Monday, October 22, 2018

Somehow There Was an Outdoor Vending Machine in Brooklyn That Sells Fancy Jewelry — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Unsurprisingly, there was a theft, but let's try and think like a clueless, sophisticated New York liberal elitist to understand why there was such a vending machine in the first place:
Manhattan jewelry designer Marla Aaron planted the vending machine in the park outside the William Vale Hotel on N. 12th St. in Williamsburg. She called the machine a “crazy amazing” experiment — an “unexpected place” where her customers could buy her pieces.... In a pair of videos on her website, she says she got the idea while traveling in Japan, where high-tech vending machines dispense an eclectic variety of items.
Ding Ding! Brooklyn is not Japan in many ways, one of which is the prevalence of crime.
“Putting it in a store would have been a cop-out. And I wanted it in an unexpected place. The coolest place I could think of would be outdoors. That’s amazing. In Brooklyn. And guess what, we found a park,” she said. “You’re in a park! That’s crazy amazing, and the vending machine is in front of you, and you can buy something.”
Uh....I......Okay, that's called advertising. And she's getting several thousand dollars worth of advertising from the existence of the machine and even from this theft. I say "several thousand dollars" because I assume $13,000 is the list price of jewelry that was stolen.

I first thought, yeah, really slick insurance scam! Then I saw the Instagram video. You can chalk this one up to the liberal cluelessness of basic human nature.  The NYPD said to be on the lookout for one male negro in his 20s or 30s, 5-foot-10 and about 220 pounds, wearing a black T-shirt and gray pants with a stolen credit card possibly accompanied by a female drenched in a load of really crappy fancy lookin' jewelry...

H/T Ann Althouse

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