Friday, June 30, 2017

Our Monthly Visit to Crazyville

Alex Jones - Naked Lunch  

Last night we took our regular month ending visit to Ground Zero For Crazy, the websites Salon dot com and Alex Jones' InfoWorld.  And man did we pick the right night. Jones was taking a break Thursday from his important work like exposing the secret conspiracy of how Hillary Clinton’s death squads (or the CIA) keep killing Trump pal, Roger Stone, to do some old-school space-alien X-Files craziness for a change. It was actually kind of nostalgic!

Jones’s guest, Robert David Steele, casually brought up the secret pedophile pleasure colonies on Mars that are the final destination for thousands of kidnapped children. (It's secret, that’s why there’s no evidence!).  After Steele explained that virtually all the kidnapped children have their bone marrow taken and used as a youth serum (oddly, he cited no clinical trials on that), Steele got to the real scandal that nobody dares talk about:
"This may strike your listeners as way out but we actually believe that there is a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on a 20 year ride. So that once they get to Mars they have no alternative but to be slaves on the Mars colony. There’s all kinds of ..."
Unfortunately, before Steele could explain more about this Mars colony, like how long it’s been there, who runs it, and why there’s no trail of evidence from missing children reports to these secret rocket launches, Jones interrupted him. That’s a shame since we wanted to know more about those 20-year rocket trips, which apparently use prop planes, since NASA usually gets probes to Mars in under a year.  Or maybe it’s a trip to Mars plus 19 years of servitude, and then the pedophile colonists eat the now-adult victims. In any case, Jones had to share what HE knows about all of NASA’s trickery:

Note: Must read in Alex Jones Voice:
"Look, I know that 90 percent of the NASA missions are secret and I’ve been told by high level NASA engineers that you have no idea, there is so much stuff going on. But then it goes off into all that, that’s the kind of thing the media jumps on. But I know this: we see a bunch of mechanical wreckage on Mars and people say, “Oh look, it looks like mechanics.” They go, “Oh, you’re a conspiracy theorist.” Clearly they don’t want us looking into what is happening. Every time probes go over they turn them off. Well I don’t know about Mars bases, but I know they’ve created massive, thousands of different types of chimeras that are alien lifeforms on this earth now." 
Well, yeah. Everyone knows about the alien chimera lifeforms, DUH! But as expected,  NASA quickly denied the rumor.  We actually rather missed the good old bugfuck-crazy version of Alex Jones, the guy who’s worried about the Gay Bomb that’s Turning all the Frogs Gay and the New World Order plot to replace most of humanity with cyborg slaves. At least that nonsense is sort of harmless, as opposed to inciting idiots to harass the parents of slain Sandy Hook School Children.