Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Creepy Swedish 'Child of the Corn' Is Here to Bring Atmospheric Enlightenment

With her perfectly memorized talking points and shadowy funded Trans-Atlantic yacht trip to New York for the U. N. Climate Summit, the Asperger's afflicted Climate Charlatan, Greta Thunberg, made her first appearance of many I'm sure, on the CBS Morning Show. The sixteen year old will participate in a climate strike outside the White House Friday as part of a six-day visit to bring atmospheric enlightenment to all planet destroying neanderthals .

Greta told the slobbering celebrity star struck hosts that climate change has put the planet “outside its comfort zone.” and World Leaders should panic.
“By ‘panic’ I don’t mean world leaders should literally panic, but that we and they step out of our comfort zone, because the planet is outside its comfort zone. We also need to be outside of our comfort zone to prevent the worst consequences from happening. What I want people to do now is to become aware of the crisis that is here." 
"I tell world leaders the science, and how it looks like. It actually had a lot of impact when you speak truth to power and you don’t bother to be polite. We cannot focus on what we can or cannot say; we must speak clearly on what is happening."
Will anyone question who is financing her climate alarmist propaganda endeavors? Protesting while a guest in another county is a bit arrogant and rude wouldn't you say? And I'm wondering if she has plans being rude and arrogant in China and India, who’s main domestic product is pollution?

This little girl and her mentally challenged obsession are being used - a poster child for the climate elites who have much to gain monetarily from hyping a natural occurrence as something we caused and is only fixable by them, for a price of course.

I waited for the CBS hosts to ask how is it that CO2 is a greenhouse gas or what courses in thermodynamics she's taken to make her an expert on something as complex as climate studies? Then I remembered I was watching celebrity star struck media talking heads no smarter than she was....

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