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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Sexism Had Little To Do With It.

You knew it was coming sooner or later, just like the sunrise: someone inside the democrat party blaming sexism for failed female presidential campaigns. I admit that part of me was disappointed to hear that Lizzy Warren was dropping out of the presidential race because I was looking forward to watching Liz and Bernie politically destroy each other and their party (during the convention) along with it. 

Her supporters wanted her to remain in the race in part because she was the last woman standing outside of Tulsi Gabbard , who is sticking around more or less as sand in the democrats butt crack then anything else. So imagine my lack of surprise when reactions from “feminists” and prominent former presidential candidates like Kamala Harris started rolling in, trotting out the “woman” card to explain why campaigns like her’s and Lizzy's failed.  Both Warren and Harris may think it sounds good to suggest the fact that they are women played a starring role in the failures of their respective campaigns, but the reality is that’s just not true. 

Nay, the real reason for their failures are the electorate judged them as tone deaf, pandering, unlikable persons with extremely annoying voices!!  In Kamala they saw a Creepy Voodoo Witch persona with a horrific track record, a coastal lefty and a terrible candidate. She actually thought she could appeal to clueless suburban soccer moms at the same time fanning the flames of racial resentment with talk of reparations and pretending to be down with the struggle.

In my mind, Lizzy conjures up a vision of a self-medicated crazy cat lady, shaking like a speed freak, jumpin' the stage and spouting some expensive goofy leftist policy idea in an annoying voice that wore thin very quickly. Her spastic style of dancing alone should disqualify her from any public office on this planet. I suspect Lizzy already has a book deal in the works and will fire both barrels at you misogynous bastards.

Truth is neither's strong suit, appealing to sensible people is not in their skill set. They’re using the “woman/sexism” card-playing as an excuse to mask their real failures. It’s embarrassing and yet predictable all the same.

[Sister Toldjah]
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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Time To Pack Up the Tepee Lizzy

The Big Fail: No Love Tuesday For Senator Lizzy Warren

Joe Biden’s gambit to bribe Mayo Pete and Amy Klobs to drop out of the race paid off as he managed to pull-off an 8 state win Tuesday. Comrade Bernie did okay too and will probably end up with a similar number of delegates as Joe if California can unf*ck their “new & improved” voting system and actually count the votes.

But the big losers of the day were Mini Mike Boomberg who flushed a cool half billion down the toilet for 17 delegates (that's 29 mil+ per delegate) and Lizzy Warren who so unlikable she couldn't even win her home state. Warren was born in Oklahoma and that’s where she began her delusions of being an Indian princess. The Okies have no love for their native squaw as she came in an embarrassing 4th with 13% of the vote and no delegates. She finished behind Michael Bloomberg. Let that sink in for a second. Oklahomans would rather vote for a elitist NY billionaire asshole than someone who is actually from the state.

Massachusetts wasn’t much better for Lizzy. She represents Massachusetts in Washington and she still lost in a big way to Biden. Sanders came in 2nd with 27% and finally there was Lizzy in 3rd with 21%. They’ll let her represent them in the Senate but won’t vote for her in a primary. Go figure. I’d say the people of Massachusetts must know something that the rest of the country doesn’t about Warren, but she crapped out across the map.

Just a couple of months ago Lizzy was considered a contender and even topped some national polls. Now she’ll have to change her name to E-Loser-Beth because she really got her ass kicked last night.

Keep in mind that lizzy has out-fund-raised Biden and Sanders, yet still couldn’t muster a single win on Super Tuesday.  She didn’t even get a respectable 2nd place finish anywhere. This is a testament to how truly unlikable Lizzy is. She has less appeal than an old senile creepy guy who lets little kids rub his hairy legs in the pool and a hundred year-old grumpy communist with a heart condition.

Pull up the stakes and pack it in Lizzy, it ain't gonna happen.  Go on now.....go have a cool one on us.

[Decision 2020]

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Friday, January 10, 2020

Please, Someone Make It Stop. Lizzy Is Dancin' Again.

Senator Lizzy's once promising presidential campaign has kinda hit the skids now that she says she wants us to eat the rich and she's running out of free things to promise, not to mention Jules Winnfield is pointing a gun at her yellin "say I got a plan for that one more time bitch!" Progtards are starting to seeing she’s faker than a 3-dollar bill.

No one would ever accuse Lizzy of having a sense of self awareness and lately, when taking the stage and just before she starts yelling some goofy policy ideas while shaking like a speed freak, she thinks she can get her some traction by dancing. But unfortunately she can’t dance. And she won't stop!  I mean really, it’s one of the most plastic and embarrassing things I've ever seen. And we know it won't stop soon because she really loves it when the selfie line starts, because they play Dolly Parton's "9 to 5," and she just has a hard time not dancing to that.

Lizzy is trying really hard to be young and hip, only to come off as one of those promotional attention getters that are a colorful nylon tube thing, kept in motion with blown hot air, with the arms, eyes, and face that you see on used car lots, and other grand openings?  That dancing ain’t helping. Make it stop before she hurts herself, or endangers the general public.
Someone get a net! 
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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Lizzy Warren - Jedi Princess??

Def-Con - She’s trying so hard to be relatable. Wealthy out-of-touch Elizabeth Warren has tried to convince people she’s “regular folk” by drinking beer, dancing like a goober, and using a fake hillbilly accent when she talks to the peasants. Now she’s hoping to grab support from Star Wars fans by acting all Jedi and shit. She doesn’t have a great track record for claiming ancestry, so chances are if she does, she is only 1/1024th Jedi.  

You can hear her story now: Her grandpappy was a Jedi knight who had to elope with her Indian grandmammy because a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, mixed marriages were not tolerated by the Empire. Thankfully the Death Star got blowed up a couple of times and eventually they were able to settle down in Tattooine, the Oklahoma of Star Wars planets, and start a family.

The beauty of Warren claiming Jedi ancestry is that unlike that Indian thing, no one could prove her wrong. There is no DNA test that can check for Midi-chlorians, which are intelligent microscopic life forms that live symbiotically inside the cells of all living things. Another advantage is that at this point there’s only one Jedi left. It’s not like there are tribes of Jedis who can call her out for lying about her ancestry.

If Lizzy wants to find a Star Wars character to believably associate with, she needn’t look farther than Jar Jar Binks. He’s a goofball with bad ideas, who makes jerky unsettling motions and speaks in mostly gibberish. She’s comically awkward, wants to destroy America, shakes her head like a chicken eating corn, and expresses her opinions with gobbledygook. They are one in the same.

[Brian Anderson @Def-Con News]
[Team Lizzy]
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Friday, June 28, 2019

Lizzy Warren Sets ‘Jeopardy!’ Loss Record After Buzzing in With “What Is a New Government Program?” Every Time.

By Harvey@IMAO
CULVER CITY, CA (AP) – Hot on the heels of ‘Jeopardy!’ champion James Holzhauer’s 33-game, $2.5 million winning streak, Democrat Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren appeared on the show to set a record of her own. In Warren’s case, though, it was pretty much the exact opposite of Holzhauer’s run, as Warren defied all odds by actually obtaining the lowest theoretical possible score of -$58,000 by offering “what is a new government program?” as her response every time she buzzed in first, which she did every time host Alex Trebek read an answer.  
During a post-game interview, Warren seemed baffled by the turn of events. “I don’t understand,” said Warren. “I phrased it in the form of a question every time, didn’t I?

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Senator Lizzy Tells Fox Where They Can Stick Their Town Hall

The floundering leaderless Democrats are still milling about like ants whose hill was stomped on by voters in 2016, and Senator Lizzy Warren has angrily posited that she will not lower herself, nor allow the largest cable news audience in the country a chance to swoon, together, at her professorsplaining her views and making it so easy for all of us to understand. She tweeted:
“I love town halls. I’ve done more than 70 since January, and I’m glad to have a television audience be a part of them. Fox News has invited me to do a town hall, but I’m turning them down—here’s why. Fox News is a hate-for-profit racket that gives a megaphone to racists and conspiracists—it’s designed to turn us against each other, risking life & death consequences, to provide cover for the corruption that’s rotting our government and hollowing out our middle class.”
I guess Lizzy hadn't heard of Bernie Sander's Fox town hall in Pennsylvania, which was a rousing ratings success and an opportunity to showcase how some of his staple commie issues like Medicare for All resonated with an audience in a state that help DJT over the top 2016.  Following Sanders TH, a number of  Dems are eager for their own hour of free air time and are in talks with the network about doing their own town halls. But Lizzy, Oh Hell No!

Not that a known liar spouting  failed radical liberal policies of  warmed over mutation of Barack Obama and the new far left that appeal to lily-white Democrats who consider themselves experts on knowing how poor people should run their lives would fly very well with a fox audience.

As far as calling Fox as a "megaphone to racists and conspiracists", I guess Lizzy can't get the the wall to wall 24/7 nutcase anti- Trump CNN programming (except when airplanes disappear) that includes the almost nightly pontificating of a panel of gay or black bigots spewing hateful nonsense, presided over by the dumbest man in cable news, Don Lemon.

But on second though, after Lizzy's last televised town hall where she waved her arms about and rattled on sounding like a back-alley bag lady on meth, she may just be too embarrassed ......

Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Clown Car Just Got a Little More Crowded....

  Lizzy Is All In - Vows Class Warfare
The party of diversity celebrates a rich, white woman running for president! 

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Face It Lizzy, You're Just Another White Girl.......

We all laughed at Rachel Dolezal, a woman so obsessed with racial politics that she found her skin to be so offensive to her that she literally did what was necessary to pass herself off as a black woman. Even the left, who was ironically shouting that boys could be girls and vice versa thought her a loon. They need racial issues to be a set thing in order to keep up a thriving privilege narrative and racial divide for healthy voting blocs.

Elizabeth Warren has been struggling against her whiteness for some time. As a Senator, there isn’t really anything special about her. She’s a wealthy, upper-class white woman who has no stand-out characteristics in her personality, except she can be obnoxiously verbose. As far as she goes, she’s another brick in the Democrat sewer drain. What Warren does have is a need for attention, an edge.

She chose to claim Native American ancestry and has benefited from her deception. She was laughed at by the right as tribes denounced her claim due to not finding her lineage in any of their carefully kept records. Regardless, she continued to double, triple, and quadruple down on the claim. She had to because if she didn’t she would just be white. According to the media, Senator Lizzy has now proven that she has Native American ancestry, but mostly has proven she has about as much Native American ancestry as everyone else. And the natives ain't happy.

To make matters worse, she wasn’t even actually tested against Native American DNA (much less Cherokee, which was her original claim). Instead, she was tested against DNA from…Mexico, Peru, and Colombia.

Yes, you read that right. The reason for this is obvious. She clearly didn’t have any Cherokee DNA as she claimed, so the tester decided he’d use just Latin American DNA as a stand in so he could prop up her claim. He found a tiny bit of Latin American DNA within her heritage and used that to say that she has Native American heritage. How does he make this claim? Because some Native Americans, going back to crossing from Russia tens of thousands of years ago, kept going and ended up south of the modern United States. 

But the wagons were circled  and the talking points in her defense went out to the media.

In 2020, any mention of this will elicit claims that she was telling the truth, that the media reported on it, and that it’s a closed case. They are already trying to frame this in the same vein as the birther non-sense. It’s all nakedly transparent.

(Bonchies Diaries)
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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Where Are The Falling Pianos When You Need Them

A perfect analogy of Truth vs. Reality in the the media:  The WH press corps and pundits are more outraged over Trump calling out Lizzy Warren for lying about her heritage than they are over Warren lying about her heritage.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Lizzy Warren’s Senate Race Opponent Sends her a Birthday Gift. Princess Spreading Bull Was Not Amused

Massachusetts Senate candidate, businessman V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, who is running against Elizabeth "Fauxcohontas" Warren for her U.S. Senate seat posted hilarious screenshots of a birthday gift for Warren he purchased online. Lizzy turned 68 in June. Ayyadurai, who is of bonafide East Indian decent, is running on the slogan: “Only a real Indian can defeat the fake Indian.” Senator Lizzy was not amused and refused to take a DNA test mailed to her by Ayyadurai.

The Boston businessman and inventor V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai is the real deal. Ayyadura received a Ph.D. and his undergraduate degree from the M.I.T.  Thanks to her exploitation of her phony minority status, Senator Lizzy, who graduated from Rutgers Law School was hired as a professor at Harvard Law, where she was listed as a “woman of color” and taught one class for a $300,000 salary, benefited from affirmative action hiring programs that should have benefited ACTUAL Native-Americans.  Hypocritical Progressiveness at it's best. 

Earl Done This.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I Found It!

One of the Rarest Photographs in Existence 

The Only Known Picture of Elizabeth Warren With Her Mouth Shut!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Democrats 2017: A Party of Frothing Lunatics

Nan Pelosi, Maxie Waters and Lizzy Warren, the humorist out-front faces of the women of the modern Democrat Party. Pelosi and Waters loony public statements and Elizabeth Warren’s recent actions have led to some humorous headlines, such as “Senate votes to shut up Elizabeth Warren.” after impugning another senator while she droned on in a lengthy speech against the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions. And of course, when the left is losing the argument, out comes the race card.

According to Fox Business:
Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., however, said Senator Warren is using the King named to play the race card and stir up emotions. 
“In that letter [Coretta Scott King] would be referring to some of [Sen. Jeff Sessions] comments,” King told the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto. “However, she would agree today that he of course ended some [school segregation and] he worked to prosecute members of the KKK.” 
“It’s almost like a bait and switch, stir up the emotions, in the name of King — and my name is Alveda King — [and] play the race card, which she was attempting to do.” 
In another example of Lizzy's hypocrisy, Warren hounded Betsy DeVos for her support of school choice, a policy she defended in 2003 in her book "The Two Income Trap." 

Where Are The Falling Pianos When You Need One?