Monday, October 29, 2018

The Mainstreaming and Normalization of Antisemitism

"If you're wondering why media have suddenly characterized all criticism of George Soros as "anti-Semitism" (it's not), it's because they're desperate to avoid discussing the fact that Democrats have actively encouraged the most vile out-and-proud anti-Semites for years."

via Sean Davis@seanmdav

We already know the Democrat Party has essentially finished its transformation (which began in 1972 with the nomination of George McGovern) into a hard Left openly hostile anti-America party. And we all know what that means for America's staunch historical support for the State of Israel. Just look at the actions (contentious relationship & attempt to influence Israeli elections) of the Obama administration. This psycho that butchered 11 people in Pittsburgh yesterday specifically cited President Trump's Pro-Israel policy as a motive as well as some other garbage about being controlled by the worldwide Jewish cabal.

Louis Farrakhan's recent comparison of Jews to termites, combined with his long history of rabid anti-semitism is conveniently ignored by the media (that would be the same media supposedly controlled by the Jews). Linda Sarsour, the Hamas Louse, a leader of the Women's March is equally disgusting in her Joo-hate and continues to be championed by the likes of Senator Kirsten Jello-Brains. Fla. Governor candidate Andrew Gillum refuses to disavow the bust-out anti-semitic Dream Defenders, Ilhan Omer in Minnesota ain't to thrilled with the Heeb weather-controllers in Jerusalem, while her mentor Keith Ellison who hangs tight with Nation of Islam members. And then there's Bernie Sanders who despite getting clipped at 8-days old is, like his false-god Karl Marx has a hate on for all things Israel and Jewish. 

The Democrat-Left-Media complex is spinning this attack as Trump's fault for his criticism of Nazi collaborator George Soros. Risible on the face of it, and even more preposterous for his opposing the migrant invasion caravan. This blame for this attack rests squarely on the shoulders of the butcher who carried it out. The near constant rhetoric coming from Democrats and the media might very well have been what drove the shooter to do what he did. To those that will insist that it's a two way street, that too is laughable.

The President's justified criticism of the media and so-called journalists as "fake news" is just that - criticism. And from Walter Duranty to Walter Cronkhite to Dan Rather to doctored 9/11 calls to exploding gas tanks, that criticism is well-founded. What Trump has done was merely raise the public consciousness about it dramatically. There is not one instance or word of his in more than 2 years that anyone can cite where he has called for any act of violence or even confrontation to be directed at the media. I defy anyone to cite one. Violence as an officially sanctioned means of achieving political goals always has been and always will be the sole purview of Democrats and Totalitarians. Perhaps American Jews, far too many still stuck in the past in the illusion of a Democrat Party that allegedly championed their causes, might soon wake up.

(J.J. Sefton@AceHQ)
(Dallas Morning News)

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