Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Looks Like A Trannie Revolt is Coming for You Donald

No one should expect liberals to see the reality of their ridiculous ideas and the resulting consequences, which is why this is being taken as something akin to the Holocaust, as most things are that don't go their way on the left. But never fear, Little George Takei is here. The insane Trump critic and out of work, one trick pony gay actor has issued a stern warning to the President on the tweeter: 

My first Impression is who gives a shit? What are they going to do? Slut shame him? Make fun of his wardrobe?  And the gay community is not gonna support Trump regardless of what good he happens to do for them anyway. And of course, the country’s most famous tranny military member and an outstanding example of their upstanding community, and traitor to his country, Chelsea Manning, weighed in with this incoherent tweeter attack on the President:

Despite what the dems have been pushing in your face for years now with their social engineering of every aspect of life in America, Trannies are neither an important political group nor an awesome fighting force. The Military is not a laboratory for social experiments.  Get Over it. 

[The Tweeter Thing]