Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Irrelevant Land Whale's New Spectacle "TrumpLand"

"The shitshow isn't over. It appeals to the darker instinct of a country that has made some mistakes, whether it’s voting for Reagan or Nixon or Bush or the professional wrestler in Minnesota."
I know y'all are all excited to hear Michael Moore has a new movie propaganda piece. And it's probable no surprise it's not a glowing documentary about the life of Donald Trump, but just another film that no one but a full leftard will probably ever see.  So I thought I'd send this along from The Hollywood Reporter (but without all their usual starstruck drooling) to satisfy your curiosity, and so you can save your $12.50 to spent on beer, chips or another Make America Great Again Hat.  You're Welcome.
"Michael Moore has unveiled Michael Moore in TrumpLand, a surprise film he screened for the first time at New York City’s IFC Center on Tuesday night for free. The live performance film — which sees Moore speaking about the two candidates onstage, and supposing what would happen if each were to become the next U.S. president — was shot less than two weeks ago, over two consecutive nights at a venue in Wilmington, Ohio, in a county where Trump received four times as many votes as Clinton did in the primary elections. 
“To us, this was TrumpLand,” Moore explained, adding that he initially eyed the Ohio town of Licking, but was denied. “I wanted to do this not in a safe place, but in a place where we’d need a lot of security, which we had.” 
In the film, Moore notes that “white men over 35 are obsolete” in the 21st century (“Guys know it and that's why they're at the Trump rallies,” he says) and that women are not inherently problematic: “No women invented a hydrogen or atomic bomb, and no girls have gone into schools to shoot them up. … We're actually quite safe from 51 percent of the population,” he explains. “Whatever you're afraid of does not wear a dress — or a pantsuit.”
I guess there goes my theory he turned out to be the way he is because girls were beating him up for his lunch money too.... 
The movie also includes an imagined news segment that covers what would happen if Trump is inaugurated: aerial attacks on Mexican border towns, an official TV news channel operated by Breitbart and Roger Ailes, and the deportation of Rosie O'Donnell to the American Samoa. Afterward, the filmmaker discusses Clinton with the audience, playing a segment of her impassioned Wellesley commencement speech and supposing that, as Pope Francis did to the Catholic Church, Clinton can stimulate progress that benefits “the greater good” of the country. “The enemy of my enemy is who I’m voting for on Nov. 8,” he says in the film. 
"I’m gonna do something here and give people positive reasons to vote for her.  Look for the good in Hillary."  
Well,  that explains why the movie is only 73 minutes long.