Thursday, March 31, 2022

Even Members of the European Press Laugh at MSNBC

While waiting for an email response this afternoon I decided to surf the TV channels to see if the world had ended yet, I came across the end of a of an interview that really made me laugh.

Nicole Wallace, the resident MSNBC Rhino with near terminal TDS, who at 40+ still tries to look 20 and fries the end of her words like a college gender studies adjunct professor, was interviewing in studio an unidentified European reporter about the Ukrainian War. The reporter was conveying conversations with her contacts in St. Petersburg and Moscow about the sanctions that Scapegoat Joe has put on Russia that didn't seem to have much effect so far and about reporters in war zones.

To the end the conversation Wallace asked this very question, I Quote: "What can we do to defeat Putin?" 

Stunned, the reporter look at Wallace like she was fucking batshit five & dime crazy. After a obvious nervous giggle by Wallace, the report retorted , "WE?! I am a reporter. As you. I'm not in the business of War. Nor am I in the business of diplomacy."


More nervous giggle and the obviously embarrassed Wallace quickly thanked her guest without mentioning her name or news organization as her guest laughter was heard off camera. Fade very quickly to Commercial....

This is a just another illustration of our news media's belief in their own self importance and willingness to forward party propaganda if it's the right party. It also shows what a laughing stock the nutsack of American media, MSNBC, is in relation to journalism. Foreign or Domestic. 

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