Thursday, March 3, 2022

Leftist Upset Their Favorite Dictator Told Putin to Wait Until After Olympics For Murders to Begin

The Big Guy Meets With the Left's Favorite Dictator 

The New York Times broke the story and the Washington Post had it soon after, citing a "western intelligence report", that the left's favorite Dictator Xi Jinping met with Russian dictator Putin on February 4, and soon after came that flowery statement about how Russia and China were bestest friends forever with no limits, and NATO sucks. But now the lefty blogs and their legions of social media basement commandos and trolls are upset. But do you wonder why Hollywood has been so silent about Ukraine??
"We've spent much of the past several years listening to rightwingers grunting and wailing at China and "Chinese Communist Party" and the 'GIIIIIIIIINA VIRUS, not because rightwingers bother with any substantive criticisms of China, but because they're racists. 
But here's some reporting about China we can be legitimately pissed about. Apparently China totally knew during the Olympics about Russia's plans to invade Ukraine for literally no reason, and actively encouraged Russia to please wait until the Olympic torch was extinguished to start committing bloody murder. 
Lots of people were talking about Russia's upcoming invasion during the Olympics — it was just one of those things people were talking about, you know, like Russian figure skaters being full of Alex Jones's trucker speed or whatever. So it's not surprising to hear China totally knew. But it's really fuckin' gross at the same time, especially if they were actively holding Russia back from invading until a moment less embarrassing for China, the host nation, which was presiding over all the peace, love and understanding Pollyanna togetherness. 
China was apparently literally talking out of the other side of its mouth at the same time, telling Russia, "No murdering Ukraine until we're done with this little song and dance."
Again, I ask why is Hollywood, the Entertainment Industry and China's favorite sports figures silent about Ukraine???

The same reason they turn a blind eye to China's slavery and committing their own crimes against humanity and genocide against the Uyghur population. China has it's tentacles in almost every area of the west, from control of the panama canal to bought and paid for academics, to financing the movie industry that would wither without Chinese money to keep those horrible streaming services productions afloat.

They fear for their democrat party who is infiltrated by China and financed and does their lobbying for in DC.

They fear when XI moves on Taiwan he may, to some extent, get the renunciation and financial sanctioning treatments Putin is now getting, and they will be complicit and everything they falsely call us on the right as social media desperately try to weaponize the Ukraine/Russia conflict.  

They fear most for the Chinese contributions to their livelihood. So they remain silent. They know what's coming.

They are not patriot Americans. They are hypocrites!

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