Monday, December 18, 2017

Squinty and Meat Puppet Claim Fox News Is Inciting Violence

On Monday’s MSNBC's Morning Joe, Squinty Joe and his sidekick Meat Puppet Mika along with a gaggle of liberal misfits devoted a full segment of the show to accusing Fox News journalists of trying to “inspire hatred that will lead to violence and killing of Americans.”

In the fanatic land of MSNBC and minds of Scarborough and his fellow MSNBC pundits, Fox News hosts and guests who have compared Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump administration to an attempted “coup” and the FBI to the KGB are trying to inspire a Timothy-McVeigh-style attack on the Bureau through their heated rhetoric. At the same time Squinty and company failed to explain how their own repeated rhetoric comparing Trump to Soviet and communist mass-murderers like Joseph Stalin would be substantively different from what they claim Fox’s commentators have said recently.

Morning Joe started the segment by characterizing President Trump’s praise of law enforcement officers at Quantico on Friday as “demented” and “postmodern” given Trump’s recent critiques of FBI leadership. However, the MSNBC journos quickly moved on to demonizing Fox News as Scarborough began to rant about Fox’s coverage of corruption within the FBI:
"They are literally -- and it's very dangerous, because, ‘cause blood will be on the hands of people that, that, that whip people into a frenzy and, and lie. But they’re saying that there's a coup going on right now, which is, is one of the most extraordinarily irresponsible things I’ve ever heard a major network do."
Just over the past couple of months alone, the top MSNBC morning show has compared Trump to both authoritarian dictators and mass murdering Soviet tyrants, claimed that Trump either is okay with or is encouraging his followers to murder racial and religious minorities without evidence, and portrayed Trump as being so dangerously mentally ill that he must be removed from office immediately. 
Is it not just as possible that Morning Joe’s “reckless, irresponsible,” and “conspiratorial” ramblings about Trump trying to kill Muslims, nuke the world, and promote fake terrorist assassinations could lead to violent actions being taken against him or his supporters? - READ MORE
If Scarborough is so sure of the power of the news media to cause violence through incendiary rhetoric, why do they and most of the leftist media so frequently engage in exactly the same activity? Listen to yourselves Joe. Listen.......

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