Wednesday, May 2, 2018

One Fabulous Protest Awaits Trump's Arrival In The U.K.

Having grown up in Europe I can tell you the only thing more annoying than your average British girl, are British Drag Queens. When Donald Trump visits the UK later this summer he will be met in London by throngs of ugly men in dresses & make-up preening and sashaying around in protest of his mythical anti-gay policies. What these drag queens hope to achieve is anyone’s guess. They may be still a tad mad about the Revolutionary War thing, or maybe that War of 1812 epic beatdown they got at the Battle of New Orleans.  But I suspect their anger is really sequin related.

In a Facebook event organized by a queen named 'Cheddar Gorgeous' - cleverly titled “Drag Protest Against Trump UK Visit” and set for Trump’s July visit, put out the call:
"Calling all drag kings, queens, queers and our allies to march against President Donald Trumps UK visit. Due to the appalling way the Trump administration has regarded the rights and welfare of LGBTQI communities of the US, the idea of a Trump visit to the UK is unacceptable. Let's get visible, stand with our sister's, brothers and others in America, and show that we are a country that celebrates diversity."
Yeah, we hear a lot about how well that British Death March into diversity is working out.

Cheddar Gorgeous tells us in a column in the leftist rag The Guardian why he/she they are so furious at our President:
"The actions of the US president have been decidedly unfriendly to LGBTQI people, people of colour, migrants and women have also been the subject of controversial policies, offensive remarks and ill-thought-out tweets. It feels as if the Trump administration seeks to use diversity as the scapegoat on which America is apparently made great again … and, to top it off, he failed to recognize pride month."
He failed to recognize pride month? *gasp* Finally we get to the bottom of this drag queen anger. Trump didn’t recognize National Doughnut Day or Talk Like A Pirate Day either, but that doesn’t mean he’s anti-bear claw or a Piratephobe. He’s the President of the most powerful country in the world and maybe he has bigger issues to deal with than giving a nod to unimportant crap. And just For the record, Donald Trump is the first US President to enter office as a supporter of gay marriage. Bill Clinton was against it and even signed a bill banning it. Barack Obama was against it until his second term, when he decided it was safe to support. But we all know know when it comes to Trump, lefties really hate those pesky facts.

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(The UK Guardian)

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