’t.

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Elijah's Cumming for Your Seat Mr. Governor

You’ll probably remember the lovely, and  robust Stacey Abrams, the socialist Democrat who ran for governor of Georgia despite owing nearly $200,000 in back taxes and having no executive experience to speak of, who lost her election to Republican Brian Kemp by almost 55,000 votes. You’ll probably also remember that Abrams put on a sore loser act that would shame even Al Gore, refusing to concede the election and proceeding to start a “voting rights” group to fight “voter suppression” like that she continues to allege.

Well this week the Democrats in charge of the U.S. House of Representatives, in the person of House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah "Bullet Head" Cummings, who reps for the Baltimore ghetto, announced Wednesday the dems were launching an investigation into allegations of voter suppression in Georgia. Bullet Head and crew are demanding the receipts to the election Brian Kemp stuffed in his pants and walked off with when he thought no one was looking. You see, Kemp was also the Georgia secretary of state. And he's white.

Now Georgia, like other states,  has “use it or lose it” laws, which means if you go a long time without voting they’ll put you on “unverified” status and if you turn up at the polls you’ll need to SHOW A VOTER ID to vote. That’s a measure designed to PREVENT VOTER FRAUD and it’s a sensible one. But this is known as “voter suppression,” according to today’s Democrat Party. Heaven forbid we try and have a free and fair election where a vote cast is a vote counted, not cancelled out by fraud. 

But If you’re looking to send people from precinct to precinct to stack ballot boxes it’s a lot easier to avoid getting caught if they’re voting for people who never show up, and when somebody who hasn’t voted in 10 years turns out to vote it’s often a decent bet there is some democrat voter fraudin' goin' on somewheres.


There were also Voter registrations that were not processed because of voter information did not match, like residence or age. This is to PREVENT VOTER FRAUD. It was done in accordance with state law. Stacey Abrams understood from the get-go that she'd never win if she relied on "habitual voters," so she worked hard to inspire and mobilize so-called "low propensity" voters, or as they are sometime call elsewhere, dead people.

Jim Jordan, the ranking Republican member on House Oversight had this to say:
“It’s highly unusual for a Congressional Committee to involve itself in a state’s election. This is squarely in the purview of the state of Georgia, not the House Oversight Committee. We can’t help but think that attempts by the Democrats to insert the Committee into the state’s business is an attempt to relitigate an election result that they do not like.”
And we’re now going to have a knock-down, drag-out fight in the House Oversight Committee over whether any attempts to police the voter rolls or keep elections honest are evidence of bigotry and so on.

(The Hayride)
(That Whiny Leftist Website That Shall Remain Unnamed) 

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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Michelle Malkin Scorches CPAC

"I wish I could stand here and chirp happily to you about positive news. Yes, unemployment rates are at historic lows, regulations and taxes are being cut, some stellar judges have been confirmed, and the reckless, feckless liberal media has finally, finally self-immolated like a slow-motion downing of the Hindenburg....." 

"My fellow Americans, we stand at the bridge as Horatius stood at the narrow bridge over the Tiber River alone facing fearful odds as hordes of Etruscans marched towards him and cowards cut and run behind him. Like his enemies, our enemies are both foreign AND domestic."

"Inside are flimsily defended borders, we are not at peace, or rather, the radical Left is not at peace with us. From the comfort of TV green rooms, Beltway backrooms, corporate boardrooms, and conference ballrooms, it may not look like civil war is imminent. But threats and outright violence against ordinary, law-abiding people are now regularized features, not random bugs, of political life in these dis-United States. College students are being punched, elderly citizens are being harassed, MAGA hat wearers are being kicked off planes and assaulted in school hallways and restaurants, conservative speakers are being mobbed and Molotov cocktailed, ICE agents and their families are being targeted, pro-lifers are being kicked and menaced, pro-Trump, anti-jihad moms on social media are being monitored and doxxed. The madness is beyond parody. Last week, social justice media warriors whipped up hysteria over a Mar a Lago pastry chef’s Instagram posts. Where are the sanctuary spaces for law-abiding conservatives who simply want to exercise their rights to free speech and peaceable assembly?"

"The divide in this country is between decent people who stand up for America and dastardly people who want to bring America to its knees....." - Michelle Malkin


H/T Doug Ross

Monday, February 4, 2019

Libs Denied Revelry of Ram's Snub of DJT's White House Invite

Liberals once again find themselves hanging on the tree of woe after Sunday’s Super Bowl. The left which just can’t get the taste of Kaepernick out of their mouths spent much of the pregame week bashing Brady and the Pats with the Daily Beast even going so far as to smear all New England fans of being white supremacists, a new low for website whose parent company has Bill and Hillary’s demon child Chelsea Clinton as a board member.

It was up to the Los Angeles Rams and their boy genius coach Sean McVay to take out the Patriots and deliver the Vince Lombardi Trophy to California for the first time since the pre-Kaepernick version of the San Francisco 49ers. McVay and his erratic QB Goff’s failure to show up may have resulted in the worst Super Bowl in history which is apropos given the onslaught of virtue-signaling multi-million dollar advertisements that rubbed the “values” of Silicon Valley liberals and snooty celebs into the faces of fans.

But it also prevented the Rams’ snubbing of President Trump’s White House invitation had they won the game. Last week, the smug McVay tipped everyone off that the Rams would make an anti-Trump statement along the lines of what the Philadelphia Eagles did last year. You can bet most of the Patriots won’t dishonor America by snubbing Trump’s White House invite while the Rams and their “genius” coach will have the entire offseason to suck on their thumbs.

Karma Bitches!

(Donn Marten for Def-Con)

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Popular Dating Site Says Avoiding Anyone With Different Political Views Is Now More Important Than Not Having Cooties

Never used an online dating site, and never would. From what I know of them, the whole thought to me is scary.  But I found this little story kinda interesting, and a microcosm of our time.
“Great sex” has been the widely favored reply since dating app OkCupid first started asking its users this question in 2003 ― until now. For the first time in the app’s 15-year history, users in major cities like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles have tipped the scale in favor of compatible politics, OkCupid told HuffPost. 
The overall number of women prioritizing politics over sex doubled from 2016 to 2018, and the percentage increased from 27 percent to 42 percent across the country. Over the same period, the app has seen a 1,000 percent increase in political terms on people’s profiles ― reflecting a major shift in values that its executives have been watching closely since Donald Trump’s election. 
Summers Eve Finkelman - OKCupid User
“It’s truly, truly unprecedented the change in how people are using politics as a signal in dating,” said Melissa Hobley, chief marketing officer of OkCupid and a professional matchmaker. “Without a doubt, the recent presidential election and current administration have driven young women in particular, but millennials of both genders, to say, ‘Swipe left if you support Trump,’ or ‘I don’t even want to see you as a match if you don’t vote.’ 
The sudden rise in dating political divides OkCupid has witnessed, particularly over the past two years, reflects the polarization of politics under Trump and the growing rage of his opponents ― particularly women. OkCupid is in a unique position to track that trend, as it is one of the few dating apps that requires its users to answer at least 15 questions about sex, politics and other values....."
I'm sorry, but I personally can't stop equating online dating sites with sleazy used car lots.

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Friday, December 21, 2018

Nancy Ducks Head and Runs Headlong Towards Wall

A great tip for those who wish to analyze the political world is to turn off the volume when political figures speak and just Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer on Thursday as they reacted to President Trump’s announcement that he would not sign a funding bill to keep the government open during the next few weeks unless $5 billion for a Border Wall was provided. Pelosi was discombobulated more than usual, Schumer was on the verge of tears, again. There was no attitude by either of these clowns of “great, now we can beat Trump because he has made a grave mistake and we are going to win”. The reactions were more like “who pulled the rug out from under us????? and how do we get our balance so we don’t come crashing down???”

Then came the vote at the House of Representatives which gave the President a victory, contra Nancy Pelosi’s dire forecasts about the impossibility of such a task getting accomplished. All the bravado came from the White House with DJT and all the signs of defeat came from the Democrats.  Why was the President smiling? It's doubtful that the Senate will pass the House bill. It is likely there will be a partial shutdown of the government in time for Christmas. So why is this good news for President Trump??? Look to history for the answer and recall Bill Clinton versus Newt Gingrich. That showdown was the beginning of the end for Gingrich. Trump is planning the same for Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi will not be able to compromise with DJT because the lunatic left won’t allow her. If Pelosi compromises to end the shutdown then she will not become Speaker of the House. The entire nation will see that Pelosi won’t compromise because all she offers is “resistance”. In other words, the moment the Democrats take power in the House, total war will be the order of the day. DJT will appeal to the nation to protect the borders. Pelosi will argue against national security.

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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Bless His Heart. Rapper M&M Is All Butthurt & Confused Cause DJT Is Still Ignoring Him and His Childish Petulant Rants

Eminem, The Alyssa Milano of Hip Hop

It's difficult to take seriously anything said by an uneducated blonde-headed 45 year old white guy in a hoodie pretending to be a badass black thug, who is starved for attention. The annoying and talentless entertainer Eminem, best know as a white boy anomaly in the world of Hip Hop noise, and for his amazing ability to do what 6 year old school children are good at, rhyming words, got seriously pissed off that Donald Trump continues to outright ignored him after an extremely emotional display of childlike anger and frustration in a four-minute freestyle rap at last November's BET Hip Hop Awards. Eminem was expecting a response.

He was hoping for retaliation, and maybe some major league publicity. But it never came. Never happened. Not even a tweet. Nothing. Butthurt Soon Set In.

In a interview later that month with some urban radio station, the 'Great White Dope' expressed his displeasure that the president didn’t respond to his rantings......
“I was and still am extremely angry. I can’t stand that motherf***er. I feel like he’s not paying attention to me. I was kind of waiting for him to say something and for some reason, he didn’t say anything.......”
Undaunted, the rapper is again attempting to draw the president into his one-sided public feud, (because NO ONE pays him any attention these days) by continuing his attacks on DJT on “Kamikaze,” a surprise release of sampling and repetitive nonsense that was spewed forth Friday. He now claims in his lyrics babblings President Trump sent the Secret Service to question him about threatening lyrics from that 2017 BET freestyle. I doubt DJT will respond this time either.

When even Donald Trump thinks you are too insignificant to respond to in this day and age, it’s time to come to grips with your own irrelevancy. Maybe M&M should just try and snag the next vacancy with the Trump vilifying, screeching banshee Joy Behar and her nasty looking sidecar, Whoopie Goldberg, and the rest of the ladies of "The View".

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Rapper Whose Video Depicted Him Hanging a Little White Boy Meets Karma and Her Companion

You may remember this story from last September of a little know talent-challenged rapper named XXXTentacion who had just released a music video that was very disturbing to say the least.  XXX was said to have long had a real problem with white people, and according to the Black Entertainment Network (BET) the leading experts on Negroism, he's was not a very nice person....

The rapper, who's real name is Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, drew national attention with his video which includes a scene depicting him hanging a little white boy. Monday, just before 4 p.m. outside a motorcycle shop in Deerfield Beach,  Fla., XXXTentacion got a personal introduction to Karma and her sometime companion, the Angel of Death.

According to the TMZ, the ghetto rat was leaving a motorcycle dealership when two people in hoodies walked up and put a bullet in his head. He was awaiting trial for aggravated assault of a his then pregnant white ex-girlfriend, false imprisonment, domestic battery by strangulation, and also witness-tampering. The 20-year-old was facing more than a dozen felonies and potentially lengthy prison sentence. The citizens of the great state of Florida have been saved the expense of a lengthy trial and incarceration.

Despite the controversy and mediocre talent, the rapper had developed a loyal following and his second album, “?,” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart in March. People bought his “music” and thought he was cool. People thought the video of hanging a little boy is “iconic.”

Kanye West tweeted out thanking him for being an Inspiration.

My Mother once said if you can't say something nice, say it in french. Brûler en enfer Mère Fucker!  There is a virulent and ugly undercurrent within rap music. Turn the sound down and watch the imagery in this new video.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Apparently, Not Wanting to Repeat Errors of the Past Makes you a Racist.

Sure, ideally it would be nice if the President of the United States wasn’t quoted as describing other countries as Shitholes. But these places are Shitholes. They’re places where for the most part the local culture is unquestionably dysfunctional, and where civil society as we know it does not exist. Personally, I don't care if he said it or not. And if he did, it accurately reflects the sentiments of much of America. Not wanting to repeat errors of the past does not make you a racist. This has nothing to do with color. It's about culture.

And really, is there any question Haiti is a Shithole?  If it wasn’t it wouldn’t be one of the most prominent recipients of American charity aid on Planet Earth. And it isn’t like this country has ignored Haiti — America has been trying to lift it out of shithole status for more than a century, with absolutely no result whatever. There is no poorer country in the Western Hemisphere than Haiti, though given time Communist Venezuela might well change that. And no, it’s not racist to note Haiti is a shithole.

And yes, El Salvador is also a shithole. When your country has the world’s highest murder rate, you qualify for shithole status. Know what you get when you take in an unlimited number of illegal Salvadorans? You get an MS-13 street gang spreading its vicious tentacles into every Hispanic community in America in the same way the Italian mafia achieved a chokehold in the Italian community in this country a century ago. It was the determination of  Ronald Reagan, by use of American treasure and a bit of blood as well, which kept El Salvador from becoming a Communist shithole rather than an ordinary one, an effort which has resulted in little thanks from anyone in that region.

Who’s up for more immigration from Somalia?  What has America derived from mass immigration from Somalia? Machete attacks on street corners in Columbus and mall stabbings in suburban Minneapolis. And if you like, you can ask the current and former residents of Lewiston, Maine, what a boon Somali immigration has been to that town. 

Afghanistan, anyone? How much of Afghan culture would we like to pour into our national melting pot? One imagines we have suitable populations of Hollywood and New York sophisticates who would find the Afghans’ use of little boys as sexual playthings rather quaint and charming. The open-borders crowd doesn’t want to talk about that, though, and it wants to call you racist if you’re opposed to a deluge of immigrants from an abusive cultural who have no desire to assimilate.

That’s why Trump’s “Shitholes” objection is big news rather than the fact there are so-called political leaders who can’t agree to reorient our immigration policy toward a merit based system and taking people who can contribute and successfully assimilate here.

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Friday, December 29, 2017

Trump Ends 2017 Residing In His Enemies’ Head

by Kurt Schlichter@Townhall

As 2017 comes to a close, tumbleweeds roll down the empty Lido Deck while the Republican base answers the question, “What if Conservative, Inc., gave a cruise and nobody came?” The Democrats fled Washington under cover of darkness, desperate to keep their slobbering socialist wing from forcing them to commit ritual suicide by closing down the government over Christmas because the GOP Congress (for now) won’t hand a couple million illegal aliens citizenship. Robert Mueller’s Keystone Kop Korps started off with “unquestioned integrity” and ended the year with totally questioned integrity. 

Renowned Daytime Television Political Scientist
and Victim of Chronic TDS and TURD, Joy Behar
The mainstream media abandoned the principle of objectivity in favor of shrill advocacy, yet it is baffled that most Americans now consider its members like just another bunch of partisan hacks. In the White House, where everyone who was anyone told us Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit would reign, President Donald Trump finished the year by signing a tax reform bill that punished conservatives’ enemies and rewarded their friends. The Democrats get to go tell their base of blue state coastal swells, “Uh, sorry about losing those state tax deductions cuz we were too busy resisting to actually negotiate and thereby get a seat at the table.”

Cue the Sad Trombone. Trump plays for keeps, unlike the squish-cons who play for media hugs and invitations to the kool kidz’ parties. He was supposed to lose the primary, but he didn’t. He was supposed to lose the general, but he didn’t. He was supposed to fall victim to the covert schemes of leftist bureaucrats and the overt obstruction of The Resistance, but he didn’t. Instead, Donald Trump has prospered as the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan. And it’s breaking the souls of his enemies. Deliciously. 

He just refuses to lose. He just refuses to submit. He just refuses to give a damn about what they say or what they think. And that infuriates them. He won’t take a knee, but he will offer them a finger. - Continue Reading

Monday, December 11, 2017

Democrats Run Silly Last-Minute Ad Encouraging Write-in of Alabama Coach Nick Saban

Democrats have all but conceded that they can’t honestly defeat Judge Roy Moore in the upcoming Alabama Senate election on Tuesday so they’re pulling out all of the stops because they know they can’t win on the issues. They have a far-left candidate, Doug Moore, who’s anti-American positions include anti-life, anti-borders, anti-Second Amendment rights, and pro-bathroom perverts just to name a few.  Jones and his campaign can’t win on these issues, so he isn’t running on them. The Democrat Media, colluding with the Democrats and the GOP establishment led by swamp-dweller Mitch McConnell, can't mention Jones’ positions either, but are instead depending on the political character assassination smear campaign against Judge Roy Moore.

Politistick is reporting a scummy little group of Proglodytes called American Bridges are running deceptive, if not silly, ads encouraging Alabama voters to vote for the most popular man in the state (well, outside Auburn)  the University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban as a write-in candidate rather than vote for Roy Moore.

The strategy here is clear. If they can peel off a few hundred or thousands of votes by Republicans who’ve bought into the fake news media’s attacks against Judge Moore, it may be enough to push Doug Jones over the finish line."
The video, published by American Bridges, shows step-by-step instructions for voters, telling them not to vote along party lines, to fill in the bubble next to the write-in slot and to write-in the candidate of choice, providing Saban as the example. - The Hill

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

For That Special....... Someone On You Christmas List

Y'all remember Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP chapter president who was outed for pretending to be a black women when in fact she was born blonde and white. Well she's still delusional, but for all you fans she's put out a new 2018 calendar just in time for Christmas featuring her in sexy pin-up poses and chock full of motivational quotes for black people, people who wish they were black, or crazy people who think they are black when they clearly are not. 

The first thing that will strike you as odd is that there IS a  Going there you will see that she is selling this 2018 calendar that is billed as pictures of her with “her own inspirational quotes.” If that doesn’t get you, it has this too: "With dozens of important birthdays and Black History facts throughout the year."I wonder if that includes the date everyone figured out she isn’t a black woman. For the record, that date is June 12, 2015. 
She’s like the white, pretending to be black, female Tony Robbins. If people didn’t hate her so much she could be a motivational speaker with inane garbage like this:  “Don’t give up, give in, compromise or quit. Rest a little & take a breath, then stand up, raise your chin & press on,” reads the April quote. That’s good advice if you are ever busted for cultural appropriation and your entire world of lies comes crashing down around you. 
“Stay woke & ready to change the world. You never know when an important opportunity will arise,” she says in December.    
“Living in full color means stepping outside of the boxes prescribed by society and following the nature of your soul,” Dolezal says in May.  Liberals would agree with that last quote if it were in reference to transgender people, but because it involves a white woman who “identifies” as black........ 
And all of this and more can be yours for the low low price of 18.99.  She also sells “Melanin Spectrum” dolls, whatever the hell those are, so you can get all of your Christmas shopping done in one spot.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Donald & Melania Bring Class Back To The People's House Christmas Celebration

Make no doubt about it, Christmas is in full gear at the White House this year. Gone are the Mao ornaments and Angela Davis Fuzzy Headed Troll Angels and Little Mexican Flags, replaced with traditional tree ornaments and nativity scene.  
Trump has long rejected the politically correct trend of bucking the friendly “Merry Christmas” with the generic “Happy Holidays.” After the 2016 election, but before taking office, Trump vowed to a Michigan crowd, “We’re going to start saying “Merry Christmas again!” 
And the First Family shows a simple, but bold statement by wishing a real “Merry Christmas” in their card for the season.
Click to Bigify

Obama Hawaii Postcard Holiday Greeting 2015

The First Lady dazzled invited guest as she toured the decorated premises with the aptly named “Time-honored Traditions” Christmas theme complete with "Nutcracker"ballet performers.  

......and thank God the days of polluting the Peoples House with trashy celebrities, race baiters and urban riffraff are over, at least for now.
BlackLivesMatter's Deray Mckesson (left) and Johnetta Elzie (center)

You Can See Much More Here

Thursday, October 12, 2017

When "Shut-Up" Turns to Twitter Screams

The left has waged a cultural war against American values for generations,  a cultural war with very little if any serious pushback. In the past year their culture war has surged into the streets and onto the game fields. Even though the intellectual leftist totalitarians have controlled the cultural conversation and disparaged the values of Americans, sports generally resisted the cultural left’s hatred of America. Since the election of President Donald Trump though, the totalitarian left have made their move on football. It was supposed to be a win/win for the left.

The totalitarian left has always hated football (and NASCAR) because the sport appeared to be particularly patriotic and appealed to white working class men. The left never like all that flag waving even if it was paid for with tax dollars. Still, the left tried to disparage football but always failed to bring the sport down. The totalitarian left have had one foothold in the sport - sports writers. Sports writers, such as the fabled Hunter Thompson who later went on to write about the political world, had one “talent”. They wielded a vast vocabulary and fevered (often due to drugs or drink) imaginations. This ability to describe the same action in fresh ways made these “creative” writers a natural for the sports world. After all, how many ways can you describe the same action in fresh new ways? A ball is thrown, the ball is caught, the player moves in this or that direction in failure or triumph.  These refugees from “creative” writing courses at colleges, most from the left wing of the political spectrum, couldn’t play the games, but they could describe them and shape the public perception. We went from Hunter Thompson to Keith Olbermann. 

In the cultural landscape the dream merchants of Hollywood had a singular role. Hollywood used to cheerlead America through tough times such as World War II. Hollywood used to make great biopics about figures such as Christopher Columbus. Hollywood used to manipulate public opinion to extol American values particularly when those old Jews from New York ran the studios. Those old Jews understood the debt they owed to the country and genuinely loved America. That was the old world. Donald Trump for years saw what was happening as the cheerleading for America became a ceaseless attack against America.

In 2017, citizen Donald Trump became President Donald J. Trump, and the world changed again. The silence from those who like America was broken. The old “shut-up” turned to Twitter screams. Now the fight was on.