Friday, October 26, 2018

Bernie Sanders Teaming With Greek Marxist To Build A New Progressive Movement

Bernie Sanders is teaming up with former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis to formally launch a new “Progressives International” in Vermont on Nov. 30. Varoufakis and Sanders first announced they were working toward a joint initiative in a pair of op-eds published in the Guardian last month. Varoufakis was somewhat vague about what the group would offer, saying that it would help give progressives’ “coherence.” Bernie, well he sounded like the same clueless Bernie we all have come to know and love.

Varoufakis, who calls himself an 'Erratic Marxist' became an international celebrity among progressives while he was finance minister of Greece in 2015. He resigned at the imminent bankruptcy and collapse of the socialist Greek government, who had decided to accepted the eurozone countries’ terms for a massive loan agreement, which included increased austerity.

He’s since formed his own political party called “European Spring” that is now campaigning for European Parliament.
"I confess I would much rather be promoting a radical agenda, the raison d’être of which is to replace European capitalism with a different system. Yet my aim here is to convince radicals that we have a contradictory mission: to arrest the freefall of European capitalism in order to buy the time we need to formulate its alternative. The financiers are internationalists. The fascists, the nationalists, the racists — like Trump, Bannon, Seehofer, Salvini — they are internationalists. The only people who are failing are progressives.”
Varoufakis says central governments need to have greater spending power, have more direct leverage and responsibility over the financial system, and take a direct role in initiatives like fighting poverty and climate change.Varoufakis has said, the left is “the ones who, by ideology are international. We have to act like it.”

Any wonder Bernie likes this guy? Same commie clown show, different clown tent.

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