Friday, January 10, 2020

Please, Someone Make It Stop. Lizzy Is Dancin' Again.

Senator Lizzy's once promising presidential campaign has kinda hit the skids now that she says she wants us to eat the rich and she's running out of free things to promise, not to mention Jules Winnfield is pointing a gun at her yellin "say I got a plan for that one more time bitch!" Progtards are starting to seeing she’s faker than a 3-dollar bill.

No one would ever accuse Lizzy of having a sense of self awareness and lately, when taking the stage and just before she starts yelling some goofy policy ideas while shaking like a speed freak, she thinks she can get her some traction by dancing. But unfortunately she can’t dance. And she won't stop!  I mean really, it’s one of the most plastic and embarrassing things I've ever seen. And we know it won't stop soon because she really loves it when the selfie line starts, because they play Dolly Parton's "9 to 5," and she just has a hard time not dancing to that.

Lizzy is trying really hard to be young and hip, only to come off as one of those promotional attention getters that are a colorful nylon tube thing, kept in motion with blown hot air, with the arms, eyes, and face that you see on used car lots, and other grand openings?  That dancing ain’t helping. Make it stop before she hurts herself, or endangers the general public.
Someone get a net! 
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