Thursday, October 12, 2017

When "Shut-Up" Turns to Twitter Screams

The left has waged a cultural war against American values for generations,  a cultural war with very little if any serious pushback. In the past year their culture war has surged into the streets and onto the game fields. Even though the intellectual leftist totalitarians have controlled the cultural conversation and disparaged the values of Americans, sports generally resisted the cultural left’s hatred of America. Since the election of President Donald Trump though, the totalitarian left have made their move on football. It was supposed to be a win/win for the left.

The totalitarian left has always hated football (and NASCAR) because the sport appeared to be particularly patriotic and appealed to white working class men. The left never like all that flag waving even if it was paid for with tax dollars. Still, the left tried to disparage football but always failed to bring the sport down. The totalitarian left have had one foothold in the sport - sports writers. Sports writers, such as the fabled Hunter Thompson who later went on to write about the political world, had one “talent”. They wielded a vast vocabulary and fevered (often due to drugs or drink) imaginations. This ability to describe the same action in fresh ways made these “creative” writers a natural for the sports world. After all, how many ways can you describe the same action in fresh new ways? A ball is thrown, the ball is caught, the player moves in this or that direction in failure or triumph.  These refugees from “creative” writing courses at colleges, most from the left wing of the political spectrum, couldn’t play the games, but they could describe them and shape the public perception. We went from Hunter Thompson to Keith Olbermann. 

In the cultural landscape the dream merchants of Hollywood had a singular role. Hollywood used to cheerlead America through tough times such as World War II. Hollywood used to make great biopics about figures such as Christopher Columbus. Hollywood used to manipulate public opinion to extol American values particularly when those old Jews from New York ran the studios. Those old Jews understood the debt they owed to the country and genuinely loved America. That was the old world. Donald Trump for years saw what was happening as the cheerleading for America became a ceaseless attack against America.

In 2017, citizen Donald Trump became President Donald J. Trump, and the world changed again. The silence from those who like America was broken. The old “shut-up” turned to Twitter screams. Now the fight was on.

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