Monday, October 15, 2018

Face It Lizzy, You're Just Another White Girl.......

We all laughed at Rachel Dolezal, a woman so obsessed with racial politics that she found her skin to be so offensive to her that she literally did what was necessary to pass herself off as a black woman. Even the left, who was ironically shouting that boys could be girls and vice versa thought her a loon. They need racial issues to be a set thing in order to keep up a thriving privilege narrative and racial divide for healthy voting blocs.

Elizabeth Warren has been struggling against her whiteness for some time. As a Senator, there isn’t really anything special about her. She’s a wealthy, upper-class white woman who has no stand-out characteristics in her personality, except she can be obnoxiously verbose. As far as she goes, she’s another brick in the Democrat sewer drain. What Warren does have is a need for attention, an edge.

She chose to claim Native American ancestry and has benefited from her deception. She was laughed at by the right as tribes denounced her claim due to not finding her lineage in any of their carefully kept records. Regardless, she continued to double, triple, and quadruple down on the claim. She had to because if she didn’t she would just be white. According to the media, Senator Lizzy has now proven that she has Native American ancestry, but mostly has proven she has about as much Native American ancestry as everyone else. And the natives ain't happy.

To make matters worse, she wasn’t even actually tested against Native American DNA (much less Cherokee, which was her original claim). Instead, she was tested against DNA from…Mexico, Peru, and Colombia.

Yes, you read that right. The reason for this is obvious. She clearly didn’t have any Cherokee DNA as she claimed, so the tester decided he’d use just Latin American DNA as a stand in so he could prop up her claim. He found a tiny bit of Latin American DNA within her heritage and used that to say that she has Native American heritage. How does he make this claim? Because some Native Americans, going back to crossing from Russia tens of thousands of years ago, kept going and ended up south of the modern United States. 

But the wagons were circled  and the talking points in her defense went out to the media.

In 2020, any mention of this will elicit claims that she was telling the truth, that the media reported on it, and that it’s a closed case. They are already trying to frame this in the same vein as the birther non-sense. It’s all nakedly transparent.

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