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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

One Fabulous Protest Awaits Trump's Arrival In The U.K.

Having grown up in Europe I can tell you the only thing more annoying than your average British girl, are British Drag Queens. When Donald Trump visits the UK later this summer he will be met in London by throngs of ugly men in dresses & make-up preening and sashaying around in protest of his mythical anti-gay policies. What these drag queens hope to achieve is anyone’s guess. They may be still a tad mad about the Revolutionary War thing, or maybe that War of 1812 epic beatdown they got at the Battle of New Orleans.  But I suspect their anger is really sequin related.

In a Facebook event organized by a queen named 'Cheddar Gorgeous' - cleverly titled “Drag Protest Against Trump UK Visit” and set for Trump’s July visit, put out the call:
"Calling all drag kings, queens, queers and our allies to march against President Donald Trumps UK visit. Due to the appalling way the Trump administration has regarded the rights and welfare of LGBTQI communities of the US, the idea of a Trump visit to the UK is unacceptable. Let's get visible, stand with our sister's, brothers and others in America, and show that we are a country that celebrates diversity."
Yeah, we hear a lot about how well that British Death March into diversity is working out.

Cheddar Gorgeous tells us in a column in the leftist rag The Guardian why he/she they are so furious at our President:
"The actions of the US president have been decidedly unfriendly to LGBTQI people, people of colour, migrants and women have also been the subject of controversial policies, offensive remarks and ill-thought-out tweets. It feels as if the Trump administration seeks to use diversity as the scapegoat on which America is apparently made great again … and, to top it off, he failed to recognize pride month."
He failed to recognize pride month? *gasp* Finally we get to the bottom of this drag queen anger. Trump didn’t recognize National Doughnut Day or Talk Like A Pirate Day either, but that doesn’t mean he’s anti-bear claw or a Piratephobe. He’s the President of the most powerful country in the world and maybe he has bigger issues to deal with than giving a nod to unimportant crap. And just For the record, Donald Trump is the first US President to enter office as a supporter of gay marriage. Bill Clinton was against it and even signed a bill banning it. Barack Obama was against it until his second term, when he decided it was safe to support. But we all know know when it comes to Trump, lefties really hate those pesky facts.

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(The UK Guardian)

Monday, April 9, 2018

Silicon Valley Overlords Would Prefer to Silence You

 Moneyed Proglodytes and Silencing of the Right

Great read says the San Francisco based CEO of Twitter of an article titled 'The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War' that pretty much advocates eradication of the right. You know, the same dude deciding who American gets to hear from and who America doesn’t, and believes there’s no bipartisan way forward at this juncture in our history  

If you have high blood pressure, don’t bother reading it. Let me sum it up for you: Republicans are very evil. Too evil to tolerate. They need to be shut out of government, and all political issues. Their opinions and ideas, and those of the people who vote for them, must be banished from all thought and action. Conservatism must be eradicated in all forms so we can have a green energy utopia where no one has gender or pronouns or guns and there’s a chicken in every pot, alive and well and taking a bath because everyone is a super woke vegan who hates the whites.

Exaggeration? Here's a taste:
"Now the entire Republican Party, and the entire conservative movement that has controlled it for the past four decades, is fully positioned for the final takedown that will cast them out for a long period of time in the political wilderness. They deserve it. Let’s just say what needs to be said: The Republican Party over the past 40 years has maneuvered itself into a position where they are the bad guys on the wrong side of history. For a long time, they have been able to hide this fact through a sophisticated series of veils, invoking cultural voodoo that fools a large enough number of Americans to stay in the game.' 
The Republican Party is the party of climate change denial. Trump is the denier-in-chief, but there are 180 climate science deniers in the current Congress (142 in the House and 38 in the Senate), and none of them are Democrats. The Republican Party for the past 40 years has mastered using dog whistles to gin up racial divides to get their white voters to the polls. Trump just disposes of niceties and flatly encourages white nationalists, bans Muslims, walls off Mexicans, and calls out “shithole” countries."
This argument for one party rule, with overt references to an actual civil war while claiming to be only about a theoretical or non-physical one, is awful popular right now among leftists. You know, the ones who put Democracy on all the signs they use to protest in favor of government’s fist turning a little more iron. Democrats, who even when out of the political majority can still decide how bathrooms work in your state and whether or not you’re allowed to use a particular word.

Social media matters, y’all. You can be old and out of it and pretend it doesn’t and turn your nose up at it, but it was instrumental in electing Trump. And the Democrats know it too, that’s why they are always ranting about Russian “bots”. And Twitter is the most immediate way to communicate in social media. For a lot of bloggers and journalists and right wing activists, it’s a direct line of communication. Considering conservatives are shut out of the mainstream press about 99 percent of the time, it’s one of the ONLY lines of communication to the public. And the wealthy leftist who runs The Tweeter thinks we need a one party system, crushing decent and cutting Republican values out of society by force if necessary, is a pretty neato idea.

Kurt Schlichter has an interesting take on this story over at TownHall.

H/T IOTWReport

Sunday, November 19, 2017

I Wonder If Waking Up Stupid Everyday is Really Painful

Student Claims Access To The Outdoors Is Now A Form Of White Supremacy.

I ask you dear reader; do you love the great outdoors? Do you find a short walk in the woods or dropping a fishing hook in the water relaxing? Well, if you do, it’s probably because you’re white, according to a student at Claremont Colleges in California. That’s right. In a recent op-ed in the student-ran newspaper, a student and keen observer of societal evolution named Malcolm McCann claimed that non-white people are excluded from the outdoors because of, yes, White Supremacy.
“Due to the predominance of whiteness in the outdoors, people of color have been denied access to the outdoors.”

Yes. McCann seems to take issue with outdoor programs at Claremont, which is a conglomerate of five colleges known as the “5Cs.” Those programs, McCann argued, are the most funded on campus, yet are saturated with white supremacy.  McCann admitted the clubs are open for all people, no matter the color of someone’s skin, but not everyone feels safe to attend.
“Historically, white people in imperialist conquests have appropriated land as their own. North America rightfully belongs to indigenous communities, yet it has been taken away from them by force. Consequently, a false sense of ownership of nature permeates white America.”
McCann then goes on to take issue with the “image of modern outdoor enthusiasts,” which he claimed is of white men. “The image of the ‘outdoorsy individual’ is an exclusive classification that gives white people the authority to venture into the outdoors freely, leaving people of color behind."

But there aren’t just “racial barriers” that prevent non-white people from stepping outside but also financial barriers. Only people with “economic privilege” can participate in outdoors activities and understand “obscure outdoor lingo.” 

When you stop laughing, here are this brilliant observer of america society solutions to the problem........  
- Affirming that nature belongs to all humans, not just white ones. 
- The “image” of the outdoor enthusiast should not “belong” to just white people.
- White people should “exert caution as to not dominate ownership” of the word “outdoorsy.”  
- Outdoor clubs on college campuses should work to increase accessibility and help people learn the skills they will need.
Outdoor Unskilled People of Color in Their Natural Habitat

No, No, No you freakin' white self-loathing snowflake! It's got NOTHING more to do with race or white supremacy then where the rain falls.  It's all about CULTURE! Nothing but CULTURE! Get a Clue.......and grow up! 

[The Blaze]                                              Thank You MJA for the Linkage!
h/t Konan The Bar Barron

Monday, October 16, 2017

"How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up, Winston?"

If your job is "head of diversity," you don't have to design computers or software or anything like that. But you can fail at your job, and you would do that by acknowledging that there's any concept of diversity apart from what the cultural orthodoxy says. Denise Young Smith has this job at Apple, and apparently she engages in a little too much independent thought because one day she got a little tired of the idea that diversity can't be about anything but racial and sexual identity. So she said so, and that's where her trouble started:
"There can be 12 white, blue-eyed, blonde men in a room and they're going to be diverse too because they're going to bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation. Diversity is the human experience. I get a little bit frustrated when diversity or the term diversity is tagged to the people of color, or the women, or the LGBT."
If the quote sounds entirely unobjectionable to you, that's because it is. Diversity of thought and experience are much more meaningful than diversity of skin pigmentation or sexual proclivity, particularly when you consider that the former categories are much more likely to impact how a person does his or her job than the latter. Young Smith clearly got frustrated by the realization that "diversity" never seems to deal with anything but identity politics, and expressed out loud her wish that people would think more broadly about what it really means and what it can be.

Ever Notice Corporate Diversity Officers are 
Almost Always Black Women??
That, unsurprisingly, turned out to be a Thought Crime.

TechCrunch reported on Friday that Young Smith sent an email to her team at Apple earlier that day in which she apologized for her comments at the conference:
"Last week, while attending a summit in Bogota, I made some comments as part of a conversation on the many factors that contribute to diversity and inclusion. I regret the choice of words I used to make this point. I understand why some people took offense. My comments were not representative of how I think about diversity or how Apple sees it. For that, I'm sorry."
The word "diversity" is like many words the left bastardizes. It's not really about diversity at all. Denise Young Smith got out of line and thought for herself, and got it in her head that maybe diversity could be something more valuable and meaningful than the political left wants it to be. And for that, she got smacked down and thoroughly chastened. Fall into line, or else.

Today's "culture of diversity" offers no option but to fall in line. When you're a champion of diversity, there is only one acceptable way to think. Think about that.

Friday, July 21, 2017

The NYTs: White Wimmens is Racist!

The New York Times published an essay Wednesday titled "Power Play" in a section they call "Was That Racist," by one of their affirmative Action reporters named Greg Howard. In his essay self absorbed rant he singled out white women for not moving out of his way when walking toward him on city sidewalks, not allowing him straight path. At times when he’s had to step off the sidewalk into the road, the writer turns “furious” because he “feels small.”
"When white women are in my path, they almost always continue straight, forcing me to one side without changing their course. This happens several times a day; and a couple of times a week, white women force me off the sidewalk completely. In these instances, when I’m standing in the street or in the dirt as a white woman strides past, broad-shouldered and blissful, I turn furious." 
"Do they refuse to acknowledge me because they’ve been taught that they should fear black men, and that any acknowledgment of black men can invite danger? Do they refuse to acknowledge me because to alter their route would be to show their fear? Do they not see me? Can they not see me?"
Now, as a women, you REALLY don't want to hear what I have to say about Mr. Howard and his disrespectful, de-evolving culture. But I am interested in what you have to say.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Under the Cover of Darkness and Protected by Snipers, New Orleans Begins Erasing Its History

image via the Twitter

In the wee hours of Monday morning, a day celebrated as Confederate Memorial Day in other southern states, workers dressed in black vests and wearing pieces of cloth to cover their faces removed a monument in New Orleans. The removal began just before 1:30 a.m. Eastern, after a small group of protesters departed from the monument and a wave of officers with the New Orleans Police Department barricaded points of entry to the monument, The Times-Picayune reported.

Snipers were stationed on the parking deck looking down at the monument. Just before 2:15 a.m., two flatbed trucks arrived at the monument, carrying equipment to haul it away. The name of the company on the truck's sides was concealed by tape and cardboard, and the workers wore black vests, yellow helmets, and pieces of cloth to cover their faces. Just before 3 a.m., workers started drilling to remove the obelisk. The monument was driven away around 5:35 a.m.

Other monuments slated for removal include the Robert E. Lee statue, the Jefferson Davis statue, and the P.G.T. Beauregard equestrian statue. Mayor Landrieu signed an ordinance calling for the removal of these four monuments in December 2015, and members of the City Council voted 6-1 in support of it. That ordinance formally declared all four statues to be "nuisances pursuant to Section 146-611 of the City Code of New Orleans." 

Each of the four monuments in question had been vandalized, with "Black Lives Matter" spray-painted on the Beauregard statue in 2015. Opposition to the removals also ran strong, with a lawsuit seeking to halt the removal reaching the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in March. Ultimately, the suit was struck down.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu in a statement Monday declared:
"The removal of these statues sends a clear and unequivocal message to the people of New Orleans and the nation: New Orleans celebrates our diversity, inclusion and tolerance. This is not about politics, blame or retaliation. This is not a naïve quest to solve all our problems at once. This is about showing the whole world that we as a city and as a people are able to acknowledge, understand, reconcile .....and most importantly......choose a better future."
Diversity, Inclusion and Tolerance?

New Orleans is one of the unique cities in America. Because of it location, it's culture and it's commerce, it became one of the important players in the making of early America. The site of two great battles of American History, had N.O. not fallen in the civil war, that conflict would have continued on for years. That is a large part it's it's rich history. Now the city is one of the few democrat strongholds in the South. After the disastrous handling of Katherina by that power base, they turned a Blue state almost solid Red.  

The Landrieu family and it's leftist base have slowly turned a rich cultural city into a hell hole, and they are not finish with her yet.

The three other monuments are slated to be removed this week, also under the cover of darkness, with snipers at the ready. 

(Crazy Cousin Olivia)