Monday, July 31, 2017

Would You Care For A Little Hell Fire and Brimstone with That Blooming Onion?

We have all heard the saying "They have too much time on their hands" and "Idle hands are the devil workshop". Well, here is one great example of just that. 

SJW with an obviously under nourished vegan brain and WAY too much time on their hands is accusing the Outback Steakhouse of running a satanic cult after its chain of restaurants were found to be suspiciously located in several cities across the country. The restaurants controversial association was uncovered by the Twitter user who, with the help of Google maps and Microsoft Paint, showed that the restaurants were geo-located conveniently in the shape of a pentagram in places like New York, Indianapolis, Phoenix and Atlanta, and has garnered some 116,000 retweets and more than 3,000 comments.

Following the shocking discovery, several other amateur sleuths uncovered the same trend in Cincinnati, North Carolina, Tennessee, Miami, Texas, Philadelphia and Virginia.

Graphics Compiled From the Twitter By Crazy Cousin Olivia

Obviously this is a carefully staged Russian operation led by Vlad Putin himself.  Same they did with KFC ... anyone remember the coup d'etat when Colonel Sanders took over? 

But, like a smart corporation, Outback hasn't entirely ignored the claims and has played along, turning it into an online ad campaign by playfully using the debacle to promote their Blooming Onion appetizer.

Actually, the only thing evil about Outback Steakhouse is the friggin' demonic prices that they charge.......