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Monday, May 8, 2017

In Repealing Obamacare, One Must Not Overlook The Plight of Celebrities

Last week the more sensible members of the House of Representatives all voted to start replacing ObamaCare with something that sucks much less. Liberals have of course lost their ever-loving minds claiming that providing more affordable health care "will kill millions of Americans."  Liberal celebrities, not to be outdone, are getting in on the hysteria.  Like Cher and Alyssa Milano, who are exceedingly wealthy and can afford top-notch health insurance, want you to believe that the ObamaCare repeal is going to devastate them. 

If you want to grab a tissue before you read the rest of this, I’ll wait..........

First we have former child actor and b-lister Alyssa Milano, who last time I remember seeing her she was trolling for money on television to feed people who live out in the middle of the desert who are too stupid to go where the food is, and also seem to remember seeing her selling Earth Friendly Drain Cleaner or Bottled Unicorn Farts or something on The Home Shopping Network.  She sent out this bizarre tweet with a video which is designed to jerk your chain and make you think that she will now be uninsurable.

So she is a nervous wreck, has zits, is experiencing 2 simultaneous pregnancies and is in the process of receiving two c-sections. I have to say, all things considered, she looks pretty good seeing she suffers of the scourge of a serious health problem like acne!  I’m guessing that maybe she would like to go back and reword that tweet.  Medical procedures she had in the past are not pre-existing conditions. But she did miss one; from the video she clearly suffers from "Bad White Girl Dancing Syndrome." 

I would say to Alyssa that she shouldn’t worry. As a member of the Screen Actors Guild, she has excellent Gold Plated Medical Coverage. She making a killing off syndication of old TV series and is rich as hell, and could easily afford the deductible from even my health plan, which I pay for myself BTW.  And I'm sure lil' Alyssa's financial adviser has her in some good Pharmaceutical stocks and long term Fossil Fuel investments to help out a little around the house like many Hollywood Hypocrites celebrities do.  

Next we go to the La La Land of Cher for one of the most insane tweets you will ever see:

Personally, I think the better half of Sonny and Cher checked out to early, but I digress....

Due to her psychosis and gratuitous use of emojis, I’m not real certain what she’s trying to say here.  Cher has asthma but also has health insurance, which covers that. The ObamaCare repeal will not change that fact, but for some reason she thinks suddenly there will be no money for asthma, whatever that means.  To make matters worse, there will be no money for asthma for a multi-cultural group of happy children. Finally, no asthma money means no money for domestic abuse victims and that’s also bad because “battered women” is a pre-existing condition. (?)  I would say that maybe she should have split this thought into multiple tweets to help it make a little more sense, but I doubt that it would have. 

And again, Cher needs to relax and understand that as a wealthy Hollywood elite type person, she can afford the best care possible. If she wasn’t such a liberal lunatic, maybe she could even wrap her head around the fact that ObamaCare made health care too expensive for a lot working people to afford and now that it’s gone the peasants too will be able to seek treatment for medical problems. 

This women is filty rich, even after losing tons of money on her last two or three 'Farewell Tours" that failed miserably after degenerating into big Drag Queen Carnivals, and all the money she blew on Plastic Surgery and that confused freak she gave birth to.  

What you have here is a perfect example of the liberal bubble that celebrities live in. Both Cher and Alyssa Milano are trying desperately to make you think they have the same problems as you. They don’t. Their problems are more related to which designer dress they should wear for a premier or how to hide their income so they don’t have to pay taxes on it.

Thank You MJA for the Linkage!

Friday, May 5, 2017

How Cruel: The Increasingly Unhinged Left Will Have to Pay for Their Own Anti-Psychotic Medications.

Republicans cruelly ignored a rapidly spreading epidemic as they crafted the partial repeal of Obamacare that passed in the House yesterday: They failed to include any provision in AHCA that provides mental health benefits for balmy liberals whose thin tether to sanity has been severed by the success of the GOP and Donald Trump. His victory in November and his successful collaboration with Senate Republicans on the confirmation of Neal Gorsuch for SCOTUS have already turn them into gibbering Tards.

Their conditions have now been exacerbated by the passage of AHCA, yet it provides no subsidy to pay for their Seroquel. And they are in dire need of anti-psychotic medication. Elizabeth Warren, whose multiple-personality disorder occasionally manifests itself in the form of a verbose U.S. Senator and other times as a remarkably pale indigenous princess loosed the following war whoop on Twitter:
“#AHCA will devastate Americans’ healthcare. Families will go bankrupt. People will die.”
Settle Down Lizzy and take a pill....

On the latter point, she may be onto something though. Some of the outbursts our progressive friends are foolhardy enough to put in print are causing so much mirth on the tweeter that increasing amounts of leftist may end up in the Emergency Rooms.

The Democrats and their partners in the media and the entertainment industry have become a case study in mass hysteria. Perhaps AHCA should have included some provision for pre-existing hysteria. These people need sedatives and a long spell at a country retreat before they hurt themselves. They have already done considerable harm to us.

But there is good news on the horizon for the Hysterical Booger Eating Leftist of America:

Scientists at a number of universities including Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) say parents should not discourage their children from picking their noses because they contain 'a rich reservoir of good bacteria.

And we should certainly listen to the Ivy Leaguers, they're experts at producing healthy leftist Booger Eaters.......Read More

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