Monday, April 1, 2024

Courtney's Open Tab Flush. Consequently, Your Voluntary Attendance is Required.

Courtney Is Judging You Now

Does This Work on Male Cats Too??  Asking for a Friend....

* They are not only Liars, They're Thieves too. Believe Them When They Show You Who They Are.

Nations Concert Stages Breathe Sigh of Relief

* Democrat Election Rigging? I'm Shocked I tell you.

Cries Now After Promoting the Present Dems School of ThoughtTrade White Voters for Colored People and Queers

* Who are the Biggest Bigots in America. No Real Surprise Here

* Democrat  Rep. Wins Reelection , Gives Victory Speech in Somali.

* Please be on the Lookout for my Lost Purse.  A Dark Blue Gucci Knockoff.  Generous Reward.

* Nation's Foremost Slimy Smear Merchant Gets Little Dick Caught in Vise 

* Shouldn't There be a Limit on the Number of Balls on a Soccer Field at One Time? 

* Another Gold Star for the Sleazy Lying Biden Administration

* Tiny's Foolproof Sports Betting Angle.  He Got Lots of Baby Mamas to Feed Ya Know.

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