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Friday, January 31, 2020

Nations Mental Health Experts on High Alert Ahead of Senate Impeachment Vote

Dr. Lucius Diculius MD. PhD. PsyD. 

Middle Finger News Service Exclusive:

The nation's top Therapist and Private Mental Health Counselors are on high alert ahead of the expected ending of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.  Dr. Throckmorton D. Crebs of the Manhattan Hospital's Mental Unit in NYC told Middle Finger News Service in a phone interview that they expect a horde of patients if the impeachment trial ends in acquittal.

"Our hospital's largest group of patients are members of the news media seeking therapy the last three years.  They come mostly to us for esteem problems stemming from the fact they know that no one believes them anymore, and they realize no one really likes them except their dogs.  And in some cases, we have found even that is a problem," Crebbs told MFNS.  "It's strange territory between their ears."

"But now, if impeachment fails, there is going to be some angry people of the leftist persuasion who staked their entire reputation as experts on impeachment show panel appearances out there kicking puppies, wandering the streets mumbling to themselves and going on epic benders for days. And don't even get me started about those ranting plastic drama queens of the theater district....... Hey, this interview is off the record, right???"

The famous west coast psychotherapist to the stars, Los Angles Dr. Lucius Diculius told MFNS he is alarmed that he may witness again a landslide of anti-Trump media and show biz celebrities mentally out on the ledge and beating down his door all hour of the night needing reassurances that their fantasy world will survive their ongoing nightmare. 

"Those coked-out f**king Hollywood creeps are the worst", the Doctor told us. "I had grown multi-millionaires sobbing at my feet like a two-year-old after the 2016 election. And G*D Dammit I just got them medicated correctly and pacified after the Mueller Report debacle with the assurance they had him dead straight this time with impeachment !!! And now This!!  Oh, Holy Shit! I need a drink."


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Monday, January 6, 2020

The Gnashing of Teeth Begins After Ricky Gervais Burns Hollywood to the Ground

Even before the star-stuck soft skulls got a chance to tune in to watch the Golden Globes, there were signs it was going to be a real shit show.  Then Ricky Gervais later on took to the stage and essentially burned Hollywood to the ground for the self-righteous, self-important partisan political commentary that typically transpires at these events. He also roasted them over Harvey Weinstein, something other award show hosts have been too scared or invested to do.  It was all pretty great and that means the mainstream media have to hate it.

The gnashing of teeth has begun and I expect the media entertainment light-in-the-loafers crowd to keep rolling out op-eds throughout the day telling us how terrible Gervais was for making light of such serious issues. Take this hilariously overwrought piece, for example. 
The #GoldenGlobes mood was already sober thanks to an impeachment, threat of war with Iran and Australian bush fires. The last thing anyone needed was Ricky Gervais there, telling them they sucked.
Poor babies, it's exactly what they needed. The fact that Hollywood takes themselves way too seriously isn’t a reason to not make fun of them when they are clearly ripe for mockery. Having money and being famous does not bestow upon a person a special right to preach to others about world issues. In this case, they ignored Gervais anyway, with many still getting up to proclaim the greatness of abortion and the evils of the orange man.  Shilling for Iran was also on full display

CNN tried to just pretend that Gervais didn’t exist, presenting the event as a somber warning about leftist sacred cows. The Washington Post tried to paint the celebrities in attendance as defiant revolutionaries, not caring about Gervais’ hits.  Meanwhile, the pointed-heads over at Slate just skipped right to the point. They hated Gervais’ jokes.

The fact that it so bothers the mainstream media only makes what he said more hilarious and important. Gervais follows in the footsteps of several recent comedians to go rogue and speak the truth about the culture in Hollywood and it needed to be said. There’s been far too much covering up and obfuscating of what really happens among these groups and the media have been front and center to operate as gatekeepers. 

[NY Post]
[LA Times]
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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Yes Rosanna, We Have 'Disgust' and 'Shame' For You Too.

 Actress Declares Her "Disgust" and "Shame" Being Born "White and Privileged."
As well known for her buck teeth, bony ass and out of proportion breasticles than for her acting (?), Rosanna Arquette was roundly criticized for her statement on social media when she publicly declared her guilt ridden "disgust" and "shame" over being born "white and privileged.

Several followers pointing out that she is welcome do the right thing  and rid herself of any pesky wealth by divvying it out to black or brown people. Some suggested she could change how she identifies racially, others said therapy might help, and a few recommended she simply sober up.

A healthy number of commentors also accused Arquette of virtue signaling by trying to display her politically-correct wokeness. But considering her and her siblings are all kinda wack and certainly no stranger to the outrageous, all this comes as no surprise.

Many actors suffer from arrested emotional development causing them to act like a child or a juvenile. In her case the quiche is over cooked. Just two days ago, Arquette posted a picture of herself kneeling before several American flags while holding up a peace sign. She wrote in the caption, "I'll never stand for the flag again."

When it comes to the Hollywood crowd, it's become increasingly difficult to differentiate between stupidity and mental decline...... 

Evidently this is not her first rodeo....

Monday, January 14, 2019

Combating Trump With Kinky Boots And Pink Capes

There is nothing that strikes fear in the soul more then a flaming gay black guy in a pink cape fighting you with Fashion.....

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Lovely Alyssa Milano Makes the Case for Voter ID

Alyssa Milano has emerged as a major voice in the highly populated, unhinged Hollywood left. She’s been a vehement Trump critic from day one, and someone who can be counted on anytime to support whatever crazy left-wing cause du jour may come down the pipe. She currently has a staggering following of over 3 Million on the tweeter and possesses the superpower to spot a Nazi from afar.  So, when you say “who cares what she thinks” just remember: as hard as it is to believe, a lot of people do. All of that being said, we give credit where credit is due.  If you’re right, you’re right, and it’s finally happened.

We.....we actually agree with Alyssa Milano. But Wait!! Before you go calling the men in white coats from the asylum to come chase me down with a net, let me explain.....

Tuesday night, like many of you political junkies and junkettes, she watched the Ohio 12 primary results roll in. Being a staunch, self-righteous Hollywood liberal, she was utterly crushed and demoralized to see that DJT's chosen one wind up with a probable win.  This wasn't supposed to happen (that blue wave thingy coming and all ya know). But because it did happen, it's clearly another case of “The Russians” interfering in US elections:
You know what sucks? 
Because of our unwillingness to pass policy that protects our election integrity, I immediately think the Green Party votes tonight are Russian meddling. Why else would anyone cast a protest vote in Ohio when there’s so much at stake? - @Lisa Milano
Guess what. She’s right. This election was so close, so reliant on a razor-thin margin that we should never again allow even the possibility of voter fraud to enter our minds. Voter ID's for all! No one should tolerate the idea that the Ruskies could generate fake protest votes in an effort to derail the ascension of duly elected superior liberals. We need strong Voter ID laws that ensures every vote is cast by those who are legally empowered to do so and protects against the disenfranchisement of citizens. Darlin', you've made the case!

We’d like to thank the Lovely Ms. Milano for finally embracing this rational, common sense, line of thought. Mocha Latte' anyone?

[Chienne's Tweeter]                      * Thank You WHATFINGER NEWS for the Linkage!
[Canada Free Press]

Monday, June 11, 2018

Irrelevant Gasbag & Soy Boy Prime Minister Team Up to Help Trump Re-election Campaign

Who’d a thunk it? Here we have Robert De Niro and Justin Trudeau, who personify elitism and hypocrisy, teamed up this weekend to do their part in helping re-elect Donald Trump. As if working in concert, the duo made their initial contributions to the Trump campaign within hours of each other over the weekend. Trudeau went first.

Long before the G7 summit, Trudeau had proclaimed: "World at ‘pivot point,’ needs to embrace free trade." Trudeau stated in an interview aired Sunday that the reasoning behind implementing new U.S. tariffs on Canada was "insulting and unacceptable. Canada is “polite, we’re reasonable but we also will not be pushed around," Trudeau added.

Aboard Air Force One heading for the Singapore Summit, Trump learned of Trudeau’s swipe and instantly directed his staff to unfix his name to the G7’s final communique. He also noted this of the much ballyhooed “pro-free trade” Canadian Prime Minister, by taking to the tweeter:
“Canada charges the U.S. a 270% tariff on Dairy Products! They didn’t tell you that, did they? Not fair to our farmers!” 
It is said one of  Donald Trump’s darkest talents is his ability to identify an opponent’s delicate spot and stab it remorselessly. *cough* CNN *cough* From his knack for condescending nicknames (Low Energy Jeb, Little Rocket Man) to inviting Bill Clinton’s accusers to the second presidential debate, there’s no denying the man has a skill for knifing sensitive spots. And now he has found Canada’s vulnerable flank: Dairy Tariffs. 

As the CBC reminded:
"Canada levies a tariff of 270 percent on milk, 245 percent on cheese and 298 percent on butter in an effort to keep U.S. and other foreign dairy imports out.” These tariffs exist almost exclusively for the benefit of the agriculture sector of Quebec, a province with a unique stranglehold on Canadian politics." 
Now, Trump having successfully pointed out that the Canadian Dairy Emperor is a hypocrite and has no free trading clothes, he has begun righting the ship of tariffs and I'm sure to the delight of American dairy farmers. A more basic contribution to his re-election, this one courtesy of Justin Trudeau, would be hard to imagine.

Hard to imagine, that is until Sunday evening.

Not to be outdone by a mere Canadian prime minister in the drive to re-elect Trump, actor Robert De Niro stepped to the nationally televised stage in NY City at Broadway’s Tony Awards. Standing in front of an audience of glitzy wealthy American liberal elites, De Niro proceeded to drive the TV censors crazy by launching his profanity-laced tirade of expletives that sparked a roaring reaction from the audience, with most standing up to cheer.

It would be hard to understate the value of De Niro’s contribution to the Trump campaign seeing all the media publicity it garnered. Taking Hillary's snooty “basket of deplorables” snobbery to an entirely new level, De Niro and his fellow Hollywood/Broadway light in the loafers elitist snoots effectively gave the middle finger to average Americans from coast to coast. One can only be amazed at the powerful combination of such utter, blatant and quite vivid hypocrisy (from Trudeau) combined with the even more haughty arrogance of a famous and rich liberal actor (De Niro) as they collectively made Donald Trump a truth-telling hero to Americans. Even some in the media had to agree. 

Justin Trudeau and Robert De Niro. Helping re-elect Trump to keep Making America Great Again. Who knew?


Friday, April 13, 2018

'I Might Have To Leave America’ She Says.

There's nothing wrong with adopting a child who happens to be of a different ethnic group from yourself. We're all God's children. There IS something wrong with purposefully adopting black children as a social and/or a career marketability statement, as they do in Hollywood.  And I'm really not sure how privileged children of a millionaire actress would need to fear America. But Hollywood is great at overreacting after all, since they're paid very well to do it. In an interview published in Elle magazine, South African born actress Charlize Theron warned that racism in America was so bad that she “might have to leave.” And no surprise to you I'm sure, among other things she blames the Trump administration. 

In the interview with the alleged comedian Chelsea Handler, the South African actress expressed her feelings on racism (since she’s from a country that had apartheid, she apparently is an expert). She give no specifics, but keeping with the Hollywood group-think, blames the "new administration" that's been around for lets see...... a year now. But wait, according to Ms.Theron, it’s not just the administration that’s to blame, it’s also America in and of itself: 
“Of course, I have two black kids, but that was always something I was passionate about. I don’t even know how to talk about the last year under our new administration. There are some places in this country where, if I got a job, I wouldn’t take it. I wouldn’t travel with my kids to some parts of America, and that’s really problematic. There are a lot of times when I look at my kids and I’m like, if this continues, I might have to leave America. Because the last thing I want is for my children to feel unsafe.”
After coming under fire for comments comparing the press to rapists, mainly because she drew A LOT of unwanted attention for shacking up with the greasy leftist Sean Penn, Theron decided earlier this year to raise the feminist banner, calling herself “a fucking feminist.” And now, apparently, she has also decided now to condemn the United States all of a sudden as unsafe for her children, since “racism is much more alive and well than people thought.” 

Yes perhaps, Ms. Theron, you should take your five dollar feminism and run away from evil America before the violent black culture takes hold of your children. That's what you should really be concerned about. Maybe you would be more comfortable back in your homeland of South Africa where they are conquering racism by murdering children of farmers and landowners along with their parents. Worry not Ms. Theron, unlike Chicago they are killing mostly white children. 

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Friday, February 23, 2018

Fear Not America, Jennifer Will Save Us!

I was beginning to get all worried about America, ya know with high school kids about to round up NRA members and hang them from the nearest lamp post, Russian bots runnin' round in my computer, and frightened Nancy Pelosi might hurt herself using powerful lawn equipment at her age cutting grass down on the southern border and all. But I'm confident I can relax now that Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is taking a year off from her important job of acting (and gettin' nekked) so she can “fix our democracy.”

PJM - "The actress, whose latest movie, Red Sparrow, comes out March 1, says she’ll be working with an organization called Represent.Us to help combat “anti-corruption and stuff.” (See, we’re going to be totally fine.) She hopes to “get young people engaged politically on a local level” and after that, she says, “I don’t know what I’m doing next.”

Okay, Lawrence’s plan seems a little vague, but I’m sure she’ll rise to the challenge. I mean, she’s got all the qualifications of a totally democracy-fixing babe.....or whatever. Sure, it’s possible her Hollywood elitist inarticulateness will tip people off to the charade but, in the age of Donald Trump, she’ll probably just fit right in.

But think about it, who better to “fix” our country than Katniss Everdeen? Since, as Lawrence herself proclaimed, a Trump presidency is “the end of the world,” having someone around who knows how to survive in a post-apocalyptic society is a real asset to America, don't ya think?

She’ll totally be able to fix the environment. Remember, she played Mother in the completely incomprehensible film 'Mother!' which, according to Lawrence, was about “the rape and torment of Mother Earth.” (The movie’s title had an exclamation point in it, so you know it’s serious.) Lawrence played Mother Earth so she must be onto something when she said that the hurricanes in Texas and Florida last year were an example of “Mother Nature’s rage and wrath” over our current political situation. But don’t worry, since she’s Mother Earth, she’ll just save herself. And I’m sure Lawrence’s latest role as Russian operative Dominika Egorova in 'Red Sparrow' will prove useful. We’ll definitely need to have ties to Russia when Lawrence’s democratic “fix” ends up looking a lot like communism. Don’t worry, she’s combat trained. (That’s not relevant, it’s just, like, really cool.)

So, you see, America, we’re in good hands. And, while a year might not seem long enough to totally “fix” our democracy, it’s certainly long enough to do nothing at all. Which is the most likely outcome of Lawrence’s acting hiatus. In the meantime, we’ll have to watch movies with other, less politically-oriented, actresses who lack Lawrence’s acknowledged skills for democracy fixing. It’s too bad, since Jennifer Lawrence is actually kind of a good actress. 

But, of course, democracy fixing comes first. And I’m sure once she’s fixed the democracy and we all live in a utopian society where everyone believes in “stuff” and no one believes in that other “stuff” we’ll all finally be happy.

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Now He Has Really Done It! Babs Blames Trump for Her Fat Ass

Looking past the Quarts of Vodka and the Gallons of Yogurt, we can't have a leader who makes Hollywood legends fat, now can we? According to the Hollywood Reporter, Barbara Streisand blames Donald Trump for her recent massive weight gain. She tweeted out the news that the president has affected her morning routine.

I guess Babs hasn't come to the realization that when you're stupid, being ugly And fat doesn't really matter anyway. We feel for ya, though. Sit back and have four or five BLTs and a Martini or two.  It will all be over in ...oh...7 years and 11 months......

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Calls Out Hollywood Hypocrites

Actor and Singer Robert Davi (if you like Frank Sinatra, check this guy's music out) has issued a challenge to his brother's and sisters of the entertainment industry.  In an open letter, Davi challenges Hollywood hypocrites to put your money where your mouth is.  Davi's letter comes following a string of political statements made by celebrities at award shows. 

via Mr. Pinko:
“I propose that Meryl Steep, Chelsea Handler, Richard Gere, Robert DeNiro, Christoph Waltz and others lead an Oscar first: let’s do away with the rules, barriers, and tickets to the Oscars and after-parties, such as the swanky Vanity Fair party or the Weinsteins’ star-studded affair. I ask all migrants, all illegal immigrant criminals and all un-vetted refugees to converge on Hollywood to come to the Oscars and all the after-parties, even those held at the mansions or the Chateau Marmont or anywhere else. After all, we in the Hollywood community want to show all Islamic extremists that we have love in our hearts — and what better way to do that than by inviting them along on our most important night?
 It’s time the walls and electronic security gates come down. There are roughly 3,600 seats to the Oscars; we should have at least 2,500 seats reserved for illegal aliens, refugees and migrants, or maybe even more. For those celebrities skipping the ceremony, each should invite at least 100 illegal aliens, refugees or migrants to come to their home to watch the Oscars with them. The Academy and the Vanity Fair people should also get the 150 criminals who have recently been deported from Los Angeles and bring them to the show as honored guests.”
Since Hollywood holds such a kinship with the downtrodden of America these days, Davi's suggestion shouldn't be very much of a problem, No? 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Pompus Pretenders Call for Massive Strike to Punish Their Fictional Version of President

Dozens of artists, entertainers, and activists including the usual suspects like Rosie O’Donnell, Debra Messing, Ed Asner and Michael Shannon have attached their names to an effort calling for a month-long protest to stop President-elect Donald Trump. “No! In the Name of Humanity We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America!” reads a full-page ad placed in the New York Times last week by the group Refuse Racism. "Donald Trump, the President-elect, is assembling a regime of grave danger," the ad says. 
"Millions of people in the US and around the world are filled with deep anxiety, fear and disgust. Our anguish is right and just. Our anger must now become massive resistance – before Donald Trump is inaugurated and has the full reins of power in his hands."
Other Hollywood celebrities who have also joined the campaign are calling for an all-out strike that would span the entire movie industry in the hopes that such a move would urge the President-elect to resign from his position as the newly elected President of the United States.  A spokespeople for the Refuse Racism group told The New York Times: 
"We’re calling for a general strike that would include every single person involved in making motion pictures in Hollywood, starting with the actors and celebrities themselves and encompassing companies in charge of making props, movie memorabilia and even souvenir shops,”   “It’s about time people understood that we’re the ones with the power and that the president is there to serve us, not the other way around."
Asked to elaborate on why the group is targeting Hollywood out of all the industries in the country as their bargaining chip, the spokesperson argued that:
“Simply put, Hollywood is the base of the entire modern American culture. It is the foundation of the country, so to speak, the glue that’s holding it together. And think about what happens when you destroy the foundation of a house. It comes crashing down, right? Well, that’s exactly what’s going to happen to America unless Donald Trump realizes how real the danger of that actually is, and chooses to step down as President of his own free will. And while we’re on the subject, between you and me – nobody wants Hollywood to stop doing its thing, but this is a necessary move."
“Besides, it’s not like the billionaire-businessman-turned-president hasn’t ventured into movies in his day, right? So, he’ll understand firsthand what’s going to happen if Hollywood goes to strike. Without the work of Hollywood and the lifestyle promoted by it, there will literally be no more America to rule for Trump. So, in effect, it’s not us that are going to force Donald Trump to resign his office; it’s the people of America who are going to make him do it, because the God’s honest truth is – without Hollywood, there is no America. It’s like trying to run Nazi Germany without Hitler at the forefront – it just becomes pointless,”
"Without Hollywood, there is no America." ?????
In case anyone has any debt what so every that these pompous self-absorbed celebrities who make a living pretending to be someone else, feigning class they don't possess, travel with armed personal bodyguards and live in gated mansions far away from real life have any idea what America is all about, this should put those doubts to rest. And they should remember, strikes and boycotts can cut both ways.......   

(NYT)                                        Thank You IowaDawg for the Linkage!
(The Rightist)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Irrelevant Land Whale's New Spectacle "TrumpLand"

"The shitshow isn't over. It appeals to the darker instinct of a country that has made some mistakes, whether it’s voting for Reagan or Nixon or Bush or the professional wrestler in Minnesota."
I know y'all are all excited to hear Michael Moore has a new movie propaganda piece. And it's probable no surprise it's not a glowing documentary about the life of Donald Trump, but just another film that no one but a full leftard will probably ever see.  So I thought I'd send this along from The Hollywood Reporter (but without all their usual starstruck drooling) to satisfy your curiosity, and so you can save your $12.50 to spent on beer, chips or another Make America Great Again Hat.  You're Welcome.
"Michael Moore has unveiled Michael Moore in TrumpLand, a surprise film he screened for the first time at New York City’s IFC Center on Tuesday night for free. The live performance film — which sees Moore speaking about the two candidates onstage, and supposing what would happen if each were to become the next U.S. president — was shot less than two weeks ago, over two consecutive nights at a venue in Wilmington, Ohio, in a county where Trump received four times as many votes as Clinton did in the primary elections. 
“To us, this was TrumpLand,” Moore explained, adding that he initially eyed the Ohio town of Licking, but was denied. “I wanted to do this not in a safe place, but in a place where we’d need a lot of security, which we had.” 
In the film, Moore notes that “white men over 35 are obsolete” in the 21st century (“Guys know it and that's why they're at the Trump rallies,” he says) and that women are not inherently problematic: “No women invented a hydrogen or atomic bomb, and no girls have gone into schools to shoot them up. … We're actually quite safe from 51 percent of the population,” he explains. “Whatever you're afraid of does not wear a dress — or a pantsuit.”
I guess there goes my theory he turned out to be the way he is because girls were beating him up for his lunch money too.... 
The movie also includes an imagined news segment that covers what would happen if Trump is inaugurated: aerial attacks on Mexican border towns, an official TV news channel operated by Breitbart and Roger Ailes, and the deportation of Rosie O'Donnell to the American Samoa. Afterward, the filmmaker discusses Clinton with the audience, playing a segment of her impassioned Wellesley commencement speech and supposing that, as Pope Francis did to the Catholic Church, Clinton can stimulate progress that benefits “the greater good” of the country. “The enemy of my enemy is who I’m voting for on Nov. 8,” he says in the film. 
"I’m gonna do something here and give people positive reasons to vote for her.  Look for the good in Hillary."  
Well,  that explains why the movie is only 73 minutes long.  

Friday, February 12, 2016

Obama Attends Gay Gathering

With nothing better to do with his time, President Obama gases up Air Force One and flew across the country yesterday to attend numerous DNC fund raisers held at private residences in California and then gathered together with his buddy Ellen DeGeneres to gossip and gay dance a little bit and tape an upcoming show.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio Offered Role As Vladimir Lenin in Russian Propaganda Movie

Russia's 'Lenfilm' film studio has responded to Leonardo DiCaprio's statement of interest in playing a Russian public figure by offering to collaborate with the actor in a film about everyone's favorite Commie, Vladimir Lenin.

Bernie Sanders supporters in Hollywood must be excited.

While Little Leo's Oscar snubs have become the butt of a long-standing joke, many predict that he'll finally take home a gold statue for his two and a half hour grunting session  in 'The Revenant '.  And his nominated performance hasn't gone unnoticed by our Russia friends, who  seemed to have liked watching Leo freeze his ass off trying to get noticed.

St. Petersburg based studio'Lenfilm' has offered Leonardo DiCaprio the chance to star as a young Vladimir Lenin in a film about the revolutionary, after the actor gave an interview where he expressed interest in portraying Lenin, Rasputin or Russian President Vladimir Putin. Leonardo DiCaprio is often compared to Lenin in his youth. We have enough scenery and props to recreate the era of the revolution," Lenfilm spokesman Valeriy Karlov  
The Lenfilm studio is the oldest in Russia, which traces its roots back to 1914 when a local military committee in St. Petersburg started making films. In 1918 the studio expanded to become the St. Petersburg Film Committee and opened 68 cinemas in the city; after two decades it was renamed 'Lenfilm.'

On Sunday DiCaprio, who has recently received his sixth Oscar nomination for his role in 'The Revenant,' told German newspaper Welt on Sonntag that he would like to play Vladimir Putin in a film someday. 
According to Leo, we’ll all be underwater in a few hundred years, but at least he’s making international relations less hostile for the short time humankind has left.

No word out of Hollywood if any of the famous show business lefties have expressed interest in playing any of the hundreds of thousands killed during the ruthless Lenin Regime......  

Thursday, October 29, 2015

More Hollywood Moonbat Racial Promotion

Leftist One Percenter George Lucas

George Lucas Donates $10M to USC Film School -
But Only for Blacks and Hispanics

ABC-The USC announced Tuesday that the George Lucas Family Foundation is donating $10 million to its film school to provide financial support to black and Hispanic students. The money will be used to establish the George Lucas Foundation Endowed Student Support Fund for Diversity.
 In a statement, the "Star Wars" director said Hispanic and African-American storytellers are underrepresented in the entertainment industry.
Students will receive the first awards next fall. The endowment is the largest single donation for student support in school history. Lucas, a USC graduate, donated some $175 million to the school in 2006, including millions to rebuild its film school.
This is good to see since the film industry has been dominated so by all those films made Asians and Native Americans these days. Guess George is just as myopic as the rest of the Hollywood left and see only downtrodden black and brown..... or maybe George's White Guilt is been put on display for the Academy?  

Monday, October 26, 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio, Who Doesn't Have an Oscar Yet, Slept Inside an Animal Carcass for His New Movie.....

For the love of God, somebody give him an Oscar so he can stop torturing himself on set. 

Oscar, is that you? It's me, Leo. Look at my beard and cuts

Actor and carbon footprint abuser, climate change scientist and professional heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio describes the brutal behind-the-scenes conditions he faced while filming his new movie, "The Revenant".

The epic film, coming out in December, depicts the true story of an early 19th century frontiersman who was buried alive after a vicious bear attack. It details what lengths a man will go to simply to survive in Hollywood without an Academy Award.
"It’s going to be one of the most unique film-going experiences that audiences have seen in modern times. I can name 30 or 40 sequences that were some of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. Whether it’s going in and out of frozen rivers, or sleeping in animal carcasses, or what I ate on set. [I was] enduring freezing cold and possible hypothermia constantly."
DiCaprio opened up to Yahoo! about the grueling conditions he endured while filming his movie. He had to be really cold and eat gross stuff!  No Leo, maybe if you stand waist deep in a Paris sewer blowing bubbles out your butt and juggling three hamsters while singing the sound tract from to The Sound of Music, we'll consider you a great actor.....maybe.