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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Hideous Horned Insect With Strange Genitals Officially Named After Strange Celebrity

Enigmatic pop star Lady Gaga seems as if she’s horny and has strange sexual proclivities. Now, joining other femmes fatale such as Beyoncé and Kate Winslet, she enjoys the rare and possibly dubious honor of having an insect named after her.

The Kaikai gaga is an absolutely hideous beastie who was named by the has-to-be-gay entomologist Brendan Morris of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, who describes his decision to name a repulsive rare treehopper from Nicaragua after the mysterious and possibly autistic pop performer:
If there is going to be a Lady Gaga bug, it’s going to be a treehopper, because they have these crazy horns and a wacky fashion sense about them. They are unlike anything you’ve seen before. The frontoclypeus, which is like the face, was shaped totally different. The genitalia also looked more like treehoppers from the Caribbean. 
When you pause for a moment that this is a guy who studies equatorial insect genitalia, you don’t know who should be more insulted: Lady Gaga or the bug that was just named after her?  I would have thought naming a reptile species after her would be more appropriate.
But Yeah, I kinda See a Resemblance.....

[Daily Mail]
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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Adam Schiff's Circus Comes Complete With Drag Queen

MRC - Spotted towering over the gray and blue suits packed into the first day of President Donald Trump’s impeachment hearing was an enormous blond wig — that of Pissi Myles, a drag performer from Asbury Park, New Jersey.  Pissi Myles, as he likes to call himself (please Lord, we hope that doesn’t mean what we think it means), apparently fancies himself a journalist with a valid interest in covering impeachment politics. 

Pissi, a clearly overweight male, was wearing an offensively red, way-too-short dress, sparkly red heels, and a curly blonde wig so ostentatious that Honey Boo Boo would have fainted on sight.  It’s a nice reminder of just how much of a circus the Dems’ attempt at removing Trump is, with freaks like Pissi Myles being the enthusiastic rent-a-clowns. It says a lot about the Democratic party when drag queens have become their shock troopers. reported on the attendance of “the award-winning drag performer,” composing a headline that would have made the founding fathers seriously contemplate abandoning their American experiment. Read it and weep: “Drag Queen Sashays into Trump Impeachment Hearing.”

The most outlandish part of it all was that Miss Myles had her reporting rig all set up and ready to go. She was holding her phone with an extension arm, had her headphones in, and was giving viewers an up close and personal account of the morning’s proceedings.

NBCNews asked Miles how his day was going, to which he replied in classic camp fashion, “It’s a crazy day in Washington! I’m flipping my wig over the high-energy proceedings today.” Hmm, wow. Though Pissi was comically aware of the spectacle he generated, adding, “Tensions are high, and the bar for who’s allowed in the Longworth House is very, very low.”

You can say that again.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Yes Rosanna, We Have 'Disgust' and 'Shame' For You Too.

 Actress Declares Her "Disgust" and "Shame" Being Born "White and Privileged."
As well known for her buck teeth, bony ass and out of proportion breasticles than for her acting (?), Rosanna Arquette was roundly criticized for her statement on social media when she publicly declared her guilt ridden "disgust" and "shame" over being born "white and privileged.

Several followers pointing out that she is welcome do the right thing  and rid herself of any pesky wealth by divvying it out to black or brown people. Some suggested she could change how she identifies racially, others said therapy might help, and a few recommended she simply sober up.

A healthy number of commentors also accused Arquette of virtue signaling by trying to display her politically-correct wokeness. But considering her and her siblings are all kinda wack and certainly no stranger to the outrageous, all this comes as no surprise.

Many actors suffer from arrested emotional development causing them to act like a child or a juvenile. In her case the quiche is over cooked. Just two days ago, Arquette posted a picture of herself kneeling before several American flags while holding up a peace sign. She wrote in the caption, "I'll never stand for the flag again."

When it comes to the Hollywood crowd, it's become increasingly difficult to differentiate between stupidity and mental decline...... 

Evidently this is not her first rodeo....

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Time is Running Out Y'all: Get In Your Reservations For That Romantic Valentines Dinner at The Waffle House

You once-a-year Don Juans out there don’t forget that Waffle House is currently taking reservations for your Valentine’s Day dinner. I Shit You Not! “Hundreds of Waffle Houses across the country are now taking reservations for a romantic dinner with your main squeeze, complete with white tablecloths, candlelight and a special menu.”

What could possibly be more elegant and romantic than dinner at Waffle House I ask you? I mean that’s like at least a Two maybe, Three Michelin Star dining experience sure to impress even the most discerning of semi-sober Valentines. And although it’s not mentioned, chances are you’ll get a free show along with your fine dining experience. It might be a man falling through the ceiling, an armed robbery attempt, unruly teens being arrested by police, a customer being decorated like a cheeseburger, an employees brawling! All of these things have occurred at Waffle Houses across the country in the last couple years. Who knows what you’ll get to see?

And hey,  if you’re looking to adopt, you might even find an abandoned infant like this one! But if you’re really lucky maybe the lovely Myeisha might be out on bail that night, wander in naked and treat you and your special Valentine to a crack-induced lap dance!  

Like you, I had no idea this is the 12th year Waffle House has offered the magical event. You can a check a full list for a location near you. Viva la Romance! Viva Waffle House! 

(Fortunately, our local Waffle Houses are not Participating.....)

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Somehow There Was an Outdoor Vending Machine in Brooklyn That Sells Fancy Jewelry — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Unsurprisingly, there was a theft, but let's try and think like a clueless, sophisticated New York liberal elitist to understand why there was such a vending machine in the first place:
Manhattan jewelry designer Marla Aaron planted the vending machine in the park outside the William Vale Hotel on N. 12th St. in Williamsburg. She called the machine a “crazy amazing” experiment — an “unexpected place” where her customers could buy her pieces.... In a pair of videos on her website, she says she got the idea while traveling in Japan, where high-tech vending machines dispense an eclectic variety of items.
Ding Ding! Brooklyn is not Japan in many ways, one of which is the prevalence of crime.
“Putting it in a store would have been a cop-out. And I wanted it in an unexpected place. The coolest place I could think of would be outdoors. That’s amazing. In Brooklyn. And guess what, we found a park,” she said. “You’re in a park! That’s crazy amazing, and the vending machine is in front of you, and you can buy something.”
Uh....I......Okay, that's called advertising. And she's getting several thousand dollars worth of advertising from the existence of the machine and even from this theft. I say "several thousand dollars" because I assume $13,000 is the list price of jewelry that was stolen.

I first thought, yeah, really slick insurance scam! Then I saw the Instagram video. You can chalk this one up to the liberal cluelessness of basic human nature.  The NYPD said to be on the lookout for one male negro in his 20s or 30s, 5-foot-10 and about 220 pounds, wearing a black T-shirt and gray pants with a stolen credit card possibly accompanied by a female drenched in a load of really crappy fancy lookin' jewelry...

H/T Ann Althouse

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Beards Are Racist, More Naked Nude Dudes, and Willie Nelson

Observations from the far end of the sofa.
According to an article published in 'The Atlantic', if you have a beard, you just might be racist. The article is actually a timely re-post from 2014 titled “The Racially Fraught History of the American Beard.” Apparently not getting shaved and growing a beard is a racist act because newly freed slaves became barbers......or something like that. It becomes painfully obvious that the author had way too much time on his hands. What’s worse is that The Atlantic actually published it. Twice!

And from across the pond we learn Renaissance Art is getting a 'Social Justice Makeover 'so to speak. In anticipation of a showing of Renaissance art at the Royal Academy in London, curators at the museum have made a major decision: The number of paintings depicting nude females will have an equal number of paintings depicting nude males. The #MeToo movement applies to Renaissance paintings also according to the Brits. Apparently, having more male nude pictures corrects the injustice of displays of nude females by those chauvinistic unwoke Renaissance artists. Don’t laugh; an art museum in Baltimore is taking down pictures and replacing them with those of artists with more political correct amounts of pigmentation in their skin. 

Back at home it was announced late this week that famous herb connoisseur and sometime singer Willie Nelson, age 85, will headline a concert for Texas Senate candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke, better known by the first name, “Beto.” Nelson has previously campaigned for Dennis Kucinich and Wendy Davis. This should be reassuring news to Ted Cruz considering both Kucinich and Davis dramatically went down in flames.

It just keeps getting weirder and weirder.........

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Monday, May 28, 2018

Only The Best in Reporting. You Know Facts Matter or Something Like That.......

Expecting honesty from our virtuous, ever important media (if you don’t have CNN constantly misleading you, are you truly free?) is about like expecting your favorite pet to use you restroom, flush, and spray air freshener on their way out the door. It’s just not going to happen.

And what we have here now is yet another example of false media hysteria and surprise surprise, the “mistake” goes in only one direction yet again. Funny how that always happens.

If you you’ve been conscious at all in the last 48 hours, (I know that may have been difficult for some) you’ve probably been privy to media members intentionally misleading the public by sharing old detention center photos circa 2014 with claims of caged children, and what the tweeter triggered SJW's were calling prison buses for babies from 2016, along with other photos from Obama era immigration policies. This was done purposely to falsely blame Trump and paint him as an inhumane monster and to flush the news cycle. (enough about dead soldiers and freedom and stuff....)

One story that’s made the rounds is a bogus report that DHS “lost” track of 1,500 minors who crossed the border illegally". Did the government lose 1,500 kids and were they ripped from their mother’s arms? In short, no. No they did not and no they weren’t. As with all things mainstream media, the headline is extremely misleading. Despite the body of the article providing a little more context (while still missing some key framing so as to make the Trump administration seem as sinister as possible), that didn’t stop the blue check mark brigade on the tweeter from losing their freakin' minds.

What essentially happened is that the government gave these kids to sponsors, most of which would be family members already in the United States. Of those 8,000 or so children, about 1,500 did not respond (via their caregivers) to survey calls to check up on them. Why? Likely because they decided to avoid immigration authorities all together in order to fall off the radar. They are not lost. They are not misplaced. Nothing bad has happened to them (at least within CPB’s control). Secondly, none of these children were ripped from their mother’s arms. They were unaccompanied when detained for crossing the border.

The amount of false conflation going on with these immigration stories in the last two days is breathtakingly stupid. DHS and ICE are doing their best in an extremely tough situation. They have to balance all the factors related to illegals after they get here while also not incentivizing future crossings. The rush to demonize them is out of line. I’d like to say the media dutifully misleading the public in order to gin up fake narratives is isolated to this case, but it’s not. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Maxine Waters Gets Glamour Mags ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Award. Yeah, Everyone is Asking the Same Question.

Glamour Magazine's 2017 Women of the Year Award winners include such notable lefties as some talk show host named Samantha Bee(?) a singer who admirers the Black Panthers and the entire group of the Women’s Hate Trump March organizers.  But the magazine’s “Lifetime Achievement” award ironically went to California Rep. Auntie Maxine Waters.

Ironically because, well, other than being the Grande Dame and the most annoying voice of the Congressional Caucus of Black Folks, who is continually shouting “Impeach 45!” to anyone who will listen, and managing to continue getting elected in one of America’s most liberal congressional districts, it’s really hard to pin any “lifetime achievements”on the woman. 

But here’s what Glamour had to say about the 79 year old Waters who BTW describes herself as a combination of 'intellect and alley cat':
"With 37 years of public service under her belt, veteran lawmaker Representative Maxine Waters (D–Calif.) has long wielded her unapologetically laser-sharp tongue—surgical in its precision, devastating in its impact—in service of her progressive politics. When legislators propose policy that would turn back the clock on civil rights, dash progression on reproductive legislation, or take affordable housing away? There’s Waters, speaking truth to power. 
“Auntie Maxine,” as her fans like to call her, is one of the longest-serving black women in the House of Representatives, the ranking member of the House Committee on Financial Services, and an integral member of Congressional Democratic leadership. She’s now focused on building a bridge between old-guard politicians and new-school activists and has some simple advice to motivate the next generation of Maxines. “Stay woke,” she says, “and don’t forget: Reclaim your time.”
In other words, she’s a loudmouth ultra leftist big government democrat in bad wigs who gets elected time after time. A “Lifetime Achievement” award for making the big ass of herself.......seems like an awfully low bar, but then we’re talking about Glamour Magazine here.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The UN Declares War On Tits!!!

It's Time to tell the United Nations to move their Circus HQ somewhere else. They're like a crazy aunt living in our attic......

Downtrend - The United Nations is on a roll. Recently they announced their efforts to make cultural appropriation illegal and now they want to ban titties in advertising. I’m not even kidding about this. A UN group is aiming to ban any sexy ads that that reinforce negative stereotypes of women. What that means is anyone’s guess, but clearly the UN has their priorities straight because there are no more pressing issues than scantily-clad women in burger chain commercials.

The Unstereotype Alliance is part of the UN Women’s Group and their mission is “to banish stereotypical portrayals of gender in advertising and all brand led content.” See, I told you I wasn’t joking around. This is a serious thing, or actually it’s something that lunatics take seriously.

According to their mission statement, they will “tackle the widespread prevalence of stereotypes that are often perpetuated through advertising.” How exactly they plan on tackling this made up issue remains a mystery, but apparently tackling is a big part of the solution.

The UN is a ridiculous organization and this new initiative is all the proof you need. There are places where women do not have equal rights. There are countries where women are abused and murdered. A Carl’s Jr. ad doesn’t make Muslims mutilate the genitals of little girls. A Go Daddy commercial with below-average Danica Patrick isn’t why women are stoned to death because that’s what passes for divorce proceedings in certain places. If the UN really wants to help some worldwide, why not go after the after the mostly Islamic countries where women are treated like property?