Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Maxine Waters Gets Glamour Mags ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Award. Yeah, Everyone is Asking the Same Question.

Glamour Magazine's 2017 Women of the Year Award winners include such notable lefties as some talk show host named Samantha Bee(?) a singer who admirers the Black Panthers and the entire group of the Women’s Hate Trump March organizers.  But the magazine’s “Lifetime Achievement” award ironically went to California Rep. Auntie Maxine Waters.

Ironically because, well, other than being the Grande Dame and the most annoying voice of the Congressional Caucus of Black Folks, who is continually shouting “Impeach 45!” to anyone who will listen, and managing to continue getting elected in one of America’s most liberal congressional districts, it’s really hard to pin any “lifetime achievements”on the woman. 

But here’s what Glamour had to say about the 79 year old Waters who BTW describes herself as a combination of 'intellect and alley cat':
"With 37 years of public service under her belt, veteran lawmaker Representative Maxine Waters (D–Calif.) has long wielded her unapologetically laser-sharp tongue—surgical in its precision, devastating in its impact—in service of her progressive politics. When legislators propose policy that would turn back the clock on civil rights, dash progression on reproductive legislation, or take affordable housing away? There’s Waters, speaking truth to power. 
“Auntie Maxine,” as her fans like to call her, is one of the longest-serving black women in the House of Representatives, the ranking member of the House Committee on Financial Services, and an integral member of Congressional Democratic leadership. She’s now focused on building a bridge between old-guard politicians and new-school activists and has some simple advice to motivate the next generation of Maxines. “Stay woke,” she says, “and don’t forget: Reclaim your time.”
In other words, she’s a loudmouth ultra leftist big government democrat in bad wigs who gets elected time after time. A “Lifetime Achievement” award for making the big ass of herself.......seems like an awfully low bar, but then we’re talking about Glamour Magazine here.

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