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Monday, July 19, 2021

Weighed and Found Wanting

Continued exposure and very public incompetence's has not raised Kamala Harris in the public’s esteem. After passing herself off as a down with the struggle, former Hip-Hop diggin', reefer tokin' negro princess from Oakland trolling for the black vote as an embarrassingly bad presidential candidate, now is found lacking even her party's confidence as vice president.

Trafalgar polled respondents within the last week, and found 58% not confident in her at all.  Even 43% of Democrats are not confident that Harris is ready for the big time.

Her pick as a running mate was a head scratcher to most who knew she ruthlessly climbed the political ladder partly as a result of regularly visiting the pants of the powerful mayor of San Francisco while district attorney, and as fawning media, daytime female talk-fest, and late night former comedians obsess about her looks, Chanel handbags, and Manolo Blahnik shoes.

In truth she's what you get if you combine the naked ambition of a Hillary Clinton with Sanford and Son's Aunt Esther. An Extremely Unlikable Person.

I have always suspected the leaders of the Party who picked her, whoever they are, have been planning to ease 46* out of office on the ground of failing health (or untimely accident *wink wink*) and replace him with Harris. Even if 46* manages to survive his term, it won’t be easy for the Democrats to turn to someone other than Kamala–a woman of color–in 2024. Her continuing unpopularity, which public exposure seems to aggravate rather than mitigate, poses a real problem for the Dems.

Pass the Popcorn.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Kountdown To Kamala

As it has become obvious to all but the most soft skull observers, Joe Biden is a shadow of his former self.  Long gone is the aggressive, pugnacious, sleazy inquisitor known for shameful mistreatment of  Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in his confirmation hearings. Today, Americans see a President who is clearly mentally diminished and is getting worse on a daily basis.

During the campaign, when asked by a CBS News correspondent if he had taken a cognitive test, Biden snapped, "Why the hell would I take a test?" His last medical report was issued in December of 2019. While his doctor labeled 46* fit to perform as President, that view was not shared by other experts like Dr. David Scheiner, the former personal physician for Barack Obama who observed 46* for eight years, claimed that Biden was “not a healthy guy.” And Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician for President Obama and DJT, said Biden doesn't seem to have the cognitive ability to serve as head of state. He also reiterated a concern shared by many Americans, “I really think that he needs some type of cognitive testing before he takes over the reins as our Commander-in-Chief.”  Unfortunately, as far as we know, no such testing has been conducted. 

Clearly, Biden was chosen by Obama as VP because he was born in Pennsylvania and could theoretically appeal to white, working class voters in the Rust Belt. But during eight years on the same ticket, Barky did not value Biden as a Vice-President and never invited him to his personal quarters in the White House for a visit. Obama held Biden in such low regard that he did not encourage him to run for President in 2016. Instead, he endorsed Ma Clinton. 

After the election, his mental decline has become obvious.  He has not held a formal press conference and has only been interviewed a few times by friendly reporters. His one town hall meeting was broadcast on CNN, who still to this day uses most of its airtime fuming about DJT still breathing.

46's* condition has become so worrisome that 31 House Democrats are demanding the control of the “nuclear football” be removed from the sole authority of the President.  In the background, smiling and patiently waiting, is Vice President Kamala Harris.  To bolster her position, she has the full support of former President Obama and his political entourage. She knows that her ascendancy will come sooner rather than later. I believe it was the plan all along.

After all, if you were to criticize a black women president, what would they call you?? Harris is biding her time, as the countdown has begun.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Kamala Gets a Reverse Michael Jackson

It appears that the Voodoo Queen had some work done, and had her nose widened to look less Caucasian. This tells Diogenes two things. 1) That she is Joe's V.P. pick and 2) that she already knows it.
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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Sexism Had Little To Do With It.

You knew it was coming sooner or later, just like the sunrise: someone inside the democrat party blaming sexism for failed female presidential campaigns. I admit that part of me was disappointed to hear that Lizzy Warren was dropping out of the presidential race because I was looking forward to watching Liz and Bernie politically destroy each other and their party (during the convention) along with it. 

Her supporters wanted her to remain in the race in part because she was the last woman standing outside of Tulsi Gabbard , who is sticking around more or less as sand in the democrats butt crack then anything else. So imagine my lack of surprise when reactions from “feminists” and prominent former presidential candidates like Kamala Harris started rolling in, trotting out the “woman” card to explain why campaigns like her’s and Lizzy's failed.  Both Warren and Harris may think it sounds good to suggest the fact that they are women played a starring role in the failures of their respective campaigns, but the reality is that’s just not true. 

Nay, the real reason for their failures are the electorate judged them as tone deaf, pandering, unlikable persons with extremely annoying voices!!  In Kamala they saw a Creepy Voodoo Witch persona with a horrific track record, a coastal lefty and a terrible candidate. She actually thought she could appeal to clueless suburban soccer moms at the same time fanning the flames of racial resentment with talk of reparations and pretending to be down with the struggle.

In my mind, Lizzy conjures up a vision of a self-medicated crazy cat lady, shaking like a speed freak, jumpin' the stage and spouting some expensive goofy leftist policy idea in an annoying voice that wore thin very quickly. Her spastic style of dancing alone should disqualify her from any public office on this planet. I suspect Lizzy already has a book deal in the works and will fire both barrels at you misogynous bastards.

Truth is neither's strong suit, appealing to sensible people is not in their skill set. They’re using the “woman/sexism” card-playing as an excuse to mask their real failures. It’s embarrassing and yet predictable all the same.

[Sister Toldjah]
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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Media Working Overtime To Blame Racism & Misogyny For Kamala Falling on Her Face

It's not enough that Kamala Harris is as unlikeable and unappealing as any candidate since that Clinton Woman, that almost immediately after Harris withdrew from the 2020 race accusations of misogyny and racism began to run rampant, and continues at a steady pace ever since. A quick spin around the interwebs will reveal dozens of articles, all lamenting the racism and misogyny that destroyed poor, innocent, Kamala Harris. Just this morning, The Hill treated us to the following:
Sen. Kamala Harris’s exit from the race on Tuesday underscored the degree to which candidates of color have struggled to gain traction in the Democratic primary. At the moment, it appears that the party’s nominee is likely to be one of four white people — former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), or South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg. And with Harris gone, the remaining six candidates who have qualified for the December debate are all white.
.......Democrats pride themselves on a racially diverse party, and the plight of candidates of color is raising new concerns about a primary calendar that gives significant weight to Iowa and New Hampshire."
The modern Democrat Party is built upon the concept that there is endemic, systematic, racism in this country. We’re not talking about a few deranged skinheads, mind you. No, the Dems want you to believe that hatred permeates virtually everyone and everything. They need that to be the popular narrative, and that message has emerged as their party’s defining characteristic.

Once upon a time, the Democrats positioned themselves as the party of the everyman – the working-class Joe who just wanted a better deal. Those days are long gone. Now, they’re the party of socialism, massive and oppressive taxation, transgender bathrooms, and fascist control of healthcare, guns, speech, and private property rights.

To be extremely blunt: Harris wasn’t driven out by bigots and misogynists. Her career ended because she’s an awful person, with a horrific track record, a coastal lefty and a terrible candidate. Kamala's positions are the positions of the modern Democratic Party, and they are being rejected. Since they can’t allow that to be the case, they have to find another excuse. Even if it targets members of their own party, “racism and misogyny” is the charge upon which they’ve settled. It lets the bad ideas off the hook, while it simultaneously serves to keep “their” minorities in line.

[The Hill]

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Gees Kam, That's Embarrassing........

Imagine having to drop out of a presidential race days after the front runner bit his wife's' finger on stage and claimed that kids liked to rub his leg hairs in the swimming pool....

Polling just slightly ahead of Tree Fungus and Spartacus Booker, the angry 
black woman in Manolo Blahnik shoes act is not playing well in middle America.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Step Off Kamala. You're Stinking Up The Clown Car

It looks like we've reached the "can we pull this bitch outta the fire" stage of the nasally Voodoo Witch's run for president. Stories out during the week described a cratering Harris campaign slashing staff and cutting salaries like the final days of Blockbuster.  Her contributions slowing and poll numbers in free fall, she's polling just slightly ahead of Tree Fungus and Spartacus Booker.  No one has ever accused her of being an awesome Senator or even a likable person. And the angry black woman in Manolo Blahnik shoes act is not playing well in middle America, black or white. 

Still, Harris is putting the whole tamale into Iowa.  She plans to spend Thanksgiving there. Barky Obama might've inadvertently set a precedent that black candidates must win the Iowa caucus to prove white people will vote for them. But her problem is not that she's black, she's not.  It's that she's from f**ing California and has overly championed LGBTQ and illegals, both problem issues for black primary voters, and most swing state voters.  She actually thought she could appeal to clueless suburban soccer moms at the same time fanning the flames of racial resentment with talk of reparations and pretending to be down with the struggle. 

She's been on a roll lately, showing a true lack of leadership and personal pettiness when she boycotted a criminal justice reform forum at Benedict College after she learned the organizers gave an award to DJT.  She also vocally defended Katie Hill, treating her as the victim of revenge porn and not just the kooky star in a sex farce.  She was the only Democratic presidential candidate to have Hill's back.  And yes, she got her Kamala on while questioning during some of the worst SOTUS confirmation hearings ever, but due to her junior status, her questions came near the end when most people stopped paying attention.

I'm sure her lack of electablity has nothing to do with the Creepy Voodoo Witch persona she sometimes projects.  Maybe it just hasn't hit her yet that most American people don’t care for her proposed commie policies, taking away the American's health care provider choices, guns and wealth, making the nation into a third-world socialist state based on coercion, state sponsored theft, abrogation of the Constitution, hate and fear.   But Kamala believes the only reasons she’s losing (even in her liberal home state) is because the country isn’t ready for a black female President. That’s not true. We had 8 years of Obama.

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Thursday, August 1, 2019

So, Tulsi Gabbard Is Now A Russian Tool?

Besides yelling racism at everyone, the democrat party and their media stenographers have only one other play in the playbook at this point, Russia. Anything they don’t like is Russia’s fault. Do you eat hamburgers? You’re probably a Russian sympathizer according to The Washington Post. Everything is tied to Russia, no matter how nonsensical the charge is. It never stops and that means it’s not going to stop in the Democratic primaries either.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard absolutely wrecked Kamala Harris at the last debate. In response, Kamala Harris picked herself up off the floor and gave a riveting counter to the attacks on her record.

Just kidding.......before Gabbards microphone had a chance to cool off, the Voodoo Queen's Press Sec. was tweeting out accusing Gabbard of being a Russian agent. No really......

 And it just took off from there.

Wait, you mean to tell me that Russia Today reported on the most explosive exchange at the debate? The same exchange that ever other media outlet on earth reported on? Well, this changes everything.  Stengal has no proof that Russia started the #KamalaHarrisDestroyed hashtag. It’s a baseless accusation that mirrors many other baseless claims about evil Russians controlling social media.

Couldn’t it just be that Kamala Harris a very unlikable person and terrible politician who has no business running for President. No, the only reason Gabbard attacked her is because the Russians made her do it. Do you sense trend yet?

Even the Exalted Nutty Negress of MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who’s never met a conspiracy theory she didn’t love, chimed in as well.

These people are batshit crazy and this is a preview of the general election. Every single bit of positive news for Donald Trump is going to be blamed on the Russians. We are going to get countless evidence free think pieces about Russian trolls, bots, and social media campaigns. All of this will be spun to paint Trump as being helped by the Russians. You can also bet there will be some fresh conspiracy theories dealing with Russian contacts by the Trump campaign. Why? Because they have nothing to actually run on. 

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

It's the Fun New Game......What If You Had to Defend Kamala

From riding her respectable East Indian heritage while attaining prominence in the "white supremacist power structure" to playing identity politics by passing herself off now as a down with the struggle, former Hip-Hop diggin', reefer tokin' negro princess from Oakland trolling for the black vote as a presidential candidate, now comes an exciting new game: "What If You Had to Defend Kamala."  

(Ann Althouse)

Thursday, January 31, 2019

These People Just Can Not Tell the Truth

CNN misleadingly touted outright lied that its Monday night town hall with Sen. Kamala Harris, who recently announced a 2020 bid, as the “most watched cable news single candidate election town hall evah, in all the history of the World.

According to the Washington Examiner, in a statement put out on Tuesday, CNN claimed it had shattered a cable news network record in the headline and again in the first sentence. The town hall, CNN said, averaged 1.957 million viewers according to Nielsen data. However, just over two years ago, Fox News held a town hall with then-candidate Donald Trump getting 2.7 million viewers.

A number of outlets, including Mediaite, Politico, and also the Washington Examiner, have in the past 24 hours updated their initial stories on the CNN announcement to reflect accurately that CNN’s record was only a record for that network and not all of cable news."

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

America: The New Socialist Frontier

Anyone who watched the coming out party that CNN was so kind to throw for Kamala Harris last night saw exactly what was to be expected. A nakedly ambitious United States Senator with a dubious public service record repeatedly say "I Love My Country" and then proceed to lay out a blueprint for the destruction of the workings and precious ideals the made America the most prosperous and free country on earth. The high profile Senator has publicly opened up the 2020 election campaign with the rhetoric national democrats have so longed to put forth without fear. Outright Blatant Socialism.

Alexander Markovsky wrote last month at The Hill, that with the 2018 Democratic victory in the midterms, we saw new arrivals to the House of Representatives who are interpreting the elections as an endorsement of their own socialist policies. They dropped all the pretenses, they are proud Marxist-Leninists driven by the ideology and committed to converting this country into the United Socialist States of America. This militant crowd is comprised of uninformed and misinformed people looking at themselves as unfortunate, underpaid, underappreciated victims of capitalism, overwhelmed with jealousy that there are people who are everything they are not. They are the face of new Democratic Party – “We have been naught, we shall be all.”

The Democratic Party explicitly casts itself as an inheritor of Marxism. The Democrats’ demands are an almost total inversion of the Constitutional arrangements and traditional American values. The economic redistribution, open borders, repeal of the Second Amendment, the abolition of the Electoral College, the election of a president by popular vote, voting rights and free health care to illegal aliens are just part of the comprehensive strategy of putting the harness of socialism around the necks of the American people. The driving force of the Democratic Party is economic “inequality”, the argument socialists have never tired of invoking since the dawn of capitalism. The mantra brought into play by the French Revolution - “War to the palace, peace to the cottage” - is alive and well today in the Democratic Party.

The seductive idea of wealth redistribution has proved to be irresistible to the masses discontented by the inequities. The philosophy of envy and siphoning from the rich appeals to a large segment of the population that does not realize that the definition of “rich” is a spiral of devolution that eventually will reach every business and every individual who works for a living. Donald J. Trump is a disrupter of what had been a smooth transition to the bright socialist future. In a concerted effort to denigrate the President and paralyze executive authority, they are branding him a racist and blatantly subvert every program on his agenda. To render him ineffective, they actively support a collective mania for ever more sweeping investigations of dubious claims, rumors, unsubstantiated allegations and innuendos that has descended over the President, his family, his associates, and nominees.

People who cannot even spell “impeachment” demand one without any substantiation. The great historical irony is that unlike the Russian people who understood the perils of socialism and fought the Bolsheviks in a bloody three-year civil war that by some estimates took fifteen million lives, the freedom-loving Americans keep voting themselves into socialism.  

What Do You Get If You Combine The Naked Ambition of A Hillary Clinton With Sanford and Son's Aunt Esther?

The Washington Post recently called Kamala Harris “the next Barack Obama.” The two do have many things in common: they’re about the same age, both trained as lawyers and activists, and exude a certain movie-star charisma *cough*, at least to the 'Identity Politics' liberal supporters. Like Obama,  Kamala's  parents divorced when she was young, and both grew up in all the privileges America offers to all, and in rather comfortable circumstances. Harris’s father was one of the first black economics professors at Stanford. Her younger sister, Maya, the former head of the Northern California chapter of the ACLU, is married to Tony West, who served as one of  the chief lieutenants of Eric Holder’s corrupt Justice Department. Kamala herself lacks Obama’s rhetorical skills, she can actually finish a sentence with saying "uh" ten times, but it's yet to be seen if she can equal his legendary teleprompter skills. But unlike Obama, she has fire in the panties as she showed the nation with her angry black girl act we all remember from the Kavanaugh hearings.

We may be about to witness the most starstruck credulity since Barky emerged on the national scene in 2008 and Chris Matthews admitted that he felt this thrill going up his leg, as the fawning media, daytime female talk-fest, and late night former comedians obsess about her good looks, Chanel handbags, and Manolo Blahnik shoes. And like Obama, her supporters can shield her from severe criticism by invoking skin color, with her plumbing as backup.

Even more than Obama, Harris is a committed leftist. She’s a  supporter of gender and identity politics, supports medicare for all health care (which sounds much cooler than single-payer) free college tuition (and the unmentioned high taxes that follow). And Kamala has in the past publicly  supported the Black Lives Matters movement, but as Obama did when he sought the presidency, generally avoids high-profile controversies. But Harris’s political caution doesn’t always trump her deep-seated progressive instincts. She made a potentially disastrous misstep early in her tenure as San Francisco D.A., when she decided not to seek the death penalty for a cop killer. As Attorney General she also refused to enforce federal immigration laws, vigorously defending San Francisco’s sanctuary-city ordinance and opposing California’s participation in the federal Secure Communities program, which requires local authorities to detain criminal suspects for deportation if they’re illegal aliens.

Beyond law-enforcement issues, Harris has been a reliable advocate for the leftist agenda. She favors gun control and has criticized Congress for failing to pass restrictive legislation following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook.  As district attorney, Harris filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller, arguing that the Second Amendment does not protect an individual’s right to own firearms. She's continued her predecessor Jerry Brown’s refusal to defend on appeal Proposition 8, a voter-approved state constitutional amendment supporting traditional marriage, because of her personal disagreement with it.

Kamala may indeed be the female Obama, one whose poor track record in public office will be swept aside and gain no greater scrutiny then Barack Obamas radical past was.

(CJ Mag)
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