Sunday, March 1, 2020

I was Wondering How Alex Jones was Handling this Coronavirus Panic. Now I know

Buy My Food Buckets or Eat Your Mom!

Everyone is freaking out about the coronavirus! Maybe you are too! But what you shouldn't do is go and buy $3000 worth of prepper food from Alex Jones. And boy is he grifting hard.

Now that he's been banned from YouTube and most of the Internet, Infowars now has its own streaming platform called And over there, Jones is working overtime to scare the crap out of people over the coronavirus in order to sell them his bulk foods at outrageous prices.

He's playing on fears of food shortages, emphasize the need to make immediate and large orders, and fearmonger about the prospect of societal collapse and cannibalism. He's also jacked up the price of said bulk foods, while marking them as on "CORONAVIRUS CLEARANCE!" While in December of last year, his one year supply of bucket bulk foods was $1443.50, it is now priced at $2,887.

He's convinced a lot of people that everyone who disagrees with him is a murderous pedophile, that they're gonna die from coronavirus and be trapped in a quarantine with said murderous pedophiles, unless they are already on their way to secret pedophile pleasure colonies on Mars, and that the only way to avoid this or not gettin' eaten by gay frogs is to spend $3000 on food buckets.

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