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Friday, June 27, 2014

Wooo Hooo! Diogenes Middle Finger Turns 4

This weekend marks the start of the fifth year of Diogenes' Middle Finger/Middle Finger News Service. I can once again say it's been our best year yet. Keeping a blog up and running and interesting isn't an easy thing to do while running a business, traveling and maintaining a social life. But there are people, who, along the way have played a large part in helping it's success. And as stated in an earlier post, I would like to gratefully acknowledge their part.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank Big Fur Hat@iOwnThe World and Doug Ross@Doug Ross Journal, who early on recognized the faux genius of DMF.  Big Fur gave this girl her first exposure at the big boy's table known to us all as iOwnTheWorld, along with a piece of advise I wisely took to heart, and Doug Ross for awarding me my first year for efforts as a 'stumbling in the dark' new blogger, which sent me on my way with much encouragement. 

And I must Gratefully Thank Cardigan, and all the gang at iOwnTheWorld for the generous and frequent linkage and comments at the best site anywhere on the interwebs. 

I would truly be remiss if I didn't acknowledge a Very Special Friend, Comrade and Collaborator, Middle Finger News Ace Correspondent, the incomparable Earl of Taint

Earl's unique wit, artistic skills and timely incite into current affairs have brought an extra element of humor to this site I had not conceived. Our on-the-fly, 3 part MFNS report 'The Obama Girls Do Africa' remains second only to 'This is your Life: Barack Obama'  as the most viewed post ever at DMF, with at last glance over 64,000 hits. 

Earl, you ARE the BEST!

To all who come by for the serious stuff, the snark and satire or just to lurk, and to those brave enough to regularly leave comments, namely Odie, MadJack, Grunt, Eugene, Tiger Rag and Broadside Betty, as well as my newly acquired readers at Michelle's Mirror (ya'll don't be shy now, I don't bite) and my fan in the Vatican who comes by to check out the Good Monday Morning post, I Thank You all Very Much for your visits. You all make this endeavorer well worth the time and effort.

Cake and Ice cream for everybody!


and from Earl

Thursday, December 6, 2012

They Are Watching – And Pointing and Laughing

Big Fur Hat - IOTW

This is straight out of the “you’re never going to believe this in a million epochs” file.
There’s a country called the United States on a planet Earth that is going through a political battle.
Basically, the country has two major ruling parties. The democrats want the government to be as big as possible, running everyone’s lives from “womb to tomb,” transferring as many responsibilities as possible to the collective. They do this by confiscating revenue that the people have earned.
The republicans claim to want the government as small as possible, letting people run their own lives as much as possible, keeping their own money and taking on their own responsibilities. Many times the republicans have been in power, yet, the government is still a behemoth that is completely out of money.
The United States just reelected a president who has spent more money that he doesn’t have at a rate that exceeds the amount the 43 other presidents spent… combined.
The amount of money being proposed for spending, plus the debt that they admit that they already accrued, plus the amount of money that has been promised through what they call entitlements, exceeds all of the wealth of the entire planet combined.
The republicans want some serious talk about pruning the size of the government. Meanwhile the democrats blame this problem on the people who already foot most of the bill already. They say they “aren’t paying their fair share.” Even if they took every earned penny from these people being scapegoated it wouldn’t make a dent towards the money the democrats are spending. Interestingly, most of the people who are largely responsible for electing this president do not pay into the system, but they expect a big payout. It’s called “fairness.”
But none of this is the part you’re not going to believe. This is the part -

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Double O IQ


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Interview with the FDOTUS


Update: In light of today's news that Barack Obama ate dog meat as a child
 FDOTUS has gone into hiding......

Friday, March 9, 2012

Do to Temporary Difficulties.........

Image Stolen  from

Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Democrat Logo Unveiled

Sucking the Life Blood of Americans
To Build Their Better America for 70 years

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Obama/Biden 2012 Will Travel Green When They Campaign in the 57 States

 "The rest of the balloon looks like George Soros…" Mr Chris

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Caption Contest Winners......

The results are in from the Diogenes/IOTW Caption Contest

After much drinking and broken furniture, the panel of judges failed to come to agreement and fled across the Texas state line to keep from choosing the winner, thus leaving the important decision to me. 
So here are the results...... 

*A special award - the Eunice Kennedy Shriver "Atta Boy" award goes to my fellow Evil Conservative Comrade Burr, for actually posting his entries as links to the picture.  

Here are the Honorable Mentions - all excellent in their own right. 
* The Apollo Presents: The First Black President!

* The International Dry Cleaners’ Roast - Commisar Abe

* Bachelor #3, you must get back behind the screen - Yowsa

* Branch Davidian Waco Reunion - Chalupa

*One Night Only! The Dem Girls in:
  “Pants Suits & Boob Belts” -

*Free Breast Exams - I'm Palin's Huckleberry (readers choice) 

Second Runner up:
Tiny Headed Newt Gingrich look-alike Competition - BigFurHat 

 Runner up:
IAPF Conference (International Association of Performance Felatio) Technical Proficiency Workshop - Grandpa

And The Winner Is.....
Visions in Blue Velvet - 150th Annual Chappaqua D├ębutantes Autumn Tea & Dance”  -  Poisontolibs

Thank You IOTW for Hosting

Ol' Joe knows!