Wednesday, March 23, 2022

They Need a New Drug

What all savvy democrats want is a new drug. A superawesome kind of drug. A drug compounded for the mid-terms from similar ingredients they used to win 2020 -- racism, paranoia, lies, slander, conspiracies -- because those are how democrats win elections. A drug that gives them exactly the same feelings they did about the Trump presidency -- righteous rage, out-and-proud bigotry, ecstatic grievance, that anti-free speech fascist swagger they do so well.

But it also has to be a drug that doesn't come with the morning-after hangover. The cotton-mouthed stumblebum staggering away from catastrophes they created. The dry-heaving up of gibberish excuses. The need to turn up the media echo chamber to 110 decibels to drown out the world laughing at them.

The need to take a hammer to every mirror in the place so they never risk getting even the slightest introspective glimpse at the horror they have become. The long, public decent into madness and fascism cheered on by all the garden variety morons, ardent parasites and of course, all those reliable media racial bigots.

But until they find new drug, it's become very clear that Democrats will continue to deal with the absolute, unalloyed racist shitpile their recent party has become by continuing to find some opposition party sin, either trivial or wholly imaginary, to flog the shit out of it as if it were somehow equivalent to quotidian fascism and derangement to deflect from their own obvious inadequacies.


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