Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Donald & Melania Bring Class Back To The People's House Christmas Celebration

Make no doubt about it, Christmas is in full gear at the White House this year. Gone are the Mao ornaments and Angela Davis Fuzzy Headed Troll Angels and Little Mexican Flags, replaced with traditional tree ornaments and nativity scene.  
Trump has long rejected the politically correct trend of bucking the friendly “Merry Christmas” with the generic “Happy Holidays.” After the 2016 election, but before taking office, Trump vowed to a Michigan crowd, “We’re going to start saying “Merry Christmas again!” 
And the First Family shows a simple, but bold statement by wishing a real “Merry Christmas” in their card for the season.
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Obama Hawaii Postcard Holiday Greeting 2015

The First Lady dazzled invited guest as she toured the decorated premises with the aptly named “Time-honored Traditions” Christmas theme complete with "Nutcracker"ballet performers.  

......and thank God the days of polluting the Peoples House with trashy celebrities, race baiters and urban riffraff are over, at least for now.
BlackLivesMatter's Deray Mckesson (left) and Johnetta Elzie (center)

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