Monday, May 28, 2018

Only The Best in Reporting. You Know Facts Matter or Something Like That.......

Expecting honesty from our virtuous, ever important media (if you don’t have CNN constantly misleading you, are you truly free?) is about like expecting your favorite pet to use you restroom, flush, and spray air freshener on their way out the door. It’s just not going to happen.

And what we have here now is yet another example of false media hysteria and surprise surprise, the “mistake” goes in only one direction yet again. Funny how that always happens.

If you you’ve been conscious at all in the last 48 hours, (I know that may have been difficult for some) you’ve probably been privy to media members intentionally misleading the public by sharing old detention center photos circa 2014 with claims of caged children, and what the tweeter triggered SJW's were calling prison buses for babies from 2016, along with other photos from Obama era immigration policies. This was done purposely to falsely blame Trump and paint him as an inhumane monster and to flush the news cycle. (enough about dead soldiers and freedom and stuff....)

One story that’s made the rounds is a bogus report that DHS “lost” track of 1,500 minors who crossed the border illegally". Did the government lose 1,500 kids and were they ripped from their mother’s arms? In short, no. No they did not and no they weren’t. As with all things mainstream media, the headline is extremely misleading. Despite the body of the article providing a little more context (while still missing some key framing so as to make the Trump administration seem as sinister as possible), that didn’t stop the blue check mark brigade on the tweeter from losing their freakin' minds.

What essentially happened is that the government gave these kids to sponsors, most of which would be family members already in the United States. Of those 8,000 or so children, about 1,500 did not respond (via their caregivers) to survey calls to check up on them. Why? Likely because they decided to avoid immigration authorities all together in order to fall off the radar. They are not lost. They are not misplaced. Nothing bad has happened to them (at least within CPB’s control). Secondly, none of these children were ripped from their mother’s arms. They were unaccompanied when detained for crossing the border.

The amount of false conflation going on with these immigration stories in the last two days is breathtakingly stupid. DHS and ICE are doing their best in an extremely tough situation. They have to balance all the factors related to illegals after they get here while also not incentivizing future crossings. The rush to demonize them is out of line. I’d like to say the media dutifully misleading the public in order to gin up fake narratives is isolated to this case, but it’s not. 

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