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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Have We Not Learned Anything From What We Watch Happening To Europe?

This is not a caravan of Doctors, Scientist and Engineers bringing cultural enrichment, this is the beginnings of a third-world invasion we cannot absorb.

Article IV Section 4 of the United States Constitution clearly states:
The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.
Yesterday there was much debate and some consternation about the prospect of sending our military down to the border to prevent the invaders (and that is exactly what they are) from entering US soil. Yes, the "optics" would be shall we say "suboptimal" if even one of the individuals were to be injured or worse in any encounter with American troops. But I think the consequences would be far worse both in political terms as well as actual national security if President Trump does not take decisive action immediately to at minimum prevent this mass of invaders from crossing our borders if not send them back where they came from.

The President ran and won on this very issue. From a political standpoint, what Soros and the Dems hope will turn into an October surprise to defeat the GOP has the potential to bury them not only in 2 weeks but in 2020 and perhaps beyond. Aside from sending the military and physically sealing our border, after declaring a national state of emergency the President should also:

  • Suspend all granting of asylum at the border.
  • Cut all military, economic and other aid to the countries involved in this.
  • Freeze all assets and all bank transactions of the countries involved.
  • Freeze all wire transfers of cash from the US to the countries involved (this alone is huge).
  • Freeze the assets and revoke 501C-3 status of every organization and individual known to be involved in this.
  • Deport George Soros to Malaysia or Hungary and seize his assets.

As to #6 on that list, since it is more than likely that Soros is involved in this via his various front groups, he is de facto acting in a manner that is seditious if not treasonous. As Samuel Johnson said, "when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully." The question is who is the hangman and who is the condemned? The world wonders...

(J.J. Sefton@AceHQ)

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Nation's Largest Progressive Gathering Featured Empty Seats, Racialism & Molotov Cocktail T-Shirts

The annual national gathering of proglodytes, Netroots Nation, is wrapping up their three ring circus of far left pseudo-intellectual political craziness in the Big Easy this weekend. This year’s conference of the left's who's who, akin to a sewer dive and given little media coverage, was plagued with "many nearly empty events, racial incitement and wild radicalism" far outside of the American mainstream, including vendors allowed to sell items seemingly condoning violence.  The Keynote speeches for this years festivities were delivered by the most exalted nuts in the sack, Lizzy Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory 'scatman' Booker, moonbat actress Cynthia Nixon, and self-described democratic socialist savior Alexandria Ocashew-Cortex.

This group of speakers along with the conference’s legion of like-thinking panelists, pushed for a unrelenting era of racially-focused activism, identity politics and 'put it to the man' in-your-face organizing most patriotic americans wouldn't recognize as welcoming. But the problem for the NutRoot Nation, bless their hearts, was much of the time there was nobody there to even hear it. 

The entire conference was plagued by nearly empty events."This is What Democracy Should Look Like" was a panel featuring Atima Omara, A’shanti Gholar, and Carol McDonald. With seating for more than 200 at the event, barely 20 Netroots attendees came to hear. Among the topics at Netroots Nation were race, mobilization, race, voting rights, race, and cultural oppression by the dominant patriarchy.

Nutroots were entertained in the concourse by a Mexican Mariachi.
Naturally, the band didn't bring their culturally offensive sombreros.
It was a musical safe space at Nutroots 2018.
Much attention was devoted to the "myth" of voter fraud and the need to retool the language associated with talking about voter fraud. Voter suppression — a term that never appears in any federal law and is used by the Left to group legal activity with illegal activity — was the hot topic at a voting rights seminar (that was again attended by very few people).

Progressives view giving the right of felons to vote as the key to flipping several purple states blue and red states to purple. They openly said, probably correctly, that Amendment 4 is the way to turn Florida blue. To them, it was all about creating angry racial bloc voters. The conference was characterized by a heavy dose of race-is-everything messaging.

But despite the "race heavy" agenda, it still wasn't enough for some. During the closing keynote addresses, members of the activist group “Black Ass Caucus” took the stage in protest. In a 15-minute speech, the Caucus excoriated Netroots Nation and its white attendees for perceived slights, while demanding that minority leaders and panelists be given more control over conference programming. When the Caucus asked conference-goers to boycott next year’s Netroots Nation if demands were not met, the audience uniformly rose to its feet in agreement.

And what progressive gathering would be complete without a nostalgic reflection on the Left's heritage. For $20 you could buy a t-shirt with a Molotov cocktail......

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