Sunday, March 13, 2022

Kamala Be Puttin' Her Finger All Up In Vlad's Putin's Chest. Uh-huh!

Appearing on MSNBC's 'The Cross Connection' (known affectionately here at DMF as 'The Crazy Black Girl Hour') hosted by Tiffany Cross, her panel of this weeks melanin superior Karens actually tried to paint Kamala Harris as a tough prosecutor who intimidated Russian dictator Vladimir Putin with her remarks in Poland earlier this week. (insert SNL fake canned laughter here).

I shit you not. MSNBC analyst Errin Haines proclaimed:
"Yet another piece of her lived experience that she really brings to this role as Vice President in this moment of crisis, and that is her role as prosecutor, right? This is somebody who is used to kind of taking on bad guys for a living. And so, her really be putting her finger in the chest of Vladimir Putin and saying that there will be consequences."
*Dictators world wide cower in their bunkers*

Fellow angry black girl Nola Haynes, gave a mixed take on Harris's performance. On the one hand, she described Harris as "strong" and "assertive," and as having delivered the right message to Putin. But on the other hand, when Cross asked whether Putin had received that message, Haynes said:
"I’m going to be blunt here. Putin is a sexist so probably not. On top of that, there’s the race component. So taken together, the intersectionality of her race and gender, he probably dismissed what she had to say."

GEE, Ya think! Just watching the crazy bitches cost me an IQ point. 

Of course the ladies never uttered a word about Harris's juvenile demeaner or her cackling response when questioned about the refugee crisis. Kamala's tipsy sorority girl act angered many in Eastern Europe doing the heavy work of helping. Nor did they mention President Zelensky's former spokeswoman, who tweeted that it would be a "tragedy" if Harris ever became president, a sentiment that most all American would not disagree with.

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