Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lanny Davis: IRS Scandal "Will Make it Almost Impossible to Elect a Democratic President"

Lanny Davis, the former Clinton aide -- no stranger to scandals, thinks that the recent surge in bad news for Democrats could have implications for 2016. Here's what he told Andrea Tantaros on her radio show, according to the Washington Examiner's Paul Bedard:
The growing IRS-Tea Party scandal, which has robbed Democrats of the so-called "trust edge" they held over Republicans, is now jeopardizing the Democratic majority in the Senate and even hopes that Hillary Clinton will replace President Obama in 2016.
"This hurts the Democratic Party and will hurt anybody who runs for president in 2016," said former Clinton White House counsel Lanny Davis, a major supporter of Hillary Clinton. Speaking on national radio's Andrea Tantaros Show, he added: "It will make it almost impossible to elect a [Democratic] president. ... I'm nervous."
Meanwhile, several Democratic and GOP political advisers told [us] that the combined scandals — IRS, Benghazi and the media source hunt — threatens the Democrats' grip on the Senate. House advisers are even predicting that Republicans will pick up nearly 10 seats if the scandals continue to eat away at trust in the Democratic Party.

When I initially read this piece I said to myself "Oh God I hope So". But on refection, it seems that a rabid Clintonesta like Davis might keep these kind of thoughts to himself, if just for the sake of Hillary's possible run for the White House. 

If we continue to heard such talk from Democrats (we have lots of time before the mid terms) this interview could be the first salvo of a "Doom, Despair and Agony on Me" strategy to encourage Republicans to over-play their hands and walk into a trap (the talk of blood in the water is being used a lot these days) look foolish and damage the brand even further if they can't tie the scandal directly to the White House.

Over reach of Government power doesn't seem to be a big thing with uninformed voters........and no one payed much attention to Watergate till it was full blown. 

Time will tell.


  1. Lanny Davis: IRS Scandal "Will Make it Almost Impossible to Elect a Democratic President"

    Dear God please,please let it be.

  2. I don't like Davis, but he isn't a hard leftist in the mold of Obama's minions. He is more the traditional, sleezy Democrat politician that Bill and Hillary are. I do think that the current scandals portend lots of problems for Democrats, and that Davis may be warning other Democrats to separate themselves from the Obama administration and its taint. Bush's administration tainted the Republican brand in much the same way for far less reason and it cost us two elections for president.
    There is still a lot to come out in the various scandals, and it is far too soon to judge the amount of damage that they will do to the Obamaites, but I am with Mad Jack, Please God, let it be the end of this monster!

  3. It's a trick, don't fall for it. Get out and vote.