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Sunday, December 29, 2019

DJT is Inflicting Employment on People of Color

The New York Times laments that in August, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers swept up 680 illegal immigrants during raids on seven food processing plants in Mississippi. Without the cheap illegal immigrant labor, the companies were forced to hire Americans to do the work, and black Mississippians are now taking back jobs that were taken from them by immigrants.

The best part of this is the monumental struggle to find something bad in increased employment for Black Americans. But rest assured, the NYTs and the NAACP are on it and had no problem.

The president of the local NAACP compared the raids to slavery, proving once again the NAACP has become nothing more than an arm of the Democratic Party that stopped advancing the interests of Blacks a long time ago. And in typical liberal gymnastic digression the NYTs tells us :
The raids were believed to be the largest statewide immigration crackdown in recent history and a partial fulfillment of President Trump’s vow to remove millions of undocumented workers from the country. The impact on Mississippi’s immigrant community has been devastating. For nonimmigrant workers, the aftermath has forced them into a personal reckoning with questions of morality and economic self-interest: The raids brought suffering, but they also created job openings.
Amazing, isn't it! Their tortured manipulation of the vernacular carefully avoids the salient data; these people were in the country ILLEGALLY, therefore they were employed ILLEGALLY. This is not some ethical conundrum. This is the law. But "the law is a ass" when it conflicts with the NYT's sheltered liberal elite world view that the most important goal of the modern era is the subsuming of America in a sea of unwashed illegals, so finally...FINALLY...their progressive utopia can be achieved. And if that destroys their old and tired weapon of choice (Black America)? Then so be it.

[Ace HQ]

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Democrat Donors’ Sex-Creep Club

By Michelle Malkin

Well, well, well. “Follow the facts,” Democratic strategist Christine Pelosi now advises fellow liberals in the wake of billionaire and high-flying political financier Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking indictment this week.  Some of “our faves” could be implicated in the long-festering scandal, the Pelosi daughter warned, so it’s time to “let the chips fall where they may.” Too bad Ms. Pelosi’s mommy hasn’t adopted that same attitude of accountability.

While serving as the highest-ranking elected woman in America for decades, San Fran Nan has chronically downplayed, whitewashed or excused the sleazy habits and alleged sexual improprieties of a long parade of Dem pervs — from former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner to former New York Reps. Eric Massa and Anthony Wiener to former Oregon Rep. David Wu to former Michigan Rep. John Conyers and current presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Since the woke-ty woke Democrats are now gung-ho on undoing special treatment of wealthy liberal sex creeps, perhaps they will soon be revisiting the matter of two of their other “faves,” Oregon real estate mogul and deep-pocketed left-wing White House donor Terry Bean and West Hollywood Clinton pal Ed Buck.

Here, let me help.

Terry Bean is the prominent gay rights activist who co-founded the influential Human Rights Campaign organization. He is also a veteran member of the board of the HRC Foundation, which disseminates Common Core-aligned “anti-bullying” material to children’s schools nationwide. Like Epstein, Bean also had a thing for young minors. In 2014, a grand jury charged him with horrifying sexual abuse allegations involving multiple victims — including a 15-year-old boy. After a sweeping investigation led by the Portland police department’s sex crime units and two county district attorney’s offices, authorities charged Bean with two felony counts of third-degree sodomy and one misdemeanor count of third-degree sex abuse. His 20-something boyfriend, Kiah Lawson, was indicted on third-degree sodomy and third-degree sexual abuse.

Then there’s Ed Buck, another Democratic gay rights leader and moneyman whose West Hollywood den was the scene of not one, but two overdose deaths of black men he allegedly paid for sex and drugs. An independent journalist/blogger, Jasmyne Cannick, who has investigated Buck’s sordid activities for several years, warned authorities that the influential campaign contributor was a “predator” who lured vulnerable minority men into his filthy orbit.

Buck has donated more than a half-million dollars to top California Democrats including current Gov. Gavin Newsom, former Gov. Jerry Brown, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, and LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey.

That’s a lot of chips falling in the coffers of the party that claims to care most about sex assault and human trafficking victims. Will Pelosi “follow the facts,” like her daughter recommends, or continue to cover up?

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Saturday, December 29, 2018

John Kerry Believes In Border Wall Security - As Long As It Pertains To His Family's Palatial French Villa

 Earl of Ketchup - Duke of Heinz

Following the law is for the little people. Walls and enforcing secure borders is only for rich elites. That seems to be the conclusion as the family of John Kerry continues to fight rules about land access around the family's Palatial French Villa, while demanding that migrants, hikers and the great unwashed be kept away from their multi-million dollar property.

The former senator, presidential candidate, and least effective U.S. Secretary of State of the past 50 years, spends a significant amount of time at his family’s ancestral home in Saint-Briac-sur-Mer, (away from the crazy Heinz Ketchup Lady) along a pristine stretch of France's Brittany coast, where unicorns are born. Kerry's grandfather James Forbes bought the Essarts castle in Saint-Briac in 1928 and it has remained in the family since, being rebuilt as a villa after it was confiscated and later destroyed during World War II. Hikers demanding right of way along the pristine stretch of coast are locked in a legal war with the coastal villa owners in a posh resort town. Under French law the country’s coastlines must be accessible to all, similarly to Britain's "right to roam" rules.

But for decades Saint-Briac leaders have steadfastly refused to obey via a series of legal moves, in particular Brice Lalonde — Kerry’s first cousin. Now, the family of the liberal icon is doing everything they can to keep those pesky commoners and dirty migrants from stepping foot near their villa. The proposed path will "impact the well-being of residents by knocking down their walls and ruining their privacy," Lalonde told AFP in a statement. 

Kerry’s extended family is said to be worried about the “terrorist risks” of allowing common people onto the beach as French law requires, and fretted that “it will be fairly easy to target members of my family who are politically active. The same open-borders liberals declare that building walls to prevent illegal entry is racist — and don’t even think about suggesting that unrestricted migration or open access could be exploited by terrorists. But if you’re a powerful former senator or his wealthy family, none of that applies. Suddenly, walls are amazing and keeping people from walking near your property. That they could be terrorists is suddenly hugely important.

The hypocrisy and double-standards are just too much. One set of rules for thee, and one set for me. Liberal elitism has once again been exposed as a power-consolidating sham.

(Western Journal - CT)
(Agence France-Presse)

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

How The Media Lies With No Shame Whatsoever

RS - With midterms right around the corner, the media is  ramping up the fearmongering and outrage farming to new heights, especially given the rampant derangement Trump has managed to inspire among the left. While the circus around Brett Kavanaugh is definitely just the start, we’re already seeing the leftist media kick into gear with headlines meant to generate shock and anger.

USA Today decided to throw some gasoline on the fire already by publishing a headline titled “Trump administration halts visas for same-sex partners of diplomats, UN employees.

The vast majority of the population stops right at the headline and thus will walk away with the impression that Trump and his Republican colleagues are all the homophobic villains the media has been saying they were all along. However, clicking and reading the article will cause you to arrive a paragraph within it that gives the entire game away.
“The Trump administration believes the new policy is more consistent with the 2015 Supreme Court ruling to legalize same-sex marriage. The heterosexual partners of foreign diplomats and United Nations employees are also not eligible for U.S. visas."
So it doesn’t just apply to same-sex couples, it applies to everyoneThat’s not the impression you’re supposed to get from the headline, which mentions that Trump halted visas for same-sex couples specifically.

This entire decision around taking a look at visas for married couples is something Trump has been looking at since before he became president and having been inspired by the San Bernardino shooters in California, as reported on by The Hill back in 2015:
The GOP presidential frontrunner’s comments came after it was found that one of the two shooters who killed 14 people and wounded dozens in San Bernardino, Calif., this week came to the United States on a special K-1 visa last year, which allows foreigners to come to the country to marry a U.S. citizen.
The running narrative now is that Trump is doing it to punish homosexuals specifically because they would fall into the category of unmarried people trying to get into the U.S. to get married due to only 12 percent of participating nations in the U.N. supporting gay marriage. At this time, TIME, Foreign Policy, ABC, The Week, The Hill, and more are all running with the narrative that Trump is doing this to punish the gay community.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A Massive Overdose of Liberal Double-Think and Hypocrisy.

As Kavanaugh's accuser's ramp up their protests and complaints about the terms of engagement, through their rhetoric and demands they demonstrate ever more clearly the reality behind the agenda of their supporters and mouthpieces: the totalitarian drive for absolute, unaccountable, and unopposable control over lives, words, and actions,  and the threat of personal destruction of any who dare to stand in their way or expresses the slightest criticism of the narrative and code of behavior and thought processes that they would impose on society.

This is a movement that, on the one hand, claims to empower women to live full lives but that at the same time treats them as such untouchable fragile vessels, who will irreparably fall apart unless they can fully control their interactions with the world around them. A movement that arrogates to themselves infallible possession of “truth”, asserts control over defining the standards for evaluating their truth claims, and enforces this “truth” on everybody else just because they say so.  They will use all means necessary, including intimidation and force, to silence and destroy any dissent, and by projection labeling any such dissent as oppression in good Orwellian fashion.

A movement that claims unprecedented authority to dictate to the members and staff of the U.S. Senate the entire structure and rules for their witness, seeking to overturn centuries of covenant and jurisprudence for judgment of public accusations, and in its place, seeking to control who can speak to them, what can be spoken in the hearing or by any person outside the hearing in any setting, while at the same time being granted untrammeled power to tell their narrative and to bully and silence any contrary view. Twisting historical rules and custom into a pretzel. A movement that would spread fear and exalt anger far and wide in our land to create a climate of suspicion and distrust between individuals, a world in which a vocal minority with media hegemony can dominate conversation and though  manipulation, create a false “consensus” and “settled truth”. 

It’s time to for the Republican members of the Judiciary committee and Senate leadership to start playing hardball and stand up for, if nothing else, simple decency and fair process and civilized behavior.

(RS Diaries)
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Friday, September 21, 2018

Spartacus Booker: "17-Year Olds Too Immature to Be Held Accountable for Actions"

Senator Spartacus (D-NJ)

Well this is interesting. While attacking Brett Kavanaugh, Senator Booker is sponsoring legislation that proposes letting juvenile offenders off the hook. (this is to gain minority favor and yes he is running for president). As all the the world knows by now, Judge Kavanaugh stands accused of assaulting Christine Blasey Ford when both were in high school. Blasey did not report the incident to authorities or apparently anyone else at the time. There is zero evidence.  Kavanaugh was 17 years old at the time.

As it happens, Senator Booker is a co-sponsor of something called the REDEEM Act along with Senator Rand Paul. The proposed legislation centers on expunging the records of juveniles convicted of non-violent crimes, thus ensuring some teenage mistake does not follow them for a lifetime. While what Kavanaugh is accused of presumably would be classified as “violent,” again, he was never charged much less prosecuted for this. But in an explanation of his concern for teenagers who get in trouble, as here at the Senator’s website, Booker says this, bold print supplied:
"Studies of youth brain development have found that the decision-making functions of the brain do not fully develop until much later than was previously believed to be the case. Despite this, some states still try 17-, and even 16,-year-olds as adults by default. 
The REDEEM Act incentivizes states to establish 18 years old as a floor for original jurisdiction by adult criminal courts by allowing preference to be given to Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) grant applications that originate from states that have enacted similar or stronger provisions."
In other words? If one assumes that Christine Ford’s account is accurate, it happened for one reason, the reason that no less than Cory Booker himself has — truthfully — asserted. Again, that is this: Studies of youth brain development have found that the decision-making functions of the brain do not fully develop until much later than was previously believed to be the case.

In other words? The activities of a 17-year-old Brett Kavanaugh, not to mention 15-year-old Christine Blasey, were the result of immature teenagers whose “decision-making functions” were impaired to begin with because they had brains that were not “fully” developed. Not to mention that if Booker is literally sponsoring legislation that would make it the law of the land to seal youthful criminal records, there is no way that Ford’s 36-years later allegation, when no charges were even filed in the day, should be relevant in the first place.

There is zero evidence — say again zero — that Kavanaugh has ever exhibited this behavior in his adult life. Say again, zero. To the contrary. One woman after another has come forward to describe him in terms of being a gentleman on a personal level and an utter professional in the workplace. 

Contrast this with the behavior Democrats are silent about this very minute.

(The Spectator)
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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Obama Didn't Ban Reporters, He Just had Them Thrown Out.

The WH press corps, or maybe it better said 'activists masquerading as journalists', and their at-the-ready outrage went full tilt and made the story about them after a CNN reporter was banned from a Rose Garden ceremony for previously screaming at the President during a photo op and then refusing to leave when asked. To listen to them today you'd think this is a disgraceful historic first by a US presidential administration. Well, not quite. Barky Obama limited and pushed around his lapdog media like no one else, especially after being reelected.  And remember how people laughed at the comment he had made that his would be the most transparent presidency in history?

Let's Take a look at a few examples of how Barky treated the press in past shall we? 

Obama The Puppet Master
“The way the president’s availability to the press has shrunk in the last two years is a disgrace,” said ABC News White House reporter Ann Compton, who has covered every president back to Gerald R. Ford. This is different from every president I covered. This White House goes to extreme lengths to keep the press away.”
Obama Shuts Out White House Reporters Yet Again
"On Wednesday, while Obama met with donors from the House Majority PAC, the reporters were not even told where the meeting was taking place. The press corps has rallied together in recent months to protest restrictions on White House access, but despite their demands they continue to be locked out of major events in and out of the Oval Office.The White House Correspondents Association filed a formal complaint with press secretary Josh Earnest on Tuesday......"
Here’s just one of the times Obama had a reporter removed for interrupting him “in his house” the press claps wildly, even starts chanting Obama’s name while the reporter is being removed for yelling “NO MORE DEPORTATIONS”
And let not forget this reporter who was kindly asked to leave AF1.....

Even during the 2008 campaign Barky dissed the press:
Obama Boots Reporters From Conservative Papers while nonpolitical publications like Glamour and Jet magazines remained on board, at times even eliminated from the plane's traveling press were the Washington Times, the New York Post and the Dallas Morning News. 

And this from 2015: Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo ejected from a State Department media briefing in Vienna and senior department officials threatened to call security on him, without him even saying a word.

But we wouidn't want all this to get out. Some people might be a bit embarrassed.......

Monday, June 11, 2018

Irrelevant Gasbag & Soy Boy Prime Minister Team Up to Help Trump Re-election Campaign

Who’d a thunk it? Here we have Robert De Niro and Justin Trudeau, who personify elitism and hypocrisy, teamed up this weekend to do their part in helping re-elect Donald Trump. As if working in concert, the duo made their initial contributions to the Trump campaign within hours of each other over the weekend. Trudeau went first.

Long before the G7 summit, Trudeau had proclaimed: "World at ‘pivot point,’ needs to embrace free trade." Trudeau stated in an interview aired Sunday that the reasoning behind implementing new U.S. tariffs on Canada was "insulting and unacceptable. Canada is “polite, we’re reasonable but we also will not be pushed around," Trudeau added.

Aboard Air Force One heading for the Singapore Summit, Trump learned of Trudeau’s swipe and instantly directed his staff to unfix his name to the G7’s final communique. He also noted this of the much ballyhooed “pro-free trade” Canadian Prime Minister, by taking to the tweeter:
“Canada charges the U.S. a 270% tariff on Dairy Products! They didn’t tell you that, did they? Not fair to our farmers!” 
It is said one of  Donald Trump’s darkest talents is his ability to identify an opponent’s delicate spot and stab it remorselessly. *cough* CNN *cough* From his knack for condescending nicknames (Low Energy Jeb, Little Rocket Man) to inviting Bill Clinton’s accusers to the second presidential debate, there’s no denying the man has a skill for knifing sensitive spots. And now he has found Canada’s vulnerable flank: Dairy Tariffs. 

As the CBC reminded:
"Canada levies a tariff of 270 percent on milk, 245 percent on cheese and 298 percent on butter in an effort to keep U.S. and other foreign dairy imports out.” These tariffs exist almost exclusively for the benefit of the agriculture sector of Quebec, a province with a unique stranglehold on Canadian politics." 
Now, Trump having successfully pointed out that the Canadian Dairy Emperor is a hypocrite and has no free trading clothes, he has begun righting the ship of tariffs and I'm sure to the delight of American dairy farmers. A more basic contribution to his re-election, this one courtesy of Justin Trudeau, would be hard to imagine.

Hard to imagine, that is until Sunday evening.

Not to be outdone by a mere Canadian prime minister in the drive to re-elect Trump, actor Robert De Niro stepped to the nationally televised stage in NY City at Broadway’s Tony Awards. Standing in front of an audience of glitzy wealthy American liberal elites, De Niro proceeded to drive the TV censors crazy by launching his profanity-laced tirade of expletives that sparked a roaring reaction from the audience, with most standing up to cheer.

It would be hard to understate the value of De Niro’s contribution to the Trump campaign seeing all the media publicity it garnered. Taking Hillary's snooty “basket of deplorables” snobbery to an entirely new level, De Niro and his fellow Hollywood/Broadway light in the loafers elitist snoots effectively gave the middle finger to average Americans from coast to coast. One can only be amazed at the powerful combination of such utter, blatant and quite vivid hypocrisy (from Trudeau) combined with the even more haughty arrogance of a famous and rich liberal actor (De Niro) as they collectively made Donald Trump a truth-telling hero to Americans. Even some in the media had to agree. 

Justin Trudeau and Robert De Niro. Helping re-elect Trump to keep Making America Great Again. Who knew?


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Barack Obama Once Wrote: Becoming Donald Trump Was The American Dream.

Barky Day Dreaming of His Own Styrofoam Greek Columns

Donald Trump's name pops up a lot in books from the 1980s and 1990s. At the time he was most everyone's symbol for American wealth and success, here and abroad.  And apparently, Barack Obama once associated the current president with American success as well. In 1991, as a 29-year-old professional college student and soon-to-be Harvard Law School grad, Obama wrote a paper with a friend Robert Fisher called “Race and Rights Rhetoric.” Obama summed up the average American’s mindset with the following sentence: "I may not be Donald Trump now, but just you wait; if I don't make it, my children will." 

This quote came to light following the publishing last year of Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, a 1,460-page biography of the former U.S. president by David J. Garrow. The quote was taken from the duo's law paper and was previously unpublished. Here’s the full excerpt:
 “[Americans have] a continuing normative commitment to the ideals of individual freedom and mobility, values that extend far beyond the issue of race in the American mind. The depth of this commitment may be summarily dismissed as the unfounded optimism of the average American—I may not be Donald Trump now, but just you wait; if I don't make it, my children will.”
Asfar as the book, the New York Times Book Review called it "a bloated, tedious and...ill-considered book that is in desperate need of editing, and way more exhausting than exhaustive.” It's not fair to dismiss a book based on one poor review, especially when it's the snooty elitist New York Times Book Review bunch. There is much they really don't want to read about their hero, never-before-seen (or at least rarely ever shared) insights, like Obama’s aforementioned thoughts on Trump and details on his very serious relationship with Sheila Miyoshi Jager, the white girl kept quietly in the shadows that he proposed marriage twice before settling for south side Michelle.

[New York Times Book Review]
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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Donald Trump Named Top Global Oppressor of the Press

U.S. News Media No Longer Allowed to Lick Their Own Balls

The Committee to Protect Journalists has named Donald Trump winner of its “Overall Achievement in Undermining Global Press Freedom” in its “Press Oppressors” awards. The CPJ named Trump as the leader who most undermined press freedoms in 2017, despite the fact numerous other world leaders actually work to block the free press in their countries.
"While previous U.S. presidents have each criticized the press to some degree, they have also made public commitments to uphold its essential role in democracy, at home and abroad. Trump, by contrast, has consistently undermined domestic news outlets and declined to publicly raise freedom of the press with repressive leaders such as [Chinese President] Xi, [Turkish President] Erdoğan, and [Egyptian President] Sisi."
He gets a lot done with those tiny hands, doesn't he. Just goes to show a little determination goes along way. I mean China has the great firewall that censors speech in real time and requires news outlets to have licenses. Turkey, well they just kills journalists Erdogan doesn’t like, all the while Trump hasn’t even proposed legislation against the fifth estate, he just tweets.

Meanwhile, journalists in countries hostile to a free press are facing persecution every day around the world. According to Reporters Without Borders, all Middle Eastern, Asian, eastern European and most South American, Central American, African and Caribbean countries have a less free press than in America, yet their leaders aren’t as oppressive to journalists as Trump?

The committee actually maintains a list of countries where journalists are most likely to be killed by the government. I suppose the fact America isn’t on the list was why committee felt comfortable presenting their award here despite having the worlds worst oppressor of journalists. Either that or these people being professional journalists are acquainted with uses of words the ordinary person might not be.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Blurring The Line Between Sexual Banter and Misconduct

What we are seeing almost every day now, the regular accusations of sexual misconduct on the part of individual famous men, done frequently behind a shield of privacy while targeting individuals for ruin, is anything but a movement for social change as many are quick to tell us.

Targeting individuals for ruin is not the same as targeting issues or institutions and their practices, nor does it offer solutions to problems. It only serves to divide people, in this case the sexes, even more and threatens a backlash to a Puritanical sexuality in our culture. Incidents, not always even patterns, that allegedly occurred sometimes up to one-quarter century ago, are now being used not to change a culture, but to exact a revenge on individual men ostensibly behaving badly.  Progressive movements traditionally target social issues and institutions for change, not people for professional assassination. If change is the goal, the accusations need to be dealt with either in the institution in which it occurred, or in a court of law, not just in the court of public opinion alone. If individuals are named publicly, it should be part of a charge brought against them, not just an unsupported accusation splashed across the media

Yet, how many of those who have privately accused public figures of harassment have filed institutional and/or legal complaints or even come out in the open? When accusers stand behind the wall of privacy and/or are not required even by the media or society at large to present support for their public charges, it is easy to pick out targets for public assault. There are moral as well as legal lines between a personal offense, sexual misconduct within or outside of a professional setting, and verbal or physical abuse. Yet all sexual issues involved these days are being blurred into one giant non-judicial charge, with the intended punishment a public humiliation.  

And despite what feminist and some usually sensible women are putting forth, unwelcomed sexual advances and sexual banter are not on the same moral or legal level as unwelcomed physical touching or physical exposure. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Where Are The Falling Pianos When You Need Them

A perfect analogy of Truth vs. Reality in the the media:  The WH press corps and pundits are more outraged over Trump calling out Lizzy Warren for lying about her heritage than they are over Warren lying about her heritage.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Trump Calls For Media Competition

DT - Judging from the hysterical overreaction to President Trump’s calling out of CNN International for presenting a distorted view of the USA to the rest of the world, he seriously struck a nerve with the thoroughly discredited network. CNN’s talking heads were just fit to be tied as they counter-attacked Trump and discredited boobs from across the fake news media were quick to pile on.

One of them being Michael Hayden who is given great gravitas by the mercenary media for being a former director of the CIA – the same agency that brought the country the infamous Operation Mockingbird where the goons at Langley actually had so-called “journalists” on the payroll.
"If this is who we are or who we are becoming, I have wasted 40 years of my life. Until now it was not possible for me to conceive of an American President capable of such an outrageous assault on truth, a free press or the first amendment."
While Hayden is always trotted out as some sort of authority it is never mentioned that he was ALSO the head of the National Security Agency right BEFORE and DURING 9/11.  Being in charge of the agency presiding over the biggest intelligence fuck-up in the history of this nation shouldn’t make him much of an authority on anything let alone national security. Considering Hayden’s performance at NSA, he shouldn’t be able to get a job as a manager at a local Whataburger today.

But that is the way that it works here in the USSA where “news” is really nothing more than propaganda and has been that way AT LEAST since former President Barack Obama repealed the ban on such crap being delivered to domestic audiences with a drastic overhaul of the Smith-Mundt Act that went into effect shortly after he was reelected. 

Being that the entire media is now suspect and nobody should believe a damned thing that any of the major anti-Trump networks have to say, leave it to Trump to throw another fistful of mud into their eyes with a Monday morning tweet proposing something new. 


Do we even have to wait to announce a winner? CNN is the New England Patriots of fake news, a dynasty of bullshit that has racked up an impressive string of dominant victories over the truth for years and especially since Trump’s election. I know that the rest of the liberal jagwads will be absolutely crushed – most of all at the Washington Post and at MSNBC – but there will be participation trophies aplenty.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Maxine Water's Liberal Champion of Women Got Some Real 'Splainin To Do

Rep. John Conyers Jr? Come on down! You’re the next contestant on the media extravaganza where hypocritical liberal creepy old dudes try to weasel their way out of sexual harassment claims. The fact that Conyers is the head of the Office of Compliance, which is supposed to oversee incidents of abuse, things get a lot more interesting.

Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the powerful House Judiciary Committee, repeatedly made sexual advances to female staff that included requests for sex acts, contacting and transporting other women with whom they believed Conyers was having affairs, caressing their hands sexually, and rubbing their legs and backs in public.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Media Can't Cover the Bob Menendez Trial Because Trump!

If you didn't already know about it you'd probably have no idea watching the national media that a sitting Democrat Sleazeball Senator was currently at the center of a massive corruption and bribery trial. That's because the trial has enjoyed what amounts to a media blackout since it began. 

Here's how the charges were (briefly) laid out by the Washington Post:
Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) was indicted on federal corruption charges Wednesday, accused of using the influence of his office to advance the business interests of a longtime friend and political supporter in exchange for luxury gifts, lavish vacations and more than $750,000 in campaign donations.
The laundry list of Menendez's ethical issues actually goes a whole lot deeper, since those "lavish vacations" allegedly involved the hiring of prostitutes, said to be underage, in the Dominican Republic.  Virtually no Dem-friendly media outlet has even touched it, ans we all know why. The bias is so obvious that no one seriously tries to deny it anymore.

Still, media hacks like MSNBC's overly wound-tight Larry O'Donnell occasionally try to pretend they're doing their best to cover these sorts of stories. According to O'Donnell, they simply can't. 

The reason? Donald Trump. It's seems Trump is so awful that they have no choice but to ignore Democrat corruption. Trump is on Twitter, you know, and there are only so many hours in the day.
“If we had anyone else in the White House, if we had any other president in the White House, any other of the Republicans that were running for president, never mind, have Hillary Clinton as president, the Menendez trial would be a very big item in all of our coverage. But this is what Donald Trump has done to coverage; the trying to keep up with everything the president is generating on a given day is just overwhelming. You don’t want your president tweeting all the time or at all if you’re a Republican."
Uh-huh. So because they have to cover Trumps Twitter activity, MSNBC can't cover Bob Menendez's corruption trial. Got it! I suspect the real reason Lawrence O'Donnell personally doesn't have time to cover the Menendez trial is that he's still too busy trying to find out who is doing that HAMMERING!!!!

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Let's Drink To Diversity!

Same political party - Endorses same candidates - Same stance on every issue. 
Ladies and gentlemen, “comedy.”

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dem to Introduce Impeachment Articles over Charlottesville

I find this truly ironic. Things like this coming from a group of politicians who coddle and refuse to condemn the violent anarchist and fascist brown shirt tactics of antifa or BLM assassinations of law enforcement officers.  The hypocritical liberal hate-fest marches onward.......

The Hill - Rep. Steve Cohen (D), a Tennessee liberal, announced Thursday that he will introduce articles of impeachment against President Trump based on his defense of the white supremacists who participated in a deadly rally in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend. 
“Instead of unequivocally condemning hateful actions by neo-Nazis, white nationalists and Klansmen following a national tragedy, the President said 'there were very fine people on both sides.' There are no good Nazis. There are no good Klansmen,” Cohen said in a statement. “President Trump has failed the presidential test of moral leadership.” 
Cohen’s decision follows on the heels of a similar effort by Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), who last month introduced his own articles of impeachment contending Trump obstructed justice amid the federal investigation into Russia’s interference with the 2016 presidential election. - Read More


You cannot impeach a politician for a "contenting " of wrong doing without proof, of which there is none.  And you certainly cannot impeach for your own misinterpretation as to what is actual meant in statement of broad condemnation. His statement was not a defense of the white supremacist.  Besides, if the test of "moral leadership" were applied to the democrat party representatives, there would be a whole lot of impeaching going on. 

Missouri State Senator: "I Hope Trump Is Assassinated!"

Monday, May 8, 2017

In Repealing Obamacare, One Must Not Overlook The Plight of Celebrities

Last week the more sensible members of the House of Representatives all voted to start replacing ObamaCare with something that sucks much less. Liberals have of course lost their ever-loving minds claiming that providing more affordable health care "will kill millions of Americans."  Liberal celebrities, not to be outdone, are getting in on the hysteria.  Like Cher and Alyssa Milano, who are exceedingly wealthy and can afford top-notch health insurance, want you to believe that the ObamaCare repeal is going to devastate them. 

If you want to grab a tissue before you read the rest of this, I’ll wait..........

First we have former child actor and b-lister Alyssa Milano, who last time I remember seeing her she was trolling for money on television to feed people who live out in the middle of the desert who are too stupid to go where the food is, and also seem to remember seeing her selling Earth Friendly Drain Cleaner or Bottled Unicorn Farts or something on The Home Shopping Network.  She sent out this bizarre tweet with a video which is designed to jerk your chain and make you think that she will now be uninsurable.

So she is a nervous wreck, has zits, is experiencing 2 simultaneous pregnancies and is in the process of receiving two c-sections. I have to say, all things considered, she looks pretty good seeing she suffers of the scourge of a serious health problem like acne!  I’m guessing that maybe she would like to go back and reword that tweet.  Medical procedures she had in the past are not pre-existing conditions. But she did miss one; from the video she clearly suffers from "Bad White Girl Dancing Syndrome." 

I would say to Alyssa that she shouldn’t worry. As a member of the Screen Actors Guild, she has excellent Gold Plated Medical Coverage. She making a killing off syndication of old TV series and is rich as hell, and could easily afford the deductible from even my health plan, which I pay for myself BTW.  And I'm sure lil' Alyssa's financial adviser has her in some good Pharmaceutical stocks and long term Fossil Fuel investments to help out a little around the house like many Hollywood Hypocrites celebrities do.  

Next we go to the La La Land of Cher for one of the most insane tweets you will ever see:

Personally, I think the better half of Sonny and Cher checked out to early, but I digress....

Due to her psychosis and gratuitous use of emojis, I’m not real certain what she’s trying to say here.  Cher has asthma but also has health insurance, which covers that. The ObamaCare repeal will not change that fact, but for some reason she thinks suddenly there will be no money for asthma, whatever that means.  To make matters worse, there will be no money for asthma for a multi-cultural group of happy children. Finally, no asthma money means no money for domestic abuse victims and that’s also bad because “battered women” is a pre-existing condition. (?)  I would say that maybe she should have split this thought into multiple tweets to help it make a little more sense, but I doubt that it would have. 

And again, Cher needs to relax and understand that as a wealthy Hollywood elite type person, she can afford the best care possible. If she wasn’t such a liberal lunatic, maybe she could even wrap her head around the fact that ObamaCare made health care too expensive for a lot working people to afford and now that it’s gone the peasants too will be able to seek treatment for medical problems. 

This women is filty rich, even after losing tons of money on her last two or three 'Farewell Tours" that failed miserably after degenerating into big Drag Queen Carnivals, and all the money she blew on Plastic Surgery and that confused freak she gave birth to.  

What you have here is a perfect example of the liberal bubble that celebrities live in. Both Cher and Alyssa Milano are trying desperately to make you think they have the same problems as you. They don’t. Their problems are more related to which designer dress they should wear for a premier or how to hide their income so they don’t have to pay taxes on it.

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Taking a Stand in the Debate Over Illegal Immigration

According to the Sacramento Bee, the City Council of the celebrity enclave  of Malibu California voted 3-2 earlier this month to approve a resolution prohibiting use of city resources to enforce federal civil immigration law, thus joined the ranks of sanctuary cities.

Councilwoman Councilperson Laura Rosenthal introduced the resolution after Malibu resident, actor and former President Martin Sheen, appeared before the council in December to urge a sanctuary designation. Rosenthal told the Los Angeles Times
"When I reached out to some of the people at the schools and other people in the community, they told me people are scared. To the influx of immigrants coming into Malibu who may be undocumented, I wanted to send a clear message that we are here for you."
Malibu is home to wealth movie moguls and rock stars from Bob Dylan to Steven Spielberg and Barbara Streisand, who interestingly just so happened recently got their panties in a wad over access to the beach in front of their homes by the unwashed commoners. 

So you can't imagine my surprise when Diogenes recently received an email from Barbara Streisand (obviously by mistake) and addressed to someone named Arthur Sulzberger, who must run a website or something that famous people write Op-eds and pretend to know a lot about everything. After I read the unpublished post embedded in the email, I couldn't resist sharing it with my readers.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Sunday, March 5, 2017  2:50 AM
To: Arthur Sulzberger < Diogenes Middle >
Subject: Immigration Op-ed

Dear Arty,
Here is the article you asked I write about at the Glorious One's last invite to dinner at the White House. I'm sorry it isn't quite up to Babs' usual intellectual excellence, but I am so distracted these days by all the pretty things Babs surrounds herself with. I know a guy who lives as you do would understand about this kind of thing also. I'm sending my pool boy to NY with the $247.00 submission fee (such a pittance for a posting fee these days) but I don't mind doing my part to redistribute the wealth as our former great leader Barack once said we should.
Power to the Correct People,
Why I'm Against Immigration Reform
By Barbara Streisand

I have this employee in my housekeeping department we'll call "J". We'll call her that because most Hispanic people have a name starting with the letter J and I strictly forbid my employees from learning the names of each other because name-knowledge promotes needless chit-chat. It would be hypocritical of me not to abide by the same instructions I demand my staff follow, therefore I have no clue as to J's real name.

While reviewing security footage one night with my husband.....what's his name.... I noticed that everyone really seemed to like J. They smiled at her, waved at her, and often made physical contact,  which I'm told expresses admiration, support, or just general kindness. The traditions of the everyday little people are simply fascinating!

Coincidentally, J passed me in the hallway the other day. While she was careful to observe the two-foot rule, she did not abide by Chapter 25, Paragraph 15 of the, "Streisand Household Handbook for Successful Dealings with Ms. Streisand," which states, "On rare occasions in which you are lucky enough to come within earshot of Ms. Streisand, you are to refrain from making a single sound with any part of your body, orifice or otherwise, or article of clothing. Violation of this rule could result in termination, and replacement." She dare muttered "Excuse me!"

People seem to enjoy enjoy the company of J even though she has no musical ability. How in the world does she pull that off? Babs no comprendo.

I asked husband about it and he said that a lot of people enjoy engaging in conversation for recreational purposes. Apparently speaking with others is cathartic for some. But she doesn't speak with people because she’s asking for political favors or election donations. She's not admonishing underlings for inappropriate eye-contact, because 13% of the kitchen floor tiles contain unacceptable levels of grime, or because she found a Cheerio underneath the refrigerator and is demanding to know who's responsible. So apparently J is the Barbra Streisand of talking to people. Like I am great at singing, she is great at conversing. I'm told those who excel at conversation often have many friends.

The reason I became an Academy Award winning superstar singer/actor/director triple threat is so I could talk to other Academy Award winning living legends. If I wanted to talk to maids, I would have taken up house cleaning.  Conversations with the help are a waste of my time and a waste of their time. And I'm paying them while they're at my residence.  Plus, it's always awkward because I can't understand a word they say.  Besides, people don't get paid to talk to Barbra Streisand; people pay to talk to Barbra Streisand.  

So why do I care so much about a meaningless staffer that I may have already fired but don't remember? Why do I care so much about a lady that I may eventually have deported because her extra-dark arm hair really grosses me out? Why do I care so much about a woman who may one day accuse me of devouring an entire box of Twinkies because I desperately want to keep a late night binge session secret?

Well, the truth is, I don't. But Babs needs a supply of readily available inexpensive fence jumpers for replacements and full staffing. That's why I'm against Immigration reform!

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Democrats 2017: A Party of Frothing Lunatics

Nan Pelosi, Maxie Waters and Lizzy Warren, the humorist out-front faces of the women of the modern Democrat Party. Pelosi and Waters loony public statements and Elizabeth Warren’s recent actions have led to some humorous headlines, such as “Senate votes to shut up Elizabeth Warren.” after impugning another senator while she droned on in a lengthy speech against the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions. And of course, when the left is losing the argument, out comes the race card.

According to Fox Business:
Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., however, said Senator Warren is using the King named to play the race card and stir up emotions. 
“In that letter [Coretta Scott King] would be referring to some of [Sen. Jeff Sessions] comments,” King told the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto. “However, she would agree today that he of course ended some [school segregation and] he worked to prosecute members of the KKK.” 
“It’s almost like a bait and switch, stir up the emotions, in the name of King — and my name is Alveda King — [and] play the race card, which she was attempting to do.” 
In another example of Lizzy's hypocrisy, Warren hounded Betsy DeVos for her support of school choice, a policy she defended in 2003 in her book "The Two Income Trap." 

Where Are The Falling Pianos When You Need One?