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Sunday, March 1, 2020

I was Wondering How Alex Jones was Handling this Coronavirus Panic. Now I know

Buy My Food Buckets or Eat Your Mom!

Everyone is freaking out about the coronavirus! Maybe you are too! But what you shouldn't do is go and buy $3000 worth of prepper food from Alex Jones. And boy is he grifting hard.

Now that he's been banned from YouTube and most of the Internet, Infowars now has its own streaming platform called And over there, Jones is working overtime to scare the crap out of people over the coronavirus in order to sell them his bulk foods at outrageous prices.

He's playing on fears of food shortages, emphasize the need to make immediate and large orders, and fearmonger about the prospect of societal collapse and cannibalism. He's also jacked up the price of said bulk foods, while marking them as on "CORONAVIRUS CLEARANCE!" While in December of last year, his one year supply of bucket bulk foods was $1443.50, it is now priced at $2,887.

He's convinced a lot of people that everyone who disagrees with him is a murderous pedophile, that they're gonna die from coronavirus and be trapped in a quarantine with said murderous pedophiles, unless they are already on their way to secret pedophile pleasure colonies on Mars, and that the only way to avoid this or not gettin' eaten by gay frogs is to spend $3000 on food buckets.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Creepy Swedish 'Child of the Corn' Is Here to Bring Atmospheric Enlightenment

With her perfectly memorized talking points and shadowy funded Trans-Atlantic yacht trip to New York for the U. N. Climate Summit, the Asperger's afflicted Climate Charlatan, Greta Thunberg, made her first appearance of many I'm sure, on the CBS Morning Show. The sixteen year old will participate in a climate strike outside the White House Friday as part of a six-day visit to bring atmospheric enlightenment to all planet destroying neanderthals .

Greta told the slobbering celebrity star struck hosts that climate change has put the planet “outside its comfort zone.” and World Leaders should panic.
“By ‘panic’ I don’t mean world leaders should literally panic, but that we and they step out of our comfort zone, because the planet is outside its comfort zone. We also need to be outside of our comfort zone to prevent the worst consequences from happening. What I want people to do now is to become aware of the crisis that is here." 
"I tell world leaders the science, and how it looks like. It actually had a lot of impact when you speak truth to power and you don’t bother to be polite. We cannot focus on what we can or cannot say; we must speak clearly on what is happening."
Will anyone question who is financing her climate alarmist propaganda endeavors? Protesting while a guest in another county is a bit arrogant and rude wouldn't you say? And I'm wondering if she has plans being rude and arrogant in China and India, who’s main domestic product is pollution?

This little girl and her mentally challenged obsession are being used - a poster child for the climate elites who have much to gain monetarily from hyping a natural occurrence as something we caused and is only fixable by them, for a price of course.

I waited for the CBS hosts to ask how is it that CO2 is a greenhouse gas or what courses in thermodynamics she's taken to make her an expert on something as complex as climate studies? Then I remembered I was watching celebrity star struck media talking heads no smarter than she was....

~Thank You Larwyn's Linx @Doug Ross Journal for the Linkage!~

Friday, June 30, 2017

Our Monthly Visit to Crazyville

Alex Jones - Naked Lunch  

Last night we took our regular month ending visit to Ground Zero For Crazy, the websites Salon dot com and Alex Jones' InfoWorld.  And man did we pick the right night. Jones was taking a break Thursday from his important work like exposing the secret conspiracy of how Hillary Clinton’s death squads (or the CIA) keep killing Trump pal, Roger Stone, to do some old-school space-alien X-Files craziness for a change. It was actually kind of nostalgic!

Jones’s guest, Robert David Steele, casually brought up the secret pedophile pleasure colonies on Mars that are the final destination for thousands of kidnapped children. (It's secret, that’s why there’s no evidence!).  After Steele explained that virtually all the kidnapped children have their bone marrow taken and used as a youth serum (oddly, he cited no clinical trials on that), Steele got to the real scandal that nobody dares talk about:
"This may strike your listeners as way out but we actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20 year ride. So that once they get to Mars they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony. There’s all kinds of ..."
Unfortunately, before Steele could explain more about this Mars colony, like how long it’s been there, who runs it, and why there’s no trail of evidence from missing children reports to these secret rocket launches, Jones interrupted him. That’s a shame since we wanted to know more about those 20-year rocket trips, which apparently use prop planes, since NASA usually gets probes to Mars in under a year.  Or maybe it’s a trip to Mars plus 19 years of servitude, and then the pedophile colonists eat the now-adult victims. In any case, Jones had to share what HE knows about all of NASA’s trickery:

Note: Must read in Alex Jones Voice:
"Look, I know that 90 percent of the NASA missions are secret and I’ve been told by high level NASA engineers that you have no idea, there is so much stuff going on. But then it goes off into all that, that’s the kind of thing the media jumps on. But I know this: we see a bunch of mechanical wreckage on Mars and people say, “Oh look, it looks like mechanics.” They go, “Oh, you’re a conspiracy theorist.” Clearly they don’t want us looking into what is happening. Every time probes go over they turn them off. Well I don’t know about Mars bases, but I know they’ve created massive, thousands of different types of chimeras that are alien lifeforms on this earth now." 
Well, yeah. Everyone knows about the alien chimera lifeforms, DUH! But as expected,  NASA quickly denied the rumor.  We actually rather missed the good old bugfuck-crazy version of Alex Jones, the guy who’s worried about the Gay Bomb that’s Turning all the Frogs Gay and the New World Order plot to replace most of humanity with cyborg slaves. At least that nonsense is sort of harmless, as opposed to inciting idiots to harass the parents of slain Sandy Hook School Children.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This Week in Tin Foil Hattery

Field Marshall Alex Jones - Supreme Commander - Tin Foil Hat Brigades 

Don't Be Fooled When Hillary Clinton 
Tries To Assassinate Herself

Everyone's favorite Internet screwball Alex Jones got together with his notably insane whack-a-douche friend Roger 'Stone Cold' Stone last Sunday to discuss with America the latest in the ever present danger of Hillary Clinton and the Illuminati Lizard People who are about to take over the world.

Jones knows just how nakedly ambitious Hillary Clinton is, and he knows she will stop at nothing in her quest to be Empress of  America. In fact, he wouldn't put it past her to have “the globalists” pretend to assassinate her to gain sympathy.

ALEX JONES: What about a fake attempted assassination on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton?
ROGER STONE: Look, the globalists will do anything. They killed John Kennedy. They infiltrated the Watergate burglar teams to botch the mission and bring Nixon down. They lied about health care. They lied about war in Libya.
JONES: So the sky’s the limit. The next 40-something days is an epic time to be alive.
Roger Stone also says he “fears for Trump’s safety,” which means Hillary is probably going to fake assassinate herself right before she for real assassinates Trump, and they all agree that maybe the “October surprise” is going to be one of those things maybe.

Of course, we regret to inform you that Alex Jones is being real lazy with his latest conspiracy, because of all the other stuff that’s going to happen to rig the election for Hillary. Does he not remember his own conspiracy theories about how Michelle Obama had Joan Rivers killed, so nobody would find out about the first lady is really a transvestite?  Uh huh, they're part of Hillary's plan too. And of course, like the lazy, mediocre host he is, Jones also forgot about how Barack Obama’s secret army of Illuminati Beyonces factors into all of this. Will they be unleashed before the election? Will they be Hillary’s protectors/bringers of doom on The Donald?

America needs to know these things in order to make a truely informed choice on November 8, so we sure hope Alex Jones starts seriously applying himself sometime between now and then.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tin Foil Hat Report #55

The Illuminati Lizard people and Hillary Clinton Will Be In Charge of the Entire World 

Lizard People and Hillary Clinton May Use
Chemtrails To Steal The Election

The Supreme Field Marshall of the Tin Foil Hat Brigades, Alex Jones, a man who believes the government is putting chemicals in juice boxes to turn kids gay, has announced that he is now personally advising Donald Trump on some very important matters. Jones says that he personally talked to Trump about how he thinks this is going to be 'managed'.
“Homeland Security was going to go in and probably bring in U.N. observers to make sure illegals and people could vote, and change the debate away from election fraud, to retail voter fraud, which is individuals cheating rather than the computers being hacked. They’re so scared of him. I mean, they are having to put on adult diapers over this guy, okay?
That is a very sneaky thing of “them” to do. Who are “they” though? Lizard people? Colonel Sanders? Those Jesuit clones? Of course, Jones is gonna have to be more careful about advertising this, given that he already has concerns about Hillary Clinton putting more fluoride in the chemtrails and giving Trump Morgellon’s Disease and having Jones killed! Jones has had to load up on the firepower in recent days to protect himself from this definite possibility. Even his green screen is at risk!

He is so very in fear for his life that he has pinned a video to the top of his Twitter timeline imploring the world to investigate Hillary Clinton if he dies. It is actually quite weird that Hillary Clinton and her Illuminati friends have not yet offed Alex Jones! Are they just super bad at Illuminati-ing? Watch yourself Alex! 

Here is a Classic Alex Jones moment, broadcasting from the safety of his clothes closet just before the massive Al-Qaeda invasion of Austin Texas: