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Friday, April 28, 2017

Courageous Snowflakes Go On Hunger Strike

The Cream of Ivy League Academics - Courageous Yale Grad Students

I swear, next time someone mentions to me they are a PHD. I think I'll start giggling.....
WFB - A group of Yale University graduate students announced Tuesday evening that they would be undertaking a hunger strike to pressure the administration into granting them better union benefits. The strike is taking place in front of University President Peter Salovey’s home. "Yale wants to make us wait and wait and wait … until we give up and go away," the eight members of the graduate student union Local 33 announced. "We have committed ourselves to waiting without eating."
Yale doctoral students currently earn a stipend $30,000 a year, receive free health care, and have their $40,000 tuition paid in full, according to Yale News. The university administration said in a statement that they understood the students concerns, but "strongly [urge] that students not put their health at risk or encourage others to do so." As it turns out, the hunger strike might not put anyone's health in peril. According to a pamphlet posted on Twitter by a former Yale student, the hunger strike is "symbolic" and protesters can leave and get food when they can no longer go on.

I didn't realize how courageous I was as a college student. At LSU we used to call this activity a camp out and beer bust......

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tin Foil Hat Report #55

The Illuminati Lizard people and Hillary Clinton Will Be In Charge of the Entire World 

Lizard People and Hillary Clinton May Use
Chemtrails To Steal The Election

The Supreme Field Marshall of the Tin Foil Hat Brigades, Alex Jones, a man who believes the government is putting chemicals in juice boxes to turn kids gay, has announced that he is now personally advising Donald Trump on some very important matters. Jones says that he personally talked to Trump about how he thinks this is going to be 'managed'.
“Homeland Security was going to go in and probably bring in U.N. observers to make sure illegals and people could vote, and change the debate away from election fraud, to retail voter fraud, which is individuals cheating rather than the computers being hacked. They’re so scared of him. I mean, they are having to put on adult diapers over this guy, okay?
That is a very sneaky thing of “them” to do. Who are “they” though? Lizard people? Colonel Sanders? Those Jesuit clones? Of course, Jones is gonna have to be more careful about advertising this, given that he already has concerns about Hillary Clinton putting more fluoride in the chemtrails and giving Trump Morgellon’s Disease and having Jones killed! Jones has had to load up on the firepower in recent days to protect himself from this definite possibility. Even his green screen is at risk!

He is so very in fear for his life that he has pinned a video to the top of his Twitter timeline imploring the world to investigate Hillary Clinton if he dies. It is actually quite weird that Hillary Clinton and her Illuminati friends have not yet offed Alex Jones! Are they just super bad at Illuminati-ing? Watch yourself Alex! 

Here is a Classic Alex Jones moment, broadcasting from the safety of his clothes closet just before the massive Al-Qaeda invasion of Austin Texas:

Monday, December 29, 2014

Meanwhile, as Black Culture Continues to Circle the Drain...

Another No Talent Entertainer Calls for Reparations

Talent Challenged Rap Artist Singer Azealia Banks

This past Friday, rapper Azealia Banks unleashed a Twitter rant in which she demanded that the U.S. government fork over $100 trillion in reparations, reports the Daily News:

“ITS MY MONEY, AND I WANT IT NOWWWWW!!!!!!” Banks tweeted on Friday afternoon, after linking to stories from various newspapers describing the ways in which American Indians and Holocaust survivors have sought reparations from the American and German governments, respectively.
“Jews and Native Americans all got reparations because they organized. Please don’t let my ‘beef’ with hip-hop distract from what we need… To be focusing on. We are owed MAJOR F***ING BUCKS kids, MAJOR BUCKS.”
Keep in mind that this lunatic happens to be worth $3 million and grew up attending posh music schools in Manhattan. If you wade through all of her deranged and rather racist tweets, you find her premise to basically be that a disturbing number of contemporary blacks drop out of school, kill each other, wind up in prison, amass zero wealth and frankly fail at life because the government allegedly never accommodated them for slavery: 
"Stop making this about my ‘feelings’ because it’s not. This is about what the black people are legally OWED. Affirmative Action, Welfare and Medicaid are patronizing as hell if you ask me…. It’s like, ‘here, we built this entire economic superpower of a country off of your backs, so here’s a nickel for bread.’ At this point, it’s not even about race or cultural appropriation or any other that other annoying sh*t because the black youth has a bigger Battle to fight. More than we need to preserve our identity, we need to get our f*cking money. And I’m dead serious."
"Let these corny white people get their little black fantasies out, because they’re only put in place to distract us from the real issue. We need to get our money. F*ck all this other sh*t. A huge reparations payout would mean mass access to HIGH education for ALL blacks in this country. We could re-write the script."
Notice how she mentions affirmative action, which itself is a racist policy that benefits blacks by hurting others, including Asians. Also notice how she mentions the “patronizing” nature of welfare. This despite the fact that blacks keep voting for the same Democratic stooges whose entire agendas revolve around passing out handouts left and right.

Plus, and this is key, handing out reparations (especially $100 trillion) to every single black person in the country would destroy the economy and thus rip opportunity and freedom away from everybody, including black Americans. 

The people to whom reparations were owed are long dead; our duty is to the living, and to generations yet to come, and their interests are best served by liberty and prosperity, not by moral theater.

Fuk Off Azealia

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Obama is Becoming Nixonian.

"One of the more interesting political/psychological pastimes these days is to watch how President Obama deals with his crumbling presidency. The answer is: Not well.
What is worth paying increasing attention to, I think, is the emotional state of the president. It’s in front of his donors that his most authentic feelings seem to surface, and it’s clear he’s becoming increasingly isolated, embittered, and thin skinned. His excuse making is now chronic and habitual. He’s even displaying some signs of paranoia. Everyone is against him.
Obama is becoming Nixonian.
The man who by a wide margin has received the most worshipful press coverage in at least the last half-century is complaining that the press is mistreating him. A president who routinely misleads the public on matters large and small, who first ran for president on the promise of unifying America but governs based on dividing it, and who allows the most important national-security matters to be decided by crass political considerations is blaming others for feeding cynicism.
Watching a narcissist struggle to deal with massive, multiplying failures can be a poignant thing, especially when everyone gets what’s going on except the narcissist and his enablers. When this happens to a sitting president, however, what is poignant becomes alarming. Because it’s always better that the president of the United States live in reality rather than creating his own."
(Commentary Magazine)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Aww...The Supremes Are Ruining 4th of July for the Progtards

"Maybe we could just extend Canada Day to Canada Week and skip celebrating the Fourth Of July entirely until there’s an actual reason to take pride in being a U.S. citizen. Maybe we could replace the Fourth with something a little more topical. We could make June 30th a national holiday. Happy Corporations Day! Celebrate by disenfranchising someone in the name of capitalist ideals under the guise of religious tolerance. Wave the White Christian Male flag, buy a bunch of shitty American factory-brewed beer, and drunkenly impregnate a bunch of those second-class subhuman citizens whom we relegate to the status of sex objects or baby incubators, as our version of god so clearly intended. I may be a bit angry."- apricotica 
NOTE: I don't recommend the blogger above*, or for that matter any of the depressed, over-medicated, confused narcissistic hetro-phobic angry atheist crybaby leftist blogs on the sewer known as Tumblr. I happened to run across this comment while jumping over the ditch water and found it a fine microcosm of the stupidity and twisted psyche of uninformed Americans of all I've read since yesterdays court decision. 

* (that is unless you're into saggy tits and cottage-cheese thigh selfies)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Benjamin Moore Paint Names are ‘Racially Insensitive’

Progressives Today

A former Benjamin Moore employee named Clinton Tucker is claiming the paint colors “clinton brown” and “tucker chocolate” are named after him and since he’s black, they’re racially insensitive.”
Obviously Named After Our First Black President
Bill Clinton has the story:
"Tucker, who identifies himself as an African-American man in the lawsuit filed in Essex County court in Newark, said he was hired in June 2011 in the digital marketing department but quickly found himself being discriminated against, according to a write-up of the filing on
Tucker is seeking damages for discrimination, retaliation and a hostile work environment, according to the suit.
He claimed that when working on the online arm of Benjamin Moore’s campaign for their Williamsburg color collection, he learned of the new color “tucker chocolate,” which the suit called “extremely racially offensive.”
The Williamsburg collection also has colors named tucker orange and tucker gray.
Tucker then learned of the existing color “Clinton Brown,” which a co-worker pointed out to him as a joke.
“Despite [Tucker's] repeated complaints and protestations to BM management about these appallingly racial color names, no action was ever taken by Benjamin Moore to change the names of these colors,” according to the suit.
Tucker also claimed that he was demoted while white co-workers were given promotions, and that his request to take off work on Martin Luther King Jr. Day was ignored."
“Tucker orange” isn’t a target of his lawsuit.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rules Are Racist......

Expecting to win a full majority is almost as racist as Voter ID .
And if you disagree, you’re racist too.

 Clyburn demonstrates the chances he will not play the race card
every time someone disagrees with the Democrats agenda
Bless his heart, U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn (Dumbass-SC) has the unfortunate affliction of speech. In a recent article in The State newspaper, the 73 year old, seven-term congressman claims there are “barriers” in South Carolina that prevent black candidates from winning statewide office:

"One of them, he said, is the state law that requires a candidate to win 50 percent plus one of the votes cast in a primary election. Often, that requirement forces black candidates into runoff elections that are harder to win, he said.
“That 50-percent-plus-one rule was put in in order to negate or minimize opportunity for African-Americans to win the primary,” he said. “It’s a very slick way to dilute the impact of the black vote.”
Clyburn said he wants S.C. law changed so a candidate only needs to get 40 percent of the vote when there are three or more candidates in a primary to win the nomination."
I would like an elaboration on Rep. Clyburn’s claim that “That 50-percent-plus-one rule was put in in order to negate or minimize opportunity for African-Americans to win the primary.” Since it applies to every candidate, the contention seems to be another Democrat yelling “RACIST!” for his own benefit.

The whine is particularly ironic coming from Jim Clyburn whose district was specifically gerrymandered – just prior to his first congressional election – for the purpose of creating a majority black electorate.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Babs Boxer Humiliated in Senate Committee Meeting

I don’t have much patience for people who deny climate change.......the climate is warming faster than anybody anticipated five or 10 years ago.” -  Barrack Obama
A hearing on the science of climate change completely backfired on Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer earlier this month. When asked if any of the scientists on the panel agreed with President Obama’s assertion that climate change had rapidly increased during the last 10 years, not a single on of the scientists agreed.

from Forbes:
"Climate scientists including United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) lead author Hans von Storch report temperatures have remained essentially flat for the past 10 years, and indeed for the past 15 years. Storch told Der Spiegel that 98 percent of IPCC climate models cannot replicate the prolonged pause in global warming, and IPCC may need to revise its computer models to correct their apparent warming bias.
During yesterday’s Environment and Public Works hearings, Sen. David Vitter asked a panel of experts, including experts selected by Boxer, “Can any witnesses say they agree with Obama’s statement that warming has accelerated during the past 10 years?”
For several seconds, nobody said a word. Sitting just a few rows behind the expert witnesses, I thought I might have heard a few crickets chirping, but I couldn’t tell for sure. We’ll give Obama the benefit of the doubt and count the crickets in the “maybe” camp.
After several seconds of deafening silence, global warming activist Heidi Cullen, who formerly served as a meteorologist for the Weather Channel, attempted to change the subject. Cullen said our focus should be on longer time periods rather than the 10-year period mentioned by Obama. When pressed, however, she contradicted Obama’s central assertion and said warming has slowed, not accelerated.
Several minutes later, Sen. Jeff Sessions returned to the topic and sought additional clarity. Sessions recited Obama’s quote claiming accelerating global warming during the past 10 years and asked, “Do any of you support that quote?”
Again, a prolonged and deafening silence ensued. Neither Cullen nor any of the other experts on the panel spoke a word, not even in an attempt to change the subject.
Boxer may have envisioned her high-profile global warming hearings as an opportunity to build momentum for congressional or EPA action to restrict carbon dioxide emissions. Instead, the very global warming activists she called to serve as expert witnesses delivered a crushing blow to President Obama’s central justification for expensive new restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions."

"Democrats love to wrap themselves in the mantle of “pro-science," but when actual science is involved, they usually fall woefully short. And why? Because Democrats are agenda driven, not factually driven."  

h/t - Poor Richard's News

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mammary McCain Lands New TV Show

Associated Press - Meghan McCain is getting her own show on a new TV network targeting the generation of Americans known as millennials.

 "Raising McCain" will debut on Pivot, a general entertainment network that launches Aug. 1. It's described as a documentary-talk series for viewers ages 15 to 34. McCain will star and serve as executive producer.

The 28-year-old author and blogger told the Television Critics Association on Friday that the show lets her "be crazy, be myself and talk about issues. I came to Pivot because I think there has to be some sort of middle ground between the Kardashians and C-SPAN," McCain said. "I want to give people information but not talk down to them. I am so excited. This is the best thing I've ever done."

 McCain said her 76-year-old father, Republican Sen. John McCain, has already seen a highlight reel of her show. "We have had conflicts many times. He did not love when I worked at MSNBC," she said. "He has really been a great champion of this show and believing that young people want more substance."

The younger McCain, who is also a Republican, calls her generation the most politically engaged.

"I believe in more than this country is being given in news and entertainment," she said.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pelosi's Unusual Silents on the Ryan Pick

Maybe her mind is on more important matters these days....


Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Brief History of Useful Idiots

Diogenes - 7/5
The phenomenon of intelligent people saying stupid things about tyrants is a constant of 20th century history and continues unabated into the 21st.
Take Mussolini for instance. You might think he was just a blustering fool in a fez, but once upon a time many people took him very seriously. I learned once from my history teacher that Churchill had spoken approvingly of the black shirts in the 1920s. This week I was reading a biography of the first Fascist and learned that Winston was not alone. Franklin Roosevelt praised the Italian dictator as a gentleman; Chiang Kai-shek asked for a signed photograph; and even Gandhi (yes lovely, non-violent, vegetable-munching Gandhi) described him as the “Savior of Italy.” Hmmmm. That’ll be the guy who let his soldiers use live Ethiopians for target practice and ended his political career shipping Jews to Hitler for extermination? All right then!
The USSR under Stalin is a Klondike of intellectual embarrassment and/or mendacity, ranging from the reporting of Walter Duranty, the Pulitzer Prize Winner who defended Stalin’s show trials and denied the Ukrainian famine, to the bumptious witterings of George Bernard Shaw who in 1932 declared (as millions were starving) that reports of a famine in the USSR were “nonsense.” How did he know? “I have never eaten as well as during my trip to the Soviet Union.”

It was Lenin who first identified the genus of Western intellectual known as “the useful idiot,” but it was Stalin who showed how incredibly easy it was to seduce them: a free holiday, dinner, a little flattery and wa-hey- the knickers are off! But then Stalin died, the USSR became much less violent and the useful idiots lost interest.
Searching for a new utopia, many pinned their hopes on revolutionary Cuba, where a bearded mega-bore named Fidel Castro was in the process of transforming a corrupt satellite of America into a corrupt satellite of the USSR, even poorer and less free than before. Like Papa Joe, Fidel knew how to flatter and soon he had the likes of Picasso, Norman Mailer and Susan Sontag (“the Cuban revolution is astonishingly free of repression”) eating out of his palm. My favorite Castro quote comes from Abbie Hoffman, a justly forgotten 60s radical bed-wetter who compared Castro to… well, read for yourself:
“Fidel sits on the side of a tank rumbling into Havana on New Year’s Day… girls throw flowers at the tank and rush to tug playfully at this black beard. He laughs joyously and pinches a few rumps. .. He is like a mighty penis coming to life, and when he is tall and straight, the crowd immediately is transformed.”
Then there was Castro’s pal, Wee Ernie Guevara, a totalitarian loon who praised Mao, invaded the Congo and died in Bolivia after attempting to inspire revolution among people he knew nothing about. Jean-Paul Sartre declared him “the most complete human being of our age.”
Speaking of Mao, he had his celebrity admirers, too. In 1973, Shirley MacLaine, who was very good in The Apartment with Jack Lemmon, went on a tour of some Potemkin villages in China and wrote a glowing report afterwards. She was especially approving of the absence of advertising billboards, and the general atmosphere of calm which left her feeling “serene.” She never thought that perhaps China was quiet because 60 million people had just been murdered and everyone was very, very scared. Mao was a big hit among 60s students and one of his erstwhile fanboys, Jose Manuel Barroso, is today president of the European Commission.
But Mao and Castro weren’t the only totalitarian despots considered groovy in the 60s and 70s. Eldridge Cleaver, a prominent Black Panther leader, declared that while America was a hell-hole of oppression, North Korea under Kim Il-sung was the best place in the world. In the run up to the Iranian revolution, Michel Foucault, a Frenchman, paid several visits to Iran and later praised the “political spirituality” of the Ayatollah Khomeini who, given the chance, would have had him executed for his homosexuality.
And so on, and so on. These days, it’s not quite as bad though I hear Hitler has his fans in the Middle East and Hollywood morons, inspired by 60s nostalgia, still show up in Cuba from time to time. But it’s hard to find the pure strain of tyrant admiration, though for a while I was fascinated by a blog entitled Reflections on the Ruhnama, written by “Steve from Wisconsin” who apparently took at face value all the gibberish the deceased Turkmen tyrant Saparmurat Niyazov had scrawled with a colored crayon in his notorious book.
Maybe it has something to do with the loss of religious faith. You know, these intellectuals no longer believe in paradise, so they project their yearning for redemption onto some exotic place, then climb through the wardrobe of their imaginations and emerge in magical lands governed by wise talking lions. Yes, I like that, though surely vanity also comes into it. It pleases certain intellectuals to adopt counter-intuitive positions, believing it gives them “depth” and “sophistication.” And thus clever people are often the easiest to fool.
And what about today.....Just look around.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

MLK Niece: Stop Playing The Race Card

With the race-baiting twins in full action mode, MLK's niece calls on Jessie Jackson and
Al Sharpton to STFU till the full investigation is complete.  

Rev. Al has broken out the tropical suits and the high-humidity
hair treatments and grabbed his bullhorn.

Daily Caller - "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece is criticizing the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson for politicizing the Trayvon Martin shooting and leveraging racial tensions to rile up Americans.

Conservative activist Dr. Alveda King, now the director of African-American outreach at Priests for Life and the founder of King For America, said she hopes Sharpton and Jackson stop “stirring up the people without positive solutions” in Sanford, Fla., and elsewhere in the U.S.

“I would believe that, by stirring up all of the emotions and reactions, I wanted to encourage them to remember the man that they say that they followed, to remember that his message was nonviolence and very loving,” King told The Daily Caller, referencing her late uncle. She added that she wanted to encourage Jackson and Sharpton “to talk about nonviolence and not to incite people with that race card that they are very good at playing."

“Nonviolence was a very important part of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr,” she added. “So, we want to encourage people to be nonviolent in their responses, to be thorough in their research and that justice must be done…We want justice to come, but we want nonviolent responses to this really tragic and terrible incident.”...Read more here......

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Titty Bars for Trayvon!

If you find yourself in Greensboro, NC, on Wednesday night and feeling a little randy, you are invited to visit a local titty bar to show your respect and love for Trayvon, and to proclaim your demand for justice. Just FYI.....
via American Digest

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Romney Offers Gingrich Deal

Middle Finger News Exclusive:
Drop out Now, I'll make you President of the Moon

In an apparent effort to mend the rift within their own party, a Romney spokesman told us that after the Super Tuesday primary results are in, they plan to offer that if he drops out of the presidential primary race, a Romney Presidency would gladly support Newt Gingrich as the first "President of the Moon" should the candidate's plan for a moon colony come to pass.

"Gov. Romney would be happy to take up the Speaker's idea of establishing a moon colony as a U.S. state, or whatever it was he proposed, as long as he drops out of the race now, and then, once it's established we can send Newt up to be president of that, hopefully sooner rather than later."
"There's nothing I'd like better than to see Speaker Gingrich on the moon," said Romney at a campaign stop Monday, drawing prompt agreement from the likes of Sen. Tom Coburn, former Sen. Bob Dole, CNN's John King, Gingrich's first wife and Gingrich's second wife.

TV talk show host Nancy Grace said today she also approved of the idea of a moon colony, so long as it contained no "sickos, perverts, psychos, criminals, kooks, killers or members of the Casey Anthony jury." As to whether she thought Speaker Gingrich fit into any of those categories, Grace thought for a moment and responded, "Well, I know he wasn't on the jury."

More and more, the GOP establishment has been rallying around Romney out of fear that Gingrich may gain some momentum and end up winning the nomination and prove unelectable against Barack Obama come November.

Gingrich, for his part, noted again at a campaign event yesterday that if the Obama administration had spent as much money on the space program as it had on food stamps and green fees, "We'd already be floating around a manned U.S. moon colony."

Gingrich said Obama was misguided in squandering this opportunity, and reiterated a point he'd made in his book To Renew America that moon colonization will be especially popular for couples, given the positive effects of weightlessness on sexual intercourse. "Personally I can't wait," he said.

When told of the comment, President Obama responded by throwing up a little bit in his mouth.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

We' Stuff......and Junk Like That...

From The Lunatic's Asylum 
 "On the recent phenomena that began with the 'Occupy Wall Street' nonsense, and which has now spread nationwide. We are now witnessing the full range of left-wing stupidity manifested within a series of mass-tantrums that would get far more serious attention if they were more truthfully named."

"Occupy Wall Street would be better served with the more-honest moniker "Come stand in the street like a pretentious doofus Rally", if it's counterpart in Boston were named 'Thumbsuckers and Bedwetters United!", and the completely unhinged bullshit of those who live and die at the welfare trough in New Orleans were to be called by it's proper tag, the "We're Here, We're Stupid, We Wouldn't Even Make an Effort to Save Ourselves From A Hurricane We Watched Cross The Atlantic For A Week on Television, Why Should Anyone Pay Any Attention To Anything We Have To Say?" March."

"I was willing to give the kids a break a few days ago, figuring they were just indulging in the time-honored tradition of the earnest young, and exercising their constitutional right to be a an oblivious asshole. I gave them the benefit of the doubt that at some point in the future, these idiots would eventually use the experience gained at this exercise in futility to learn some lesson about politics and reality that would serve them well later in life.

Apparently, I've given them far too much credit in the intelligence department..........."]

Read More