Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Ten People We Wish Would Just Go Away And Leave Us Alone

When students of cultural history look back someday at America 2017 they will undoubtedly say it was a banner year for women.  It started with the historic Women’s March the day after the Inauguration of Donald Trump when Ashley Judd went full lunatic and gave a speech for the ages where she lamented everything from jean sizes to her monthly period. Liberal females nationwide have been having a collective 'period' every since, while beta males voluntarily hand over their balls to them.  Time magazine even named a gaggle of women “person of the year” for coming out with alleged tales of sexual misdeeds by the rich, powerful and famous.  Even dictionary editors jumped on the female bandwagon by declaring “feminism” the word of the year.

So, it should come as no surprise that seven of ten people I wish would just go away and stop bothering us 2018 are women (this is by no means a complete list) Here they are in reverse order:

#10 Lena Dunham - You can put lip-stick on a pig........Dunham is thankfully a fading entity. Two years ago, this loony beached walrus would have landed top three, but her drop this year indicates that not even the Left is listening to this actress/activist/liar/hoaxster/scammer/child molester. Yet, she kept herself in the news just enough to crack the top ten, meaning she broke her avowed exit from social media because as any woke justice warrior knows, life just isn’t the same without social media and the cool kids. 

  #9 Al FrankenA picture says a thousand words and a picture felled Al Franken from power as a Senator.  It also revealed the hypocrisy of so many champions of women’s rights who feel they have a right to cop a feel.  The fact is, I've never met anyone who thought Franken was that funny as a comedian and even less funny as a Senator from Minnesota. My guess is he will write some biopic in 2018 to much acclaim, do the talk show circuit and join Michael Richards on some wayward second rate comedy club stage.

#8 Harvey Weinstein - Bringing down this Hollywood honcho pretty much set off the #MeToo hysteria that swept the nation like a Santa Ana wind-driven wildfire.  His power and influence in Hollywood- not to mention the hypocritical Democratic Party- cannot be overstated.  Yet at the end, we see that Harvey Weinstein- avowed Democrat, the Party that supports women’s rights- was nothing more than a serial groper and in some cases, rapist.  Largely silent since the accusations arose leading to the loss of his production company, something tells me we haven’t heard the last of this ugly fat pervert after he emerges a “new man” from therapy.
#7 Colin Kaepernick  - America’s most famous unemployed NFL quarterback makes the list for his antics copied by cheerleaders and football teams alike who most still don't know what the hell they were protesting.  It started with sitting during the National Anthem, then taking a knee, then standing with arms locked in solidarity against this or that or whatever.  Meanwhile, the hair follicle-endowed ex-quarterback took to social activism in many areas (including supporting convicted cop killers).  But since people tune in to watch football games- not players making political statements- the NFL TV ratings are in the crapper and his influence over the decline in ratings cannot be denied. Now run along and play with your ball.....
#6 Chelsea Handler - What does a borderline mental case/comedian or comedienne do when their career is in decline?  They resort to social activism which, today, translates into Trump-bashing like all the cool people  The Comedy Hall of Shame is littered with the refuse- people like Sara Silverman, Rosie O’Donnell and Kathy Griffith.  And so it is no different with Chelsea Handler whose substance-abuse fueled ratings dropped through the floor on her late night show prompting the network to cut her off at the knees.  That caused Handler to pick up the phone and start drunk Tweeting and Facebooking and Instagramming all sorts of obnoxious social justice drivel. Rehab Chelsea, rehab......
#5 Jimmy Kimmel - Yet another “woman” on the list, Kimmel must be taking female hormone injections given the river of tears he has cried on late night television.  Whether it was Obamacare, gun control or some racist white supremacists in Charlottesville, Kimmel was there with tears in the eyes and hankie in hand.  Unfortunately, the cry act works once as with each subsequent one, he came under mounting derision.  Give it up- you’re not funny and you’re a fool. Oh and did I say you aren't funny? 
#4 Maxine Waters - In a way, you kind of wish this batshit crazy cheap wig wearing loud mouth doesn’t go away because she provides so much evidence of the unhinged nature of many on the Left.  Along with some other cohorts in the House, Auntie Maxine sees herself as the face of the #TheResistance that will bring down the mean Donald Trump.  And what a face it is!!  Her brain farts and ludicrous statements this year on Trump and in other areas have left even the most strident Leftist scratching their heads at times.  To the Right, she is the gift that just keeps on giving. But as of late, the bitch has been on my last nerve......
#3 Linda Sarsour - This Palestinian-American awoke one day and found that she could garner greater attention by donning a head scarf and barking out anti-Semitic nonsense.  But it is all for the “better good” since America is a seething cauldron of hatred against all Muslims.  It is ironic that one of the key organizers of the Women’s March is Muslim, since we all know that Islam is all about equal rights for the sexes.  However, that can be laid aside because there is a greater evil to be battled- Donald Trump.  You can put lip-stick on a pig......... 
#2 Nancy Pelosi - Seriously- its time for this recycled piece of aluminum to get an oil change and tune up.  The Minority Leader in the House who once famously proclaimed that they had to first pass a bill to see what was in the bill was full of head scratching moments this year too numerous to mention.  Whether it was gun control, DACA, tax reform- you name it- she and her strange shadow (Chuck Schumer) were there with cameras rolling predicting Armageddon.  Its time to put her on a truck, send her to that alien robotics factory from whence she came.
#1 Hillary Clinton - What is it going to take. She just will not go away.  Having penned yet another boring memoir- this time about the 2016 election- What Happened,  the answer is simple:  YOU LOST!  AGAIN!  TO DONALD TRUMP!!!  If that isn’t the definition of loser, I don’t know what is.  Yet, she persists in pushing her haggard face and obnoxious tipsy laugh on the public in a sorry attempt to gain sympathy.  She’s the political equivalent of herpes…only worse.  We have suggestions: go be a grandmother.  Dote on the kids!  Drink more Chardonnay and take more walks in the woods with Bill and eat mushrooms or hunt bigfoot or something.  Anything, whatever… just go away!

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