Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Citing Continued Butt Hurt, CNN Will Be Boycotting White House Christmas Party

CNN may very well be the best example of a bloated corpse rotting in the middle ground of the wasteland that is American cable news. And being ground zero for Trump's criticism of “fake News” and childish journalist nonsense like the recent PieGate, the journalistic snoop dogs of CNN told POLITICO Tuesday it will be boycotting the Trump White House Christmas party for the media this year:
“CNN will not be attending this year's White House Christmas party.  In light of the President's continued attacks on freedom of the press and CNN, we do not feel it is appropriate to celebrate with him as his invited guests. We will send a White House reporting team to the event and report on it if news warrants.” 
Now I'm pretty sure this news didn't break any hearts around the White House, and as a hint how the self-important breaking news was received, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted out Tuesday night:
“Christmas comes early! Finally, good news from @CNN.”
And CNN surely knew what was coming, a predicable sarcastic twitter eruption:

Boycotting is almost like an extension of CNN’s stupid #FactsFirst campaign; that is, an empty gesture to regain some credibility that never should have been lost in the first place. But here we are........

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